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Chapter 8

(Author Notes)

Euphemia waited outside the Britannian government building for Naruto to arrive, with a couple of guards waiting with the princess who was dressed in the same civilian clothing she wore the day she had first meet the blonde half-Britannian. Cornelia had informed her earlier about the meeting the Second Princess of Britannia had with the blonde business owner, and how they agreed to have Euphie take a tour of the medical facility to ensure the Viceroy of Area 11 that was the places only function. Euphemia was feeling a sense of gratitude toward Naruto for the trust he was placing in her for showing her where the facility was located. Euphie had only been waiting a couple of minutes when Naruto appeared from one of his company's cars a short distance away.

"Naruto it's good to see you again." Euphemia said honestly. "I heard what happened in the Shinjuku Ghetto are you and Suzaku okay?" She asked in concern.

"We're fine Euphie." Naruto assured her with a smile, which got Euphemia to smile in return. "And it's good to see you again so soon too." He told her before gesturing to the car that was waiting for them. "But we should get going it's going to be a bit of a trip, are you ready?" The cerulean eyed Knightmare pilot asked.

"Yes," Euphemia answered nodding her head, as the two teens stepped into the car and were soon on their way. "So how far are we going?" The pink haired Sub-Viceroy asked him.

"We'll be going out into the country side." Naruto answered her.

Euphemia blinked a couple of times in surprise at his answer. "Why so far out?" She continued to question him curiously.

"I wanted the facility to be somewhere out of the way so that it wouldn't be disturbed in case a battle happened, putting the patients in danger." Naruto said. "This way not only is it far away from anyplace that could be attacked, it is also hidden so no one can." The blonde shinobi finished. Euphemia nodded her head in understanding and the two spent the rest of the trip conversing on everyday things and watching the scenery pass them by.

When the car came to a stop Naruto was the first one out, helping Euphie out of the car, like a true gentleman. On the trip over Euphie imagined the building that was supposed to be the Namikaze Corporation's secret medical facility to look like a lot of things, what she hadn't expected was to see a simple old styled Japanese candy shop.

'Urahara Shoten,' Euphemia thought, reading the sign on top of the store, before looking at Naruto in confusion. "Are we in the right place?" She asked unsurely, staring between him and the old store.

Naruto smiled at the pink haired girl's uncertainty. "I told you it had to be somewhere nobody would expect to look." He told her, as he walked into the store and Euphemia walking in behind him apprehensively.

Looking around the store, to Euphie, looked like an ordinary candy shop with nothing particularly special about it.

"Welcome to my shop." A male voice greeted the duo, drawing Euphemia's attention to the source. Standing near them, at the entrance to another part of the store, was a blonde man with a white and green stripped bucket hat on his head, wearing simple green colored Japanese clothing, and a black haori while holding a paper fan. To Euphemia the man looked a little bit… odd. There was something about him that the pink haired princess found peculiar.

"Hey there Kisuke," Naruto said identifying the man as Kisuke.

"Ah, Naruto, what a pleasant surprise," Kisuke said, holding his fan in front of his face to hide the smile that appeared and make him look all that more enigmatic. "Who is this lovely young lady?" He asked turning his attention to the pinkette standing next to the blonde whisker marked teen, though he already knew who she was.

"I am Euphemia Li Britannia; it's nice to meet you." Euphie said curtsying to the blonde man.

"It's an honor princess." Kisuke said, grabbing ahold of the princess hand as he gave her an over exaggerated bow and kissed the back of her hand. "I'm Kisuke Urahara welcome to my humble shop."

"Uh, thank you?" Euphemia said, taking her hand back, anxiously.

"Alright Kisuke that's enough were here on business," Naruto said inserting himself into the conversation for Euphie's sake.

"But of course." Kisuke said, pulling out a handkerchief from nowhere. "You never come here just chat Naruto it's always business with you. I feel so used sometimes." The shop owner said morosely as he dabbed away some none existent tears, causing sweat drops to appear on the back of both teens' heads at the older blonde's overreaction.

"That's enough Kisuke." Naruto muttered, "Didn't I pay you a visit a few weeks ago? Don't make me get Yoruichi." The cerulean eyed pilot finished threateningly as he signaled to Euphie that he would tell her who Yoruichi was later when he saw the questioning look she was sending him. Yoruichi was a dark skinned woman with purple hair that was usually pulled into a ponytail, golden colored eyes that were similar to that of a cat, and a voluptuous figure. She was also Kisuke's wife and the one who wore to proverbial pants in their marriage.

"Ah ha, ha, ha, there's no need for that." Kisuke said with a nervous chuckle, as he waved Naruto's threat off with his fan, "How about I show you to the back so that you can be on your way." The shop owner offered, hastily making his way to the back of the store before either teen could answer.

Naruto had a small amused smile on his face while Euphemia just looked on bemused as they both followed Kisuke to the back. From the rooms that Euphie saw as they made their short trip the shop also seemed to be part of the eccentric man's house, making her wonder even more what she and Naruto were doing there when the cerulean eyes half-Britannian had said they were going to a secret medical facility owned by the Namikaze Corporation.

"Here we are." Kisuke declared positively the three coming to a stop in front of a couple of shoji doors near the very back. Euphemia was about to ask what exactly they were supposed to be looking at when Kisuke threw the doors open revealing a glass elevator on the other side. Seeing Naruto stepping onto the elevator Euphie did as well. "Alright," The shop owner said drawing the two teens' attention to him. "I hope you enjoy your visit Princess, and be sure to stop by on your way out. We're having a special on sweets today." Kisuke finished, promoting his store at the end.

"I'll be sure to remember that." Euphie said politely. "Thank you for your hospitality Mr. Urahara." The pink haired princess finished while giving the blonde male a small bow.

"Oh it was my pleasure." Urahara replied, holding his paper fan in front of his face as the elevator's doors closed and it started its descent into a dark tunnel.

After a short moment of silence Euphie turned to look at Naruto curiously. "Naruto, what is all this?" She asked him.

"This," Naruto started, a hint of mischievousness in his eyes for what the Third Princess of Britannia would soon be seeing. "Is one of the few ways to get to the secret medical facility of Namikaze Corp., after all who would think to look in a run-of-the-mill shop in the middle of nowhere for the entrance?" The cerulean eyes pilot said with a large grin on his face.

Euphemia had to admit that Naruto had a point; it was definitely the last thing she was expecting when she learned that she would be accompanying Naruto to the mysterious medical facility, which she just realized she still didn't know what it was called. "Who is Yoruichi and why did Mr. Urahara look so nervous when you mentioned her?" The pinkette continued to question him.

Naruto chuckled at the question, and for a fleeting moment Euphie thought he was laughing at her for asking such a question before she noticed the lack of malicious intent in his laughter, and how he seemed honestly amused for some reason. "Yoruichi Shihōin-Urahara is Kisuke's wife." Naruto explained, "She is also a master of martial arts, I spar with her every once in a while to keep my skills sharp, she also runs security for the medical facility we might see her when we get there." He informed her.

Euphemia nodded her head, filing away the bit about Naruto apparently knowing martial arts, and was about to ask another question when she was suddenly blinded by the elevator suddenly emerging from the tunnel.

"Ah, who knew this was down here?" Euphie heard Naruto say in faux surprise.

When the pink haired Sub-Viceroy could see again she found it hard to believe that she and Naruto were underground from what she was currently seeing. As far as her violet-blue eyes could see the pinkette was treated to the sight of a wide grassy field, trees scattered all around, and a single crystal blue lake off in the distance. Looking up Euphie saw, impossibly enough, the sky above her looking exactly like it did when she stepped into the Urahara Shoten. But it didn't look like it was a painted ceiling, as the Third Princess could see the few clouds moving up in the fake sky. Looking back down Euphemia saw dirt roads, and what looked like train tracks, all leading up to a pristine white building a few stories tall and glass front. The violet-blue young women considered the scenery before her incredibly beautiful and peaceful.

"Welcome Euphie," Naruto began, drawing the pinkette's attention to him. "To the Senju Resurgence Center," The blonde shinobi said proudly.

"This is amazing." Euphemia said in a breathless whisper. "How is this possible?" She asked in complete wonder.

"A couple of years of round the clock work." Naruto replied, 'And over a thousand Shadow Clones.' He finished in his mind.

"What about the sky?" Euphemia asked looking up. "We're underground, but it looks so real." The pink haired princess said in awe.

"They're screens developed by the Namikaze Corporation's R&D department. The screens show a live feed of the sky outside and give off UV light similar to sunlight, panels are also built into the screens that slide back to release water to simulate rain." Naruto explained. They couldn't simulate a thunder storm or snow but sunshine with the occasional rain was not bad for the underground facility. For extra protection Naruto inscribed seals into the screens to make them resistant to water so they wouldn't be damaged when it rained. Naruto had also put seals all around the facility and along the train tunnels that made it nearly impossible to find by conventional means, a person would have to accidentally stumble into the facility or one of the tunnels to find the medical facility.

When the elevator came to a stop and let the two out there was a small vehicle waiting for them similar to the one you would see in most country clubs. Driving up to the building Euphemia could hardly tear her eyes away from the pristine building. Walking into the building Euphie noted that it had a different atmosphere from most hospitals. Most were cold and sterile but this one had a warm and comforting feeling to it that Euphemia couldn't deny, and from the looks of it was a sentiment that everyone else seemed to agree on and appreciate. The entrance looked similar to that of a hotel rather than a hospital. Naruto approached one of the receptionists, a short brown haired woman in a blue suit, before he returned to Euphemia's side holding a tablet.

"Here," Naruto said handing the tablet to the pink haired princess.

"What is it?" Euphemia asked turning the device on to the Namikaze Corp. logo, a stylized 'N' with a flame like design in front of it, and then a blueprint of the building they were currently standing in. "Blueprints?"

"Yeah, but not just that." Naruto answered, moving closer to the Third Britannian Princess till their faces were right next to each others.

Euphemia blushed at how close Naruto was to her. Living the sheltered life of a princess the Sub-Viceroy had little experience with the opposite sex when it didn't involve members of her own family, or the guards but she didn't interact with them that much to begin with, so to have this admittedly handsome boy so close to her was sending Euphie's heart racing and caused her cheeks to burn a bright red.

"There are also files on the current personal." The blonde shinobi continued, not noticing the affect he was having on Euphemia, as he showed her the different documents that the tablet contained. "It has general information on them along with what medical field they specialize in. There is also info on what equipment we have, the medicine and treatments we use." Naruto explained as he kept shifting through the files. "There are also records on the patients admitted and the reason why, without compromising their privacy rights of course." The blue eyed pilot stated before his gaze shifted to Euphemia and finally noticed her reddened face. "Eh, Euphie are you okay?!" Naruto asked alarmed, "Your face is all red. Do you have a fever?" He finished moving in front of the pinkette and put his forehead against hers, resulting in Euphemia blushing all that much harder.

Some of the passing by doctors and patients couldn't believe how oblivious their boss/rescuer was at times that it border-lined on stupidity.

"N-no I-I'm fine." Euphemia replied in a stutter, as she leaned away from the whisker marked teen and tried quell her blush, "Wh-why did you give me this information?" Euphemia asked him in attempt to change the subject.

Naruto stared at Euphemia for a couple more seconds, silently considering if he should have her be checked out by one of the doctors to make sure she wasn't sick, before answering her question. "I figured that while Cornelia would trust your word she wouldn't mind having some solid evidence to back up your claims. So I had everything that wasn't a security risk uploaded onto the tablet so that she can look it over later for herself." Naruto said.

"Oh," Euphemia murmured, looking at the device in her hand. She had to admit that it was a good idea on Naruto's part; Cornelia would already be expecting a full report from her on everything she saw. The tablet would help support anything that was in the report that Euphie gave the Viceroy of Area 11. Searching through the files that the tablet contained Euphie was slightly surprised by how detailed some of the information was.

"Shall we get started on the tour?" Naruto asked, tilting his head to the side.

Euphemia almost squealed with how adorable Naruto appeared. Naruto's whisker marks only served to make the blonde look more like a cat to the violet blue eyed princess to the point that she wondered if Naruto would purr if she stroked his whiskers. Euphemia felt her hand begin to reach out to see if he would when she managed to stop herself before she did anything and regained her self-control. "Yes lets," Euphie answered after a moment with a smile on her face.

For the next few hours Naruto showed Euphemia around the Senju Resurgence Center, or SRC for short, personally introducing her to some of the personnel and patients. All the patients seemed to be more at ease when Naruto was around as they expressed how grateful they were for his help, only for Naruto to humbly wave off their gratitude by stating that he was just doing what everyone should. The personnel seemed to hold the blonde in high-esteem but didn't let his presence distract them from doing their work and would at most offer Naruto and Euphie a nod of acknowledgement before returning their focus back to their work.

Euphemia also happily noticed that the people working in the Senju Resurgence Center were a mixture of Britannian, Elevens, and people of other nationalities without hostility between themselves. Sadly she also noted that the majority of the patients were Japanese, there was the occasional Britannian being treated but it was clear the majority of the people here were the ones that needed serious medical attention and wouldn't be able to receive it anywhere else in Area 11. Either because they didn't possess the financial means, weren't accepted in Britannian managed hospitals, or the medical facilities that they did have access to didn't have the equipment or ability to help them. It pained Euphemia to realize how badly some people were treated simply because of the uncontrollable circumstances of their birth.

'And yet,' Euphie thought looking around with a smile on her face before her gaze settled on Naruto who was walking beside her, without him noticing the fact that she was looking at him. With people like Naruto there was at least hope of things someday being different. Euphemia hoped that she would be able to see when that day came.

"Ah," Naruto spoke drawing Euphemia out of her thoughts. "Hold on for a second Euphie; I want to check on someone." He said, seeing a female doctor walk out of a room up ahead, and quickly moved to catch up with the doctor without waiting for the pinkette to reply. "Excuse me?" The shinobi called out.

The doctor turned her attention from the clipboard in her hand; she was a woman in her forties with her black hair pulled into a bun with brown eyes behind a pair of glasses, to see Naruto making his way towards her. "Oh, Mr. Uzumaki, how are you?" She asked her employer pleasantly.

"Fine," Naruto replied quickly doing his best not to appear rude, but his concern and interest for the patient that the black haired doctor made those attempts hard. "How is she?" He asked.

Euphie walked up to them, silently wondering who it was that Naruto was so concerned about, as she looked into the small window of the door to the room that the brown eyed medic had just walked out of. A single woman sitting up in the hospital bed was within the room. She had long dark brown hair pulled into a ponytail and blue eyes that stared blankly straight ahead at the other side of the room. The woman had a simple beauty to her.

The dark haired woman let out a weary sigh before looking down at the chart that contained all the information on the patient, Akira Kozuki. "Miss. Kozuki's condition is stable, but is still suffering from the aftereffects of the Refrain in her system. Until the Refrain is completely out of her system there is not much we can do in the ways of treatment besides make her as comfortable as possible." The woman said, looking up from her clip board once more.

Naruto let out a disappointed sigh, "I see thank you." The blonde shinobi mumbled.

"I'm sorry that I couldn't offer you better news." The woman said apologetically, only for Naruto to wave it off as the dark haired doctor returned to her duties.

After a moment Euphemia spoke up. "Naruto," Euphie began softly drawing the cerulean eyed boy's attention to her. "I don't mean to be intrusive, but who is that woman?" She asked him.

"That," Naruto started, "That's Akira Kozuki, someone very important to a friend of mine; she was part of the group arrested in the raid the other night of Japanese using Refrain." He answered without giving much away.

"I see," Euphie murmured. "Is that why you asked my sister to release them all into your care for treatment?" She questioned him.

"No," Naruto replied shaking his head. "I had no idea when I asked." He claimed. "Anyway there are still a lot of things to see so let's continue the tour," The blonde shinobi stated. "Afterwards we can stop by the cafeteria and I can make us some ramen." The whiskered teen finished happily.

"Ramen?" Euphie asked confusedly.

Naruto looked at the pinkette with a growing sense of horror in him. "Yeah you know ramen, the food of the gods." Naruto said vehemently

The Third Princess of Britannia hummed thoughtfully, a slightly amused look on her face at how passionately Naruto made his claim. "I don't think the cooks back at the palace ever served us ramen before." Euphie said thoughtfully.

"Then what are we waiting for." Naruto said, taking Euphie's hand and quickly walking down the hallway. "Let's hurry and finish the tour. Once we get to the cafeteria I'll make you the best ramen ever, Ichiraku Ramen, I got the secret recipe for it from old man Ichiraku as a gift." He explained excitedly.

Euphemia laughed at how excited Naruto was acting, sure that if he had a tail to match those whiskers that it would be wagging wildly behind him, as she allowed herself to be pulled along. "Alright let's go." She said speeding up a bit to keep up with the blonde teen.

Faraway in a different part of Area 11 and elevator opened up and Darius Dung walked out with a frown on his face. The Britannian noble looked around at his surroundings warily. After being released from prison Darius was put up in a high-class hotel for a day before he was blinded folded and brought to this location by a couple of men in suits, so he didn't have a clue as to where he was. The hallway that the elevator had opened up to was a dull blue with nothing outstanding or noteworthy about it. But at the end of the hall standing in front of a set of double doors, with the same symbol as the pendent that was around his neck, was the man that had initially freed Darius from his imprisonment with his arms held behind his back. Now that Darius could get a better look at it he noticed that it looked like a serpentine dragon that seemed to be eating its own tail, within the circle that was formed was a silver crescent moon and a cross with blood red jewel at its center.

Switching his gaze to the man who stood in front of the doors Darius felt a shiver travel down his spine as he noticed he had the same smile on his face as the one he wore the day they had first met. Bolstering up what little confidence Darius had, and letting his anger make up for whatever was lacking, the disgraced noble marched up to the man whose name he just realized he still did not know. "What is the meaning of this?!" Darius demanded crossly. "First you stick me in a hotel and make me wait for an entire day. Then you have a couple of thugs blindfold me and force me to this place! Who do you think you are?! I am Lord Darius Dung and I demand to be treated with the respect that someone of my station deserves!"

"Ku, ku, ku, ku, forgive me Lord Dung but some preparations had to be made before you visited our organization's base of operations. As such I'm sure you'll be surprised by today's headline in the newspaper." The man said moving his hands form behind his back, revealing a newspaper held in one of them that he tossed at the brown haired noble.

Darius unfolded the newspaper to see the front page had the words "Sentenced Britannian Noble Killed in Prison Riot," and a brief article that detailed the murder, his murder. "What, what is this?" Darius asked completely stupefied before snarling and glaring at the hazel eyed man in front of him. "You have the world believing that I am dead?!"

"But of course," The man replied with deadly calmness to his voice. "While it is true that we could easily get you out of your prison cell eventually someone would have noticed your absence. The Viceroy's concern is the military and the mole within it that allowed you to acquire the Sutherlands you used against Namikaze. When she obtained that knowledge you were no longer a concern of the Viceroy and would have let you rot in that cell without ever even giving you a second thought, and that goes the same for her those directly under her." He explained before continuing, "You would be someone else's concern and investigation would be opened once they realized you had disappeared, so proper steps had to be taken to keep that from happening. As such a riot was staged where you tragically lost your life, when in actuality a double was put in your place, ending any need for any investigation."

"But I am DEAD!" Darius roared, "What kind of life am I supposed to lead now?!" He demanded.

"Calm yourself Lord Dung, it is all for the greater good." The grey haired man instructed coolly. "Eventually you will be able to reveal your continued existence to the world, and everyone will know of the noble sacrifice you made for the sake of justice and peace." He promised, "As to whom I am, I am Victor du Lac the leader of this organization," The now named Victor said spreading his arms out wide as the doors opened behind him. "And this is the Order of Morgan Le Fay." Victor stated, Darius eyes widening disbelievingly at what was on the other side. "Would you care to take a walk with me Lord Dung?" The hazel eyed man asked gesturing the brown haired noble forward.

Darius wordlessly followed behind Victor, his gaze roaming around the impossibly large room filled with computers, machinery, and all the people within. Primarily his gaze was drawn to the far wall where a large screen displayed a Knightmare the likes of which Darius had never seen before.

"The Order of Morgan Le Fay has been around for centuries." Victor started walking ahead of Darius with his arms folded behind him. "From the beginning we stood in the shadows silently and effectively destroying anyone or anything that dared threaten our beloved Britannia. But now the time has come for us to reveal ourselves to the world, to have our power acknowledged, and have the Emperor give us the positions in the empire that we rightfully deserve." The grey haired man said almost zealously.

"And why am I here?" Darius said tearing his eyes away from the Knightmare on the screen to stare at Victor.

"You my dear Lord Dung are the first step in our quest to obtaining our just rewards." Victor continued much more calmly. "Your drive to have Namikaze groveling at your feet will be our first mark on the world in large." The leader of the Order said, "But first you must receive proper training for the day you will pilot our greatest creation. The Hades Knightmare Frame!" The man declared proudly.

"Hades," Darius whispered in awe. Truly there could be no other name for the Knightmare Frame; it was primarily black in color with few red accents on its body. Attached to its back were two large red appendages with yellow lines on them. Large round shoulder armor, clawed hands, and spike like protrusions from its feet. Hades had solid green eyes, white mouthpiece, and red chin. From its head came out two horns similar to bat ears. (1) 'Yes with this I will have my revenge on you Namikaze.' Darius thought a nasty smirk spreading across his face.

Naruto was lying back lazily on the couch in his living room in his apartment inside Namikaze Corp. as Amami flipped through channels looking for something interesting to watch on TV from another sofa.

"You know Cornelia is going to use that information you gave Euphemia to try and find the SRC." Amami remarked casually.

"I know," Naruto replied, eyes closed and hands behind his head.

Amami turned her gaze from the TV screen to look at Naruto confusedly. "Then why did you give it to her?" She asked him.

Sitting up Naruto turned to look at his former prisoner turned partner. "I figured that Cornelia was going to do whatever she could to investigate those who worked in the Senju Resurgence Center, and probably try to track them so she can find the building's secret location." Naruto started to explain. "That's why most of them have housing inside the building. Anyone who leaves is escorted out without any indication of how to get back to SRC." The blonde told her, "So all that Cornelia will be doing is wasting time and resources trying to find the center from the information on the tablet." He finished.

"Hm that's quite devious of you." Amami said with a foxy smile on her face. "Sending Cornelia on a wild goose chase like that."

A smirk appeared on Naruto's face as he lied back down. "Just because I'm not in the Elemental Nations anymore doesn't mean I'm not a shinobi." Naruto stated, "And one of the shinobi's greatest tools is deception." He said before continuing in a bragging tone. "Besides did you expect anything less from the Prankster King?" Naruto questioned her.

Amami giggled and shook her head slightly, "I guess not." She admitted amused, "Only you would prank the princess of an empire and not be afraid of the repercussions." Amami said with a chuckle as she finally settled on something to watch.

Hours later Euphie stood in front of her sister after giving Cornelia the report she composed of everything she had seen of the Senju Resurgence Center, with the exception of where it is located of course, along with the tablet that Naruto had given her at the beginning of the tour. Currently the pink haired Third Princess of Britannia was waiting for the dark pink haired Second Princess of Britannia to finish reading through the initial part of her report. While enjoying some sweets she had purchased from Urahara, Euphemia couldn't help it if she had a bit of a sweet tooth.

"How reliable is this information?" Cornelia asked her sister, not that she didn't trust Euphie the Viceroy just wanted to be sure, as she looked through the tablet critically.

"Very," Euphemia assured her sister after finishing a piece of candy. "I looked through everything as Naruto was giving me the tour of the building and everything is as the data on the tablet says. The blueprints, the information on the personnel and patients, medicine, treatments, and equipment are all accurate."

"And what can you tell me of the place?" Cornelia continued to inquire, shifting her gaze from the tablet to her younger sister.

"It's peaceful," Euphie replied with a smile as she recalled her day at the underground facility. "The doctors' focus is entirely on helping the patients recover in a comfortable atmosphere. No one is treated different because of their nationality."

"Sounds idealistic," Cornelia commented nonchalantly, taking note of the smile that her sister was sporting. "Such ideal thinking cannot exist in the real world." She said, wiping the smile off Euphie's face. "For all his good intentions Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze has created a place closed off from the rest of the world." Cornelia started explain her reasoning to her sister. "As such the people that the SRC are helping are growing accustomed with the belief that a person's status doesn't matter. They know that, that isn't the case and yet when they reenter the world they will discover that everything that they had grown familiar with is no longer true. In essence they experience a culture shock and in the end they either are overwhelmed by the cruel reality of the world, or they accept it and learn to write off the idea of everyone being treated as equals as nothing but a dream." The Viceroy finished.

The smile that once adorned Euphie's face was replaced with a frown and a disheartened look appeared in her eyes.

Cornelia let out a sigh as her gaze softened. "I'm not saying this to be mean Euphie." The dark pink haired princess started. "But what our father said about Naruto Namikaze during Clovis' funeral is true, he is naive. I don't mind if you decide to support him in rebuilding an Eleven city or two, but don't put your faith in him. In the end you'll just end up being disappointed." Cornelia stated softly wishing to spare her sister the pain of being disenchanted when Naruto inevitably failed in his goals.

"I see," Euphie murmured before giving Cornelia a small bow. "Thank you for your words of advice sister, I'll take them into consideration. If you don't need me for anything else I shall take my leave." Euphemia said in a subdued voice.

Cornelia was a little concerned with how Euphemia was acting but decided that what she told her sister was for the best. "Yes that's all Euphie, I'll see you later." Cornelia said dismissing her sister.

Without saying another word Euphemia exited her sister's office and began walking down the hallway without any particular destination in mind. 'Am I wrong to put my faith in Naruto?' Euphie asked herself. 'What do I really know about Naruto?' She continued to wonder silently, her eyes downcast, 'I've only meet him for a total of three times and for only a few hours at the most. What if he really can't change anything?' Euphemia realized sadly. 'But am I wrong to want things to be different. For wanting people not to have to suffer needlessly, or lose their lives in a war just because they don't want to be treated like they are less than human because of…." Euphemia's thoughts trailed off at the end as an image of her father appeared in her mind. 'Even if I am wrong to trust Naruto I still want things to be different, to be better.' Euphie continued her thoughts gaining a bit of strength to them as she came out her short bout of depression. 'Even if he fails and I turn out to be wrong about Naruto I still want to believe that his intentions aren't wrong, that his goals aren't meaningless. So until then I'll continue to support him.' Euphie decided definitively.

Back in her office Guilford walked in to see Cornelia going through the tablet and the report that Euphemia had given her.

"Your' Highness," Guilford said saluting the Viceroy before continuing. "I just saw Princess Euphemia exiting your office; she didn't appear to be in good spirits. Is everything alright?" He asked.

"It is nothing to concern yourself' with Guilford," Cornelia told her most loyal Knight. "Here," The woman continued holding out the tablet to the bespectacled Britannian. "That device contains a list on all the personnel that work for Naruto Namikaze at his secret medical facility, the Senju Resurgence Center. I want you to do an thorough investigation of all of them. I want to know what medical training they've had and if they had any involvement in resistance movements, even if it is only under speculation." The Viceroy instructed, as Guilford took the tablet from the dark pink haired princess. "If there is a chance I want a team to follow these people to see if we can determine the location of the Senju Resurgence Center." She finished.

"At once your' Highness," Guilford answered immediately. "But didn't you agree not to find out the location of the center?" The dark haired man asked he was still going to follow his princes' orders he just wanted to know her reasoning.

"I agreed to let Euphie go to ensure that it was a medical facility and nothing more. I never agreed not to investigate the location of the place, or the people that work there. If possible I want to find that place to ensure whatever Euphie saw, and whatever information Namikaze gave us, is true and remains that way. I don't want that facility to be turned for a base of operations for terrorists, or worse Zero." Cornelia explained seriously.

"Very well," Guilford replied with a nod. "I'll shall get started the investigation right away and report back to you my findings as soon as possible." The man stated.

"See that you do." Cornelia said dismissing her Knight. "Another thing Guilford," The Second Princess of Britannia said, stopping Guilford just as he was about to open the door. "I also want you to investigate a place called 'Urahara Shoten.'" She told him before explaining. "Euphie was carrying a bag of sweets with that printed on it. Whatever that place is it might hold clues in helping us locate the SRC." Cornelia figured.

"Very well," Guilford said, saluting the woman before leaving the room.

Inside the Black Knights mobile command base Zero sat in his private room while the rest of the original members were downstairs talking amongst themselves. With his mask removed Lelouch was going over some files on the recent raids that the Black Knights had been involved in either stopping in the trafficking of illegal substances or exposing corrupt politicians to the public. Each operation was met with success and acted as another field test for Kallen to familiarize herself with the Guren Mk-II. But, even though his mind was storing all this information away, Lelouch couldn't help but focus on one fact and that was how Kurama had failed to make an appearance during any of their missions. At the same time the Black Knights had been receiving reports of the fox mask wearing individual performing his own raids on warehouses throughout the Tokyo settlement. Some of the places that Kurama struck were places that even the Black Knights hadn't known about.

'Interesting,' Zero thought to himself. 'Considering how Kurama had the tendency of showing up wherever we were I half expected him to make an appearance during the previous operations, but it seems he has his own objectives.' The black haired Britannian continued, looking over another report. 'Still I have to find some way to neutralize him if he proves to be a threat in the future unless I am able to persuade him to join my side. At the moment only Kallen along with the Guren could possibly match up against his Kyuubi, and even then the winner of that outcome is unclear.' Lelouch thought setting the files aside and leaning back in his chair with his eyes narrowed slightly. 'Not to mention there is the fact that he knows who I am! He has me at a disadvantage, with that information he could easily ruin everything I've set out to accomplish. That's not even considering what might happen if he tells the empire about my identity. And if they discover who I am then Nunnally…!'

Lelouch took a deep breath and let it out trying to calm down; as he released the tight hold he had on his chair's armrests. 'No I can't think like that, if I start to panic then I won't be able to solve anything.' Lelouch told himself in an effort to relax. 'In order to level the playing field I have to discover Kurama's true identity and right now C.C. is my only avenue of figuring that out. I'm sure that she is hiding something from me that involves Kurama that much I am certain of. The problem is trying to find a way to convince her to tell me what that secret is. Geass doesn't work on her. I can always threaten to shoot myself again, but how long would that work before C.C. calls my bluff? Although if C.C. believes that Kurama is a threat to my life that might be enough to convince her to tell me everything she knows about him. The question is how?' Lelouch wondered.

"Zero, do you got a second?!" Ohgi's voice from downstairs drew Lelouch's attention.

"I'll be right there." Lelouch replied putting his mask back on and making his way to the first floor of the mobile HQ where everyone else had gathered. "What is it?" Zero questioned Ohgi, seeing the black haired man holding a file out to him. "What is this, another love letter?" He asked while Ohgi did his best not to groan, silently wishing he never made that joke in the first place.

Sitting on the large sofa located in the room Tamaki burst out laughing at Zero's joke. "Aha, ha, ha, ha and they say you have no sense of humor!" Tamaki said between his roars of laughter.

"You laugh too much," Kallen commented dryly looking over some final things in the Guren's manual from her spot beside the dark brown haired Japanese man. Right now going through the operating manual was the only thing keeping the redhead's mind preoccupied so she didn't have to think about her mother and how she might be doing. A part of her wanted to call Naruto in order to ask him about her, but she managed to keep herself from doing that.

"It's some weird Intel we got from a Britannian who wants to join up with the Black Knights." Ohgi started to explain before for telling Zero his concerns, "This maybe a trap to draw us out. I'd say even if we want to confirm the information it's too risky to contact him directly." He told the leader of the Black Knights honestly. "But news like this isn't something we can just ignore. What should we do?" Ohgi asked in the end, leaving the final decision up to Zero.

"This weekend," Zero began, after reading the Intel that Ohgi had handed him, as he came to a decision. "We're going hiking, to the Narita mountains." He declared, 'It's about time that we show the Kyoto Group exactly what the Black Knights are capable of anyway and pass their little test.' Zero thought to himself at the end, a smirk appearing under his masked face.

"Very well, then." Ohgi replied accepting Zero's decision along with everyone else.

The weekend quickly arrived and Naruto found himself buried under a mountain of paperwork, even with the help of Shadow clones. With how busy Naruto found himself lately, getting the final details of his concert done, the Ball that was being held at Ashford, the reconstruction of Shinjuku and the beginning phase of the rebuilding of the Saitama Ghetto, keeping track of Kallen's mother's recovery, and working on his personal projects in the R&D department when he could, the blonde shinobi found himself nearly overwhelmed trying to catch up on his paperwork for the Namikaze Corporation. Some of what he had to look over was some of the most stupid and inane things he ever read, but either way the papers needed his approval or refusal. A knock at his door drew his attention.

"Come in," Naruto called, dismissing his Shadow clones.

The door to Naruto's office opened to reveal the form of Katerina Casterwill with more files in her hands, and for a moment Naruto thought that he just might burst into tears. If this was what a Kage had to deal with on a daily bases back in the Elemental Nations then Naruto was happy that he never became Hokage. "Good afternoon Mr. Uzumaki." The woman greeted her boss with a pleasant smile on her face, her eyes glancing at the stacks of papers on Naruto's desk. "Been busy I see." The woman commented with a giggle.

Naruto wanted to slam his head into his desk, but that would cause a landslide of paperwork and only give him more work to do so he kept himself from going through with his impulses. "You have no idea," The blonde shinobi groaned tiredly, as he looked at the files that Dr. Casterwill wearily almost wishing that he could just set them on fire and be done with it.

Katerina laughed once more at the look that Naruto was sending the papers in her hand. "Well it can't be easy doing everything that you do." The woman said gently, setting the files directly in front of him, as she took note of Naruto's slightly disheveled appearance. "Sir," Katerina began tentatively drawing Naruto's attention to her. "May I speak freely?" She asked him.

Naruto looked at her strangely but nodded his head anyway.

Without a moment's hesitation Katerina walked around Naruto's desk, pulled the blonde teen's chair back and turned it to face her, before kneeling down in front of him so that they were about the same height. "There are a lot of people depending on you, Naruto." Katerina began softly smoothing down Naruto's messy clothes so that he appeared a bit more presentable along with his hair, though trying to make that neat was completely hopeless. "That's why," The mother of one continued. "You need to take care of yourself. You are not alone here, we are all behind you supporting you, so it is okay to take a break every once in a while and rest. We'll pick up the slack in the meantime." Katerina assured him a gentle look in her eyes, as she tenderly placed the palm of her hand against his whiskered cheek. A light blush appearing on Naruto's face at the woman's actions and the look she was giving him, it was almost motherly and Naruto found himself enjoying the attention.

"Okay," Naruto murmured softly.

After a few more seconds Katerina straightened back up and walked back to her spot on the other side of Naruto's desk. Acting professionally once more Dr. Casterwill continued speaking, "From what I was led to understand." Katerina said, "That is very important and it was suggested that you read it right away." She told him gesturing to the file that she had placed on his desk.

"Alright I'll take a look at it right away." Naruto replied recomposing himself.

"I'll head back down to the R&D division then." The blue haired woman commented. "I worry what my daughter might get up to if she doesn't have proper supervision." Katerina added with a smile appearing on her face.

Naruto chuckled a bit at Katerina's comment. "Be sure to tell Aria I said hi." The blonde shinobi said.

Katerina's smiled slyly at her boss. "Hm, knowing Arianna that is sure to set her off into one of ditzy moments," Dr. Casterwill said, as both she and Naruto shared a laugh at how Aria would act on occasion most of the times when it had something to do with Naruto, before she left the room.

Jumping onto Naruto's desk in her fox form Kyu walked between the stacks of paper on her partner's desk teasingly brushing her tail against them threatening to cause them to topple over, an action that Naruto didn't appreciate if the glare he was sending her was any indication. "Well that was touching," Kyu began a playful tone to her voice. "Though for a moment there I thought something else was going to happen when she kneeled in front of you." The vixen said suggestively.

"Shut up Ero-Kitsune." Naruto grumbled.

Somehow even though she was in her fox form Kyu managed to have an affronted look appear on her face, "Who me a pervert? Perish the thought." Kyu said pretending to be innocent.

Naruto snorted at Kyu's attempt to play innocent, as he picked up the file that Katerina had left him. "Like I don't know that read Ero-Sennin's books." Naruto accused her.

Kyu shrugged her shoulders. "Hey say what you will about the old pervert, but he had a talent for writing, even if most of what he writes is shameless smut." The strongest of the Bijuu defended.

"Whatever," Naruto muttered reading the file.

"What is that?" Kyu asked curiously, sensing a shift in Naruto's emotions as he suddenly became serious as he read whatever the paper said.

"It's a report from my spy network." Naruto replied, "According to this the Britannian military is being deployed to the Narita Mountains."

"The Narita Mountains," Kyu repeated. "Isn't that were the Japan Liberation Front is located." It wasn't much of a question that Kyu was asking more than stating a fact, as both had learned long ago about the JLF having their base hidden there.

Naruto nodded his head anyway as he finished reading the report and set it down. "Looks like Cornelia' is planning an attack to finish them off once and for all. And with the biggest rebel group wiped out the moral of the Japanese people will be as well." Naruto said gravely.

"And those whose wills aren't broken will find themselves rallying behind the Black Knights." Kyu added, watching as Naruto stood up from his seat and headed for the door. "So you're going." Again it wasn't a question. "It's going to be a battle, no matter what you do people will die." The vixen pointed out.

Naruto stopped at the door to his office. "I know," He answered her without turning around, his voice serious. "I'm not the same naïve kid I was when I was twelve. But that doesn't mean that I will just sit back and let things happen." Naruto continued as he looked around his office. "This, all of this, the Namikaze Corporation, Kurama, the Kyuubi I created them to serve a purpose, to save people's lives." The blonde shinobi said as he turned to face Kyu. "How could I have ever become Hokage if I wasn't willing to risk and do everything I could in order to save people?" He asked her a serious look in his eyes.

Kyu stared at Naruto for a moment with a smile on her face as she could easily see Kushina standing next to her son with the same look in her eyes. 'Naruto might look a lot like his father, but no doubt he is your son Kushina.' Kyu thought knowing that the redheaded Uzumaki would be extremely proud of her son. "Well it's not like I was planning on stopping you from going anyway." The kitsune stated as her form turned to pure chakra and went towards Naruto, entering the seal. 'Let's get going then. My Kyuubi still needs more data anyway; it's been a while since you last used it in battle.' Kyu commented through their link.

Naruto turned back to the door and opened. "I'll take my motorcycle most of the way there until I hit the roadblocks that the military was sure to set up, at that point I'll sneak through on foot before summoning Kyuubi once I've reached the Narita Mountains." Naruto decided, as he made his way to the elevator, with Kyu agreeing with his plan.

Up in the Narita Mountains in a building that was a little better than a wooden shack with two JFL soldiers inside both with dark hair, but one's hair spiked upwards while the other's hair fell down messily.

"Sector five, nothing to report." The soldier with messy hair said into a phone, reporting to his superiors, "Right. The next scheduled report will be in two hours." He finished hanging up the phone and returning to the table at the center of the room with a Go board on it.

"Of course, there's nothing to report." The other soldier said from across the table. "This area's controlled by the Japan Liberation Front. No one can just stroll in." He stated confidently, so it came as a major surprise that not even three seconds after he finished saying that that Zero walked into the room calmly even as the two soldiers stood up picking up their weapons. "Zero," The soldier gasped.

"Relax," Zero said calmly removing his helmet like mask, revealing that the lower portion of his face was covered by a simple black face mask. "I only came to talk." He continued his Geass flaring to life. "I want you to ignore any unusual activity during your watch." The leader of the Black Knights ordered the two JLF soldiers immediately falling under the Geass' affects.

"Sure, no problem," The first soldier replied casually.

"Come on, it's your turn." The second soldier said setting down his gun and reclaiming his seat.

"What's the rush?" The first soldier asked him, ignoring Zero's presence completely. "We're just on regular duty, you know." He pointed out taking his own seat at the table.

At a different part of the mountain a Burai's IFF system activated. "I've confirmed the signal from Zero." The Black Knight pilot relayed to the other members. "We're now moving to way point two." He informed them.

Several members of the Black Knights, along with some Burai and other equipment, moved up the mountain.

"Hey," Tamaki's voice came over the radio. "Why doesn't Zero just use the radio in his Burai?" He asked his friends and comrades.

"And what do you suppose he meant when he said hiking?" Inoue asked as well.

"Uh, military training, right?" Minami said unsurely.

"Only with Zero in another location," Tamaki pointed out dubiously.

"Maybe we'll dig a hot spring." Kento said hopefully.

"Is that why we brought those excavators, then hell I'm all for it." Yoshida said positively liking the idea of digging a hot spring.

"Kallen, you heard anything about this?" Tamaki asked the redheaded pilot.

Kallen sat in the open cockpit of the Guren staring down at her cellphone that she held in her hand distractedly, and more specifically, at Naruto's number before she focused on what was going on around her. "I haven't," Kallen answered simply, putting her phone away.

"You, Ohgi?" Tamaki asked the former leader of their small rebel group.

"Nope not a word," Ohgi replied uneasily in his own Burai.

"Ohgi are you alright?" Nagata asked picking up on the discomfort in his long time friend's voice, as they communicated over a private line on the radio so the others wouldn't hear them, from his own Burai.

For a moment Ohgi was unsure how he was supposed to answer Nagata's question. Even before things had gone to hell Naoto, Nagata, and him had known each other and had been friends, with Nagata being a couple of years older than the other two. As such Ohgi knew that it would be nearly impossible for him to be able to convince Nagata that nothing was the matter. "Zero," Ohgi began hesitatingly. "He wasn't using the radio to avoid being traced." He stated.

"Yeah and?" Nagata asked confusedly.

"It's just that intel that the Britannian that wanted to join the Black Knights gave us." Ohgi continued.

"What about it?" Nagata continued to question his friend. The only people who read the Intel given to them had been Zero and Ohgi so the long black haired Japanese didn't know what it said.

"It's just," Ohgi began again struggling with what to say. If he said the wrong thing it might send Nagata, and the others into a panic, and that's the last thing they needed to happen at the moment. "Things are just going to get very dangerous soon." The former rebel leader finished ominously.

Nagata knew there was something that Ohgi wasn't telling him, that much was obvious. But he trusted Ohgi like he trusted Naoto, back in Shinjuku Nagata was prepared to die following Naoto's plan and nothing had changed since then. Nagata was willing not to press Ohgi for an actual answer if his friend wasn't willing to give it, even if there was a chance of dying. "Then we'll just have to watch each other's back, right?" Nagata asked his friend confidently.

A relieved smile appeared on Ohgi's face at Nagata's question that helped with the unease he felt. "Right," He replied a little more confidently.

Within the shack Zero was reading a book, his mask still off and having even pulled down the face mask he had under it, while the two JFL soldiers continued to play their game off to the side completely ignoring Lelouch's presence. As he waited for the operation to begin Lelouch thought over his two biggest problems, Cornelia and Kurama. 'The day I've waited for has finally come, Cornelia.' Lelouch thought to himself. Soon Cornelia would be taken care of and that would only leave Kurama to deal with. Thinking of the fox mask wearing individual reminded the banished prince of his earlier thoughts that week of convincing C.C. to tell him what she knew of Kurama. 'Speaking of,' He thought spotting the light green haired immortal close by through a window of the shack in her white and black strap jumpsuit.

Exiting the shack Lelouch made his way towards, carrying his mask under his arm. "C.C., what are you doing here?" He asked barely keeping from making it sound like a demand.

"I said that I would protect you, didn't I?" C.C. replied evenly, turning her gaze from the mountain landscape to face the black haired Britannian.

Lelouch did his best to restrain himself from smirking that was the sort of response he wanted to hear, the kind that would it all the easier to convince C.C. to tell him everything she knew about Kurama. "Aren't you overdoing it?" Lelouch asked, not giving away what he was actually thinking, even managing to sound a bit annoyed by her actions.

"I've been wondering about something Lelouch," C.C. continued ignoring the Britannian's question, as she turned back to look at the scenery in front of her. "Why are you Lelouch?"

"I don't have time to discuss philosophy with you." Lelouch replied a little impatiently coming to a stop a few feet behind the immortal witch.

C.C. didn't look at all concerned with the way that Lelouch was talking to her as she continued with her train of thought. "You changed your family sir name to Lamperouge but you kept Lelouch the name that was given to you at birth." She pointed out. "How sentimental, you can't let go off the past."

Lelouch almost scowled at the light green haired woman, feeling that he had almost been insulted by her. "Well, C.C. swings to the other extreme, doesn't it? It's not a human name." He said the barest hint of spite entering his voice.

The look on C.C.'s face when she turned to look at him caused Lelouch to let out a small gasp, as he was taken-back by the look of utter sadness that appeared in her eyes for just a moment before they returned back to their normal apathetic expression. "Lelouch, do you know why snow is white?" C.C. asked, the wind blowing around them causing her hair and snow to move along with it. "Snow is white because it's forgotten what color it's supposed to be." She finished with a small wistful smile on her face.

Lelouch stared silently at C.C. for a moment unsure how to respond with an unreadable expression on his face. Finally he decided to walk back to the shack as he placed both of his masks back on, knowing that it wouldn't be long before the other members of the Black Knights arrived. As he had his back to her Zero stopped. "C.C.," Zero began without facing her, "If you are serious about your attention of protecting me than you can start by answering some of my questions dealing with Kurama." The leader of the Black Knights stated.

"You are so sure that I know something about him?" C.C. questioned him slyly.

"I'm almost positive." Zero replied surely. "Ever since our run in with him in the Saitama Ghetto I'm sure that more happened between you two than what you have told me. If that is the case then I need to know everything that you do." He said insisted. "The power, abilities, and resources that Kurama holds at his fingertips are not the sort of thing to be taken lightly. If you know anything then it would be in your best interest to tell me so I'll be better protected."

C.C. hummed thoughtfully before she turned her back to him. "Don't you think it is curious Kurama's fascination with foxes?" She asked him almost nonchalantly. "His mask, the Kyuubi it is modeled after the Kyuubi no Kitsune; the Nine Tailed Fox isn't it? It makes you wonder if he has anything else associated with foxes." She hinted.

Zero turned towards her as he contemplated C.C.'s words. If it had to do with foxes then there was only one person that he could think of off the top of his head that had anything to do with foxes, Naruto. 'She can't be seriously suggesting that Naruto is Kurama.' Zero thought incredulously as he began to mentally compare the two. Their similar height, hair color, the resources that Naruto had at his disposal, and if C.C. was to be believed then Naruto having Kyu was another similarity that they both shared. 'But those things are just coincidences.' Zero reasoned unknowingly falling victim to Naruto's genjutsu, resulting in him being unable to make the connection between Naruto and Kurama.

C.C. almost wished she could see the expression on Lelouch's face as she was sure he had a look of disbelief on his face as he fell under the power of Naruto's genjutsu. C.C. briefly wondered if she just came right out and told Lelouch that Naruto was Kurama if he would believe her, or if the genjutsu would keep him from accepting the truth. Either way she found teasing Lelouch with the truth amusing. But if it came down to it and Naruto turned out to be a danger to Lelouch's life, to her wish being completed, then she had no problem telling the black haired Britannian everything she knew about Naruto's abilities.

Growing frustrated Zero decided that C.C. was only trying to confuse him with her insinuation that Naruto was Kurama because he happened to have a pet fox. "I don't have times for your games C.C." Zero stated annoyed turning his back to her and walking away.

In Cornelia's personal transport carrier the Second Princess of Britannia, along with Euphemia, watched intently as Darlton explained their plan of attack on the Narita Mountains and how they intended to draw out the JFL. Besides them there was also Guilford, standing dutifully bedside Cornelia, there were also a few other soldiers in the room.

"We're certain that the Japan Liberation Front headquarters are in this area." Darlton began, a wire frame map of the area appearing on the screen of a table with a monitor on it. "We've already split four battalions into seven units and hidden them in the vicinity. We've only to wait for the Viceroy signal then we'll surround them in one fell swoop and wipe them out." He explained turning to face the dark pink haired Viceroy.

Euphemia stood next to the table and looked down at the map. "And are you confident that the enemy won't show up outside the encirclement line?" She asked her gaze shifting from the map to her sister, as she drew the attention of everyone else to herself.

"You mean Zero?" Cornelia asked her younger sister in turn. "Or maybe you're talking about Kurama?"

"Either way have' no fear about that." Darlton assured the Sub-Viceroy. "As the operation begins, we'll be blocking off the surrounding highways and mountain routes also."

"Plus," Cornelia continued. "We have reserve units. If Zero is stupid enough to show up, it'll be the end of him. And if Kurama makes an appearance he will be subdued and held prisoner."

A few minutes later found Cornelia waiting inside her personal modified Gloucester waiting for everything to be in place before the mission officially began.

"All units are in position." A soldier informed the Second Princess through her Gloucester's radio system.

"Understood," Cornelia replied. "Euphemia will provide logistical support from G1 as planned. Have her command the medical group." She instructed him.

"Yes Your' Highness," The soldier answered before cutting communications with her, only for another voice to come over Cornelia's radio.

"Princess Cornelia." Guilford started.

"Guilford, let me guess." Cornelia began not all surprised that her subordinate wanted to speak with her. "This is about Euphie, isn't it?" She asked him knowingly. The dark pink haired Britannian had caught the unsure glances that her knight had thrown Euphemia's way.

"Yes," Guilford admitted readily. "She really should be in a government agency, not..."

"But she's being unusually stubborn about this." Cornelia said cutting Guilford off a smirk tugging at her lips. 'I wonder why exactly.' The Viceroy briefly thought before she continued speaking. "She told me she wanted to see actual combat for herself." She informed him.

In the transport carrier Euphemia spotted something on the edge of the map that she had missed before. "What's that unit there holding to the rear?" She asked the tactical officers in the room.

"Our reserve force with an Eleven pilot." One of the officers answered.

"What? You mean that's the Lancelot?" Euphie asked surprised, her gaze moving from the man who answered her question back to the icon on the screen that represented the Lancelot.

"As a rule," A second soldier began his voice even with the barest hint of disapproval in it. "Numbers aren't permitted to operate Knightmares, but that particular unit is an exception."

"The Second Prince is the patron of that unit." The first officer explained. "We have no say over their personnel selection. But he said he wants them to have as many chances at real combat as possible." He finished.

On top of the mountain Zero had met up with the rest of the Black Knights and at the moment they were watching the three excavators they had brought with them dig into the mountain and shoot out dirt behind them.

"Are you really going through with this?" Ohgi asked Zero as he stood next to him.

"Our opponent is Cornelia." Zero replied looking at the excavators, "Whose forces are among the best Britannia has to offer."

"Then why don't we cooperate with the Japan Liberation Front?" Ohgi continued to question him as he looked off to the side. "Hell, I think that everyone would be more at ease when they learn what you have' planned and if Kurama was here as well." He murmured.

"What was that?" Zero asked acting as if he didn't hear the Japanese man clearly but a light scowl had spread across his face at the mention of Kurama. "Ohgi, don't you believe in me anymore?" He continued feigning being hurt.

"What do you mean!?" Ohgi said incredulously. "I was the one who asked you to be a leader, don't you remember!?"

"Then there's only one answer to give." Zero stated calmly.

"Right," Ohgi said a bit reluctantly accepting Zero's decision.

Within her cockpit Cornelia received the communication that she was waiting for. "Viceroy, it's time." Darlton informed her.

"Right," Cornelia said steadily. "Commence operation." She ordered launching her Knightmare with the knowledge that all her troops were converging on the mountain and effectively encircling the Japan Liberation Front's base of operations, "You the Japan Liberation Front, you who time has left behind, you who have forgotten basic human decency, you and your dream of a bygone golden age shall fall and rot to nothingness." The dark pink haired Viceroy finished coldly.

Naruto was racing toward the Narita Mountains on his motorcycle. Like he predicted the Britannian military had set up roadblocks along the highway, already he had to move around the barricades without being seen.

'Naruto,' Amami's slightly alarmed voice came over their mental link. 'The attack's started.' She told him. 'I can sense an increase of aggressive emotions from the direction of the Narita Mountains. You have to hurry.'

'Right,' Naruto replied driving off the highway and getting off of his motorcycle in a secluded area before sealing it away. He was close enough now that he could travel the rest of the way on foot. The main reason he took his bike for most of the trip there was that while a shinobi could easily keep up with a vehicle, and even run faster in the case of some shinobi, it was easier and faster to travel by his motorcycle when there was a direct road there then run all the way there while trying not to be seen.

Donning his Kurama disguise Naruto shot toward the mountain he could see in the distance.

"It's begun." Zero stated seeing all the Britannian Sutherlands being deployed along with everyone else. A majority of the Black Knight members feeling a sense of fear growing deep within them at the prospect of facing off against the Britannian military, specifically going against Cornelia's forces.

"Huh, What the hell?!" Tamaki shouted in surprise, seeing the military forces, as he turned to face his masked leader. "You've got to be kidding, Zero. Those troops coming in have this whole area totally surrounded." He pointed out. "There's no way out."

"We've already been cut off." Zero said unconcerned. "Our only chance of surviving now is to fight."

"What? We can't fight the Britannians." Inoue said with some fear clearly evident in her voice.

"Let me get this straight." Tamaki began, gripping the strap of the gun he held over his shoulder tightly. "We're surrounded and you want us to fight them head-on?!"

"We'll be fighting against Cornelia." Kento said looking up at Zero from next to Tamaki. "Her forces are far stronger than any we've encountered."

"Correct." Zero continued calmly. "It would be a miracle if we win this."

"Zero," Ohgi spoke up. "What are you saying?" He had been going along with Zero's decision because the former resistance leader thought that Zero had a plan, but right now it just looked like he planned for all of them all to die on a suicide mission.

"Even Messiahs need to perform miracles if they're to be acknowledged." The leader of the Black Knights answered him enigmatically. "Therefore, we have to produce our own miracle, don't we?" Zero asked them all rhetorically.

"Now look, pulling this off isn't gonna be cheap!" Tamaki shouted angrily. "The price could be our lives! I knew it was insane to make you our leader! It should be me!" He finished as he pulled his rifle off his back only to freeze when Zero pointed his own gun at the Japanese man.

For a tense moment everyone waited to see what would happen, more than half of them truly believing that Zero was about to shoot Tamaki for his threat. "Our path of retreat has been cut off." Zero began, flipping his gun around so he was holding it out to anyone willing to take it. "If you think you can win without me then shoot me!" He told them but no one, not even Tamaki, took him up on his offer, "Someone anyone. Since you've joined the Black Knights, you have only two choices. You may either live with me or you may perish with me" He declared loudly. 'This is it,' Zero thought. 'No matter what happens from this point on if they agree to follow me' then I'll have their absolute loyalty.'

Zero waited for a few more seconds before continuing, "What's wrong? Challenge me and try to take me down." Zero dared them, his gaze moving to every member of the Black Knight to see if any one of them was willing to take up his challenge.

Tamaki scowled at the mask man before letting out a resigned sigh. "All right, fine. Do what you want." He said reluctantly looking away.

"We acknowledge you as our leader, Zero." Kento said submissively.

"Thank you very much. I appreciate it" Zero said a smirk appearing on his face beneath his mask.

In a lodge hidden by the mountain that acted as a base for the JFL the soldiers watched as enemy units appeared on the map of a large computer monitor completely surrounding the mountain.

"We're under enemy attack?" An ageing man with short grey hair asked his soldiers, he is General Katase a former General of the disbanded Japanese army.

"Yes sir." A soldier answered him with a salute. "The Britannian forces have completely encircled the Narita Mountains. We counted over hundred units." The soldier said giving the general a description of current events.

"We're completely surrounded and our underground reserve forces were captured all at once." A second JFL soldier said in a panic.

"General Katase, we've received the message from Cornelia's forces demanding our surrender." A third frightened soldier informed Katase

"Imbecile," Katase said gruffly "If we fall here then we've lost and the whole resistant movement falls with us.

"Then general, do we engage the enemy in battle or do we dig in?" The first soldier asked.

"What about Tohdoh. Where is he?" Katase asked. Tohdoh caused a miracle to happen when everyone had given up hope before and at the moment he was their only hope.

"He's gone to Kyoto, to get the custom Burais," The soldier informed his superior. "The Four Holy Swords are traveling with him, too. If they're on schedule, they should be returning soon but… he won't make it in time." The soldier finished gravely.

"Prepare to send out the Burais." Katase decided, "We'll break the encirclement on one side and evacuate. We'll show them the Japanese spirit and pride. This is our moment of truth." He finished determinedly.

Advancing up the mountain Darlton lead his unit in his personal Gloucester, "The main enemy force should be coming out anytime now." The Britannian said confidently. "We're switching to ECCM mode, link up on channel Alfa 4." He ordered before continuing. "The enemy what are we calling them again?" Darlton asked.

"Burais sir," One of Darlton's subordinates answered.

"Right," Darlton said with a smirk. "They're rather like pseudo Glasgow, so watch out for them."

"Yes, my Lord."

From where Cornelia was leading her own forces she watched as three Burais emerged from within the mountain. "How clever," The Viceroy of Area 11 said mildly impressed. "They turned this whole mountain into a fortress."

"Your' Highness, please fallback." Guilford pleaded over his Gloucester's speaker system.

"Guilford, don't treat me as if I'm another one of your women." Cornelia replied almost bored before charging at the enemy Knightmares.

"Princess Cornelia!" Guilford shouted.

"It's Cornelia." A JLF pilot yelled in shock.

"Don't panic." A second pilot commanded. "Take out the leader!" He finished as he and his fellow pilots opened fire on Cornelia.

Cornelia easily maneuvered her Gloucester through the gunfire without even coming close to being hit "Insolent worms!" She roared extending the prongs on her lance. Knocking two of the Burais off their feet Cornelia rushed the third Burai before impaling it through the cockpit with her lance.

"Right," Guilford murmured, having his Gloucester use its Slash Harken to destroy a cannon that had been aiming for Cornelia. "Well then I'll cover you from the rear."

"Well Cornelia is here." The dark pink haired Princess of Britannia announced. "Is there no one who will challenge me?"

As if answering Cornelia's challenge multiple Burais emerged from the mountain turned fortress to engage her troops. Some tried to engage Cornelia and her group from a distance others weren't afraid to charge the Second Princess, either way Cornelia tore through them with her lance destroying one Burai after another. With her better Knightmare Frame and superior piloting skills Cornelia defeated all her opponents almost effortlessly.

"They're too fragile." Cornelia muttered distastefully after she took out another Burai from piercing it with her lance from above.

In his section Darlton was dealing with multiple enemies, as the JFL pilots put up as much of a fight as possible. "The enemy seems to be concentrated over here." Darlton said, firing his large cannon like rifle at the enemy. "This maybe the target, split up now!" He ordered having his Gloucester moving behind some large rocks, his subordinates following his lead as they began to search for the base.

After some extensive searching while eliminating any Burai they came across the lodge that served as the entrance for the base of the JFL.

"General Darlton," A Britannian pilot began reporting to his superior. "Based on the analysis of the enemy's movements, I've determined that the entrance to the JLF main base is that lodge located up on the mountain."

"I believe the proper word for this situation is 'Bingo'." Darlton said staring at the lodge intently from the screen within his Gloucester.

"Well, to be more precise sir..." The pilot began before trailing off.

"Oh just call it and already, Mr. Literal." Darlton continued with a bit of amusement in his voice as a flare was launched up into the air to signal that they had found the location to the entrance of the base.

"Is that Darlton?" Cornelia wondered seeing where the flare was coming from and who would be in that area.

"So, that's where the main enemy base is located." Guilford continued factually.

"Right, we'll be securing our position here." Cornelia decided bringing her Gloucester to a stop.

"Are you sure about this?" Guilford questioned the dark pink haired princess.

"I don't need to steal achievements from my subordinates." Cornelia said with a bit of an edge in her voice. "Send reserve forces to back up Darlton," She continued more calmly, "Looks like he'll be getting another medal." The Second Princess finished with a smirk on her face.

"Now any resistance still remaining in Area 11..." Darlton began as he and his unit approached the lodge.

"...will soon be finished," Cornelia unknowingly finished for Darlton.

'Impressive as always Cornelia, a very logical deployment,' Zero thought from within his personal Burai, it stood out from the rest of the Burai that the Kyoto group had sent them due to the fact that it had a gold like headpiece with horns on it similar to that of a samurai's helmet. 'However excellent though it is, it's also easy to read as is your location.' He continued pulling off his mask and lowering his face mask, before activating his Burai's speakers. "Right, all preparations have now been completed. Black Knights, prepare to move out."

"Damn it, we have no choice." A Black Knight member said as he grabbed his gun.

"I don't wanna die." Another random member said refusing to just roll over and die.

"We'll make a miracle happen." A third member said much more positively as they all started to rally behind their leader, either grabbing a weapon or entering a Burai.

"Yeah, we'll have Zero with us."

"We the Black Knights are going to launch a surprise attack on the Britannians from the summit of the mountain." Lelouch began to explain his plan to his subordinates. "Per my instructions, you will charge en masse down toward point three. And the intent of this operation is to capture Cornelia, Second Princess of Britannia. Our breakthrough route will be opened by the Guren Mk-II." He informed him before directing his next set of instructions to the red haired half-Japanese pilot. "Kallen use penetrating electro number three. Settle things with one blow."

"Got it," Kallen confirmed from within her Knightmare, placing the Guren's right hand over the indicated electrode. "Output confirmed. Wave Surger level is ready and holding," The Guren pilot said before closing her eyes and letting out a sigh and snapping her eyes open, "Activating gauntlet now!"

From the Guren's right arm black lightning outlined in red arced in various directions much of the energy following through the electrode into the ground and coming out in an underground water source, the Radiant Wave Surger causing the water to quickly come to a boil. Above ground the Black Knights waited silently for the result of Zero's plan. For a moment nothing seemed to happen and everyone started to lose hope, but then the earth started to shake and the earth split apart.

"It worked!" Kallen said excitedly the barest hint of disbelief in her voice, as they watched the rubble that was created be swept down the mountain by the flood of water that gushed out of the ground.

The landslide sped down the mountain wiping out both JLF and Britannian soldiers that were caught in it. The sudden appearance of the landslide caught everyone off guard none more so than the Britannians as they not only lost a large amount of their forces but were also cut off from the ones that managed to survive the landslide, specifically Cornelia.

"Status report," Cornelia demanded as she watched the landslide rush by, her eyes staring intently into the current of rushing water and rocks trying to spot any of her soldiers.

"We're still trying to confirm." A soldier responded.

"Your Highness fall back, you're in danger there." Guilford pleaded as Cornelia's Gloucester stood just out of range of the landslide

"I don't care. Forget about me." Cornelia replied angrily. "Find out about Darlton. And where's Alex?"

Naruto had reached the city near Narita and was reaching the edge of the city when he saw the landslide rushing towards him and the city. "Damn it," Naruto cursed seeing that the landslide was heading straight for the city and wasn't slowing down in the slightest. With a chakra boosted jump Naruto flew into the air the red crystal on his hand shining brightly as the blonde shinobi summoned the Kyuubi Knightmare Frame. When the Kyuubi landed on the ground Naruto was already within the cockpit and piloting it as quickly as he could to the very edge of the city, putting himself between it and the incoming landslide.

'What are you planning?' Amami questioned him.

"Just watch." Naruto replied solemnly his Sharingan flaring to life, the Kyuubi shifting from its fox mode to its human one. The tomoes in his eyes spinning rapidly around the pupil until they became thin lines that spiraled around the pupil, as if they were forming a whirlpool, as the pupil became red, "Amaterasu!" Naruto spoke with a deadly calmness, channeling chakra into Kyuubi and directing it to the Knightmare's left eye panel, as blood started to spill out of his left eye.

From outside the Kyuubi's left eye turned completely black before the flames of Amaterasu appeared in front of it and spread as far as Naruto could see. It was only seconds later that the landslide slammed into the wall of black fire, the flames stopping the landside once it hit the wall of fire destroying both water and earth from hot they were.

'Since when could the Kyuubi do that?' Amami asked in awe. Being within the seal allowed her to see what Naruto saw, and what she saw were the flames of Amaterasu appearing outside the Kyuubi instead of being produced by Naruto through his eyes.

'It's a seal that I placed on its left eye.' Naruto replied keeping his gaze locked straight ahead, even as he pulled off his fox mask and wiped away the tears of blood from his eye. 'I remembered that back when we were searching for Tsunade, Ero-Sennin sealed Itachi's Amaterasu. I placed a similar seal on the Kyuubi's left eye panel with flames of Amaterasu sealed within. With the power of my Magngekyo Sharingan I can control, direct, and create more Amaterasu from the smallest of flames. The Kyuubi's left eye will turn black when I channel chakra into the seal to release the Amaterasu, its normal orange when the seal is not in use, and grey when I fail to seal some of the Amaterasu back into the eye to show it's "blind".' He explained. When the landslide finally came to an end Naruto dispersed the flames enough so that Kyuubi could move through them.

Finally turning his attention away from the mountain that was laying straight ahead of him, which even from there he could see the obvious signs of battle going on, Naruto turned to look to his left and right.

While Naruto had managed to protect the center part of the city the outer parts on either side were swept away by the landslide. The blonde shinobi could only extend the flames so far and still protect the city. There were two limitations to what Naruto just did, first of all was how far Naruto could physically see and the second how much time it would take the black flames to travel to where Naruto wanted them. If he sent the flames to far up the mountain than chances were that some of the landslide would have made it through to the city resulting in more damage and a greater number of fatalities for anyone still within the city.

'That's really impressive.' Amami commented honestly. While she might hate the Sharingan and all its cursed variants the vixen would freely admit that Naruto was learning to use his Sharingan amazingly, with more time and training who was to say that Naruto wouldn't master the other abilities that the Magngekyo Sharingan possessed.

'Thanks,' Naruto replied focusing his gaze back to the mountain ahead of him, "Now for the hard part." He muttered out loud. Shifting the Kyuubi back into its fox mode Naruto began to channel chakra into the Knightmare's legs, with the water walking exercise moving over the landslide would be an easy endeavor. "Let's put an end to this." The shinobi declared steadily before launching the Kyuubi forward towards his target, Zero.

On top of the mountain Lelouch looked on at the results of his plan.

'Heh, it's even more destructive than I anticipated.' Lelouch thought to himself, looking at outcome of creating a landslide with the Guren's Radiant Wave Surger through the monitors of his Burai. 'We did succeed in isolating Cornelia's unit but we could've been a bit more accurate. Perhaps I should've consulted a physics teacher or ask Nina to tutor me in probability.' He joked at the end before noticing something black at the foot of the mountain. "What's this?" The black haired Britannian mumbled taking a closer look, "Flames? Black flames, how is that possible? Is it a new Britannian weapon or, Kurama? Either way it seems that it was able to stop the landslide from reaching the city, how interesting. Anyway," Lelouch said focusing back on the matter at hand. "Cornelia has only limited reinforcements headed her way. Smash right through them." The leader of the Black Knights instructed as he and the others made their way down the mountain and began to engage Cornelia's forces.

"New enemy force confirmed moving in from the summit. Carius unit is moving to engage them." A soldier informed the Second Princess of Britannia.

"Hoping to take advantage of all the confusion, are they?" Cornelia murmured guessing their intentions.

"Emergency call from Carius unit," Another soldier said over the radio

"What's wrong?" Cornelia questioned noting the alarm in the pilot's voice.

"It's not the Japan Liberation Front," He answered. "They think it's the Black Knights."

"What? Then it's?" Cornelia said in realization.

"Zero!" Jeremiah Gottwald shouted from his position in the rear lines. Ever since the incident on the bridge when Zero and Kurama first made their appearances to the world his life, along with all the other Purebloods, had gone down the drain and he blamed it all on those two more specifically Zero. Since the mask wearing leader of the Black Knights was the one that implicated him as a traitor and a mole within the military through Orange, "How dare he show up here?! Zero!" He shouted piloting his Sutherland toward the closet enemy unit.

"Lord Jeremiah," Villetta, the dark skinned silver haired beauty, shouted after the turquoise haired Britannian. "You can't just abandon your post." She along with the man she still considered her superior, despite being demoted to the same rank and possessing the same status, had been stationed at the rear line to provide backup for the other units. None of the former Purebloods doubted that it was anything less than a means to keep them out of the way since the chances of them seeing any actual combat was supposed to be nearly nonexistent.

"This requires drastic measures." Jeremiah stated without slowing down or looking back. "If you want glory in life, then follow me!" He declared, only to notice something on Sutherland's map. "The enemy's taken out Carius' unit? If I can finish this before Zero reaches Princess Cornelia, then I'll be golden." The man said excitedly, not at all bothered by the fact that his comrades had just been wiped out by the enemy.

"Lord Jeremiah," Villetta's voice came over the radio system, as she and the other demoted Purebloods appeared behind Jeremiah.

"Villetta you came. I knew that you would." Jeremiah said confidently as he approached the units that the Caruius' unit had been heading towards.

'Burn the bridges behind you and keep your back to the wall.' Lelouch thought to himself. 'Classical strategies remain effective ones, don't they?' Since they began their attack on the Britannian military the Black Knights had been quickly and effectively wiping out Cornelia's forces that were nearby either through the use of their Burai or anti-Knightmare Frame artillery.

"Zero!" Jeremiah shouted, appearing within his Knightmare shooting his gun and taking down two of the five Burai that were traveling with Zero. "Is Zero here?!" Jeremiah demanded, "If he is, then face me. Come forward and fight Jeremiah Gottwald!"

"Well, well, it's been a while Jeremiah. So you're still in the army? I'd love to stay and catch up but I'm afraid I don't have time right this minute, Orange Boy." Lelouch taunted the disgraced Britannian, fully expecting the man to go into a rage at the mention of what caused his humiliation.

"Orange? Die!" Jeremiah bellowed charging at Lelouch recklessly, only to be forced into a stop when the Guren suddenly appeared in its way. Effortlessly the Guren managed to knock the rifle out of the Sutherland's arms, with the force of its knife, forcing the Britannian military Knightmare back and to deploy its arm blades.

"Lord Jeremiah." Villetta called out in concern seeing the unknown Knightmare.

"Stay out of this." He commanded, "This is my duel!"

"But look at it," Villetta insisted. "I've never seen the Knightmare like that before. Is it possible that the Elevens have…?" She trailed off at the end implying that they could have created the Knightmare themselves.

"You think Elevens are capable of such technology?" Jeremiah scoffed charging at the Guren. The Guren blocked the first strike from Jeremiah's Sutherland with its right arm before dodging the following attack, destroying the arm blade with its own knife, and moving behind the Sutherland before jumping high into the air. "It's fast." Jeremiah said in awe, and a bit of fear, only seeing something like it twice before when he saw the Kyuubi and Lancelot in action. "This thing, is this what destroyed Carius' unit?" He wondered, moving back to avoid being crushed by the landing Guren and locked its one remaining arm blade with the Guren's knife.

"Yeah that's right Britannia." Kallen said confidently. "We can finally go up against you and equal footing head on. And our counter attack begins with this baby the Guren Mk-II!" Breaking the stalemate Kallen thrust the Guren's right arm forward aiming to grab the enemy Sutherland's head.

"Oh hell!" Jeremiah cursed, "There's something its right hand, but if I keep my distance." He continued, calming down and backing his Knightmare away from the Guren. Only to be caught by surprise when the Guren's right hand extended and captured the Sutherland's head in its grasp. "What's this?!"

"Sorry." Kallen muttered, knowing that what she was about to do had the very real chance of resulting in the pilots death. With the press of a single button Kallen activated the Guren's Radiant Wave Surger and in a matter of seconds Jeremiah's Sutherland started to lose its form as it protruded everywhere as Guren's unique lighting spread from the point of contact to all of the Sutherland.

"Wha-what the hell's happening?!" Jeremiah demanded, the red lightning appearing within the cockpit and messing with the instruments within the Knightmare.

"Lord Jeremiah, eject." Villetta urged, her image on the monitor distorted to the point that it was almost impossible to make her out.

"I can't run now." Jeremiah said, refusing to give up. "Zero's right in front of me. He's standing right there." He continued stretching out the Sutherland's arm towards Lelouch's Burai, even as the fingers of the Burai exploded, before something popped on his monitor. "Damn it! The auto-eject! Don't you dare activate! I can still get Zero! I know it! I know I can still get him! Aah!" Jeremiah screamed in pain blood coming out of his nostrils before a popping sound came from his left eye and the eject system activated.

The Guren managed to rip the head off just as the cockpit ejected and the Knightmare blew up, surrounding the Guren in fire. "I won't lose!" Kallen murmured, "Not with this... the Guren Mk-II!"

Watching the proceedings Lelouch had a smirk on his face. 'All our tasks at hand have been cleared. The pieces are in position. The only thing left to do is check my opponent's stronghold.' He thought confidently.

Within the transport carrier that contained the Lancelot, Suzaku grew anxious with each passing moment, after hearing the rumble caused by the landslide he was worried about the situation of the battle against the JLF. "Lloyd, what's going on?" He asked the creator of the Lancelot form his seat in the Lancelot's open cockpit.

"Mm, it's very unnatural." Lloyd replied aloofly from a nearby computer console.

"Unnatural?" Suzaku repeated confused.

"There seems to be an unconfirmed report that the Black Knights have appeared." Lloyd clarified.

"Zero," Suzaku said in realization.

"Congratulations, this is our chance." Lloyd said excitedly.

"Lloyd." Suzaku gasped incredulously.

"You're so rash." Cecile said glaring at the man from her seat beside him.

"Huh, why is that?" Lloyd asked looking at the blue haired woman curiously.

"Would you like a detailed explanation?" Cecile asked smiling at the silver haired man sweetly.

"Eh, no I'll pass." Lloyd answered dryly, doing his best to ignore the frightening aura that his assistant was giving off. "Anyway, while the high command's still gathering data, all we can do is play by ear, right?" The bespectacled man continued.

Suzaku ignored the man his gaze growing distant as the image of Zero appeared in his mind, briefly wondering if Kurama would also make an appearance. He tightened his fists at the thought of the two of them. They were so different from each other, and from him, and yet they held similarities as well that Suzaku was hard to deny at times.

Back with Kallen the half-Japanese pilot had her Guren grab the chest, where the cockpit was located, of an enemy Sutherland with her right arm as she activated the Radiant Wave Surger.

"C'mon, move!" Kewell said trying to fruitlessly pull his Knightmare back. "I can't lose to Elevens. I am a Britannian!" He screamed just before his Sutherland exploded, taking the orange haired Britannian pilot with it.

"Lord Kewell!" Villetta shouted horrified to see another Pureblood be defeated by the new Knightmare Frame that the enemy possessed.

"Alright," Lelouch said, as he and the others advanced on the remaining disgraced Purebloods. "Guren Mk-II, move to planned point. We'll break through the rest of their line and take Cornelia."

"Right," Kallen replied breaking off from the group that Lelouch was leading.

"Fight to the death!" Villetta shouted firing her rifle and taking down one of the Burai after Kallen had left.

'That's right.' Lelouch thought seeing the Knightmare fall though Kento, who was piloting the Japanese custom made Knightmare survived, knowing throughout the mountain other members of the Black Knights were fighting and dying. 'Move swiftly. If you survive this battle, you can call yourself a true warrior. And afterward...' Before Lelouch tested them to see if they agreed to have him as their leader, now he was testing them to see if they truly deserved to be members of the Black Knights. (2)

"The Pure Bloods are holding their ground?" One of the strategists within the Britannian mobile base said astounded at the intel. he was receiving from a soldier.

"Yes sir," The soldier confirmed, "Under Lady Villetta's command."

"Then use the moment for the Viceroy to retreat. Send air cover." The second strategist recommended, as things were going now, with more than half their forces wiped out by the landslide and what remained being defeated by the Black Knights, than the chances of them losing the battle were really high.

Euphie was looking down at the map as the strategists were talking about what they should do when she noticed something at the edge of the screen. "No wait," Euphemia said drawing the three strategists' attention to her, "Something's approaching the Viceroy from behind." She pointed out.

The three Britannian soldiers turned to look at the map and noticed that Euphemia was right; they also knew what enemies approaching the Viceroy from behind at this point would mean for the Second Princess.

"Sub-viceroy Euphemia" The chief strategist started, "You must act now to prevent disaster. Send in the G1!" The man advised insistently.

"No." Euphemia refused, as she felt herself being torn on what she should do.

"But at this rate Commander Guilford will be completely pinned down." The second strategist claimed, "He won't be able to get to Cornelia should something happen. Her life is at stake here."

Euphemia wanted to scream out in frustration, and possibly slap the man for pointing out something that she could see for herself, but she managed to keep her composure, even if just barely. "We can't," Euphie said despairingly. "There's a field hospital right here and civilians. They've been evacuated from all over the area and brought to this point. Besides, the G1 base is our command center. The Viceroy ordered me not to move it no matter what, that's why... I just can't." The Sub-Viceroy said, her loyalty towards her sister and her desire to protect those in the field hospital as well as the civilians warring against her desire to help out her sister. She was therefore surprised when a screen popped on the monitor displaying Suzaku, Lloyd, and Cecile from what looked like the camera within the Lancelot's cockpit.

"Well, hello there." Lloyd greeted them cheerfully, "The ASEEC crew reporting for duty."

"Insolence!" The chief strategist shouted seeing the crew of three.

"You are irregulars." The first strategist said angrily, "Your orders are to keep silent and observe."

"Um yes sir," Cecile said a bit hesitantly. "Normally we would but…"

"But all of this waiting around is boring." Lloyd cut in.

"Sub-Viceroy Euphemia," Suzaku said speaking directly to the pink haired Sub-Viceroy. "I beseech you. Please order us into the battle." The Honorary Britannian pleaded.

"How transparent," The second strategist scoffed, "You just want the glory of rescuing the Viceroy."

"Our whole army is out there." The chief strategist continued. "You think one unit is going to change things with an Eleven pilot?" What infuriated the man the most was the fact that Suzaku was an Eleven, if it had been any other soldier the man would have just written it off as someone being overly ambitious. But that wasn't the case.

"Right, right," Lloyd went on unperturbed. "But what's the harm in trying? Since it's just one unit it won't look bad for you if we lose, right? Are you listening?"

While Lloyd had been speaking Euphemia and Suzaku had been looking at each other, so the Third Princess was the only one to see the Japanese pilot mouth a single word. 'Euphie,' Euphemia thought, at that moment she understood that Suzaku wasn't talking to her as a soldier but as a friend asking her to trust him. "Yes I understand." Euphie said speaking more to Suzaku than anyone else. "Please do it."

"We got it." Lloyd cheered happily.

"Thank you very much." Cecile said gratefully.

"Right, I won't fail." Suzaku promised before the screen closed.

"All units, are you ready?" A Japanese man in his late thirties with short black hair and eyes wearing the uniform of the Japanese military said. He is Kyoshiro Tohdoh the man responsible for Japans only victory against Britannia during the war in Itsukushima. He led an elite group known as the Four Holy Swords consisting of three men Shogo Asahina, Ryoga Senba, Kosetsu Urabe and a single woman Nagisa Chiba.

"Yes sir," The Four Holy Swords said in unison.

"All right, deploy the custom Burais." Tohdoh commanded.

"Deploying," They answered.

The Burais that Tohdoh and the Four Holy Swords were piloting were different from the other Burais in the possession of the JLF and the Black Knights. The most noticeable differences in the Burais were the pair of antennae like attachments on the top of their heads and the chainsaw like swords that they carried, the Revolving Blade Swords. Even among the custom made Burai Tohdoh's Burai stood out from the rest with it being a light grey color that bordered on white.

"Listen carefully." Tohdoh continued relaying his instructions to his subordinates. "If this landslide was manmade, it should allow us to hit Cornelia from behind. Capture Cornelia now. Take revenge for what happened seven years ago." He finished.

"Yes sir," The four members of the Four Holy Swords said, "By the honor of the Four Holy Swords."

"What?" Cornelia gasped in surprise seeing the incoming five Burai.

In a matter of seconds Tohdoh cut through the arm of a Sutherland with his Burai's chainsaw katana before moving to his next target and destroying it as well. The Four Holy Swords, who were following behind Tohdoh, were proving to just as skilled as their leader as they each defeated an enemy unit.

"Protect her Highness." Guilford ordered, moving his Gloucester to stand in front of Cornelia's Gloucester and between the enemies, even as Tohdoh and the Four Holy Swords moved in closer cutting down all opponents. "Your Highness, leave them to us. Please you have to withdraw for now." The black haired Britannian pleaded as he engaged Tohdoh in combat, his Gloucester's lance managing to hold back Tohdoh's revolving blade.

"Very well," Cornelia conceded. "I know a way to turn this around, Guilford!"

"Yes," Guilford answered hastily.

"After you drive them back, meet me over at point nine." The dark pink haired princess instructed

"Nine?" Guilford murmured momentarily confused before he realized what Cornelia was planning. "I understand." He replied.

"Cornelia!" A member of the Four Holy Swords shouted as he and one of his comrades broke the line protecting Cornelia and approached the Viceroy of Area 11.

Cornelia fired her Gloucester's Slash Harkens in response, forcing the two Burai to block them with their swords, before she thrust her spear forward and burst through them, destroying one of the custom Burai's arms, "You weaklings!" She shouted. "Alright, keep this up and capture Zero!"

"Viceroy Cornelia," A Britannian soldier contacted the Second Princess.

"What is it?" Cornelia demanded frustrated.

"Um," The soldier said a bit hesitatingly. "We have received confirmed reports of Kurama and the Kyuubi Knightmare Frame." He reported.

"What?" Cornelia gasped in surprise.

"According to reports it has been destroying our remaining forces along with those of the JLF." The soldier reported. "What do you wish us to do your Highness? Should we try and capture him." He asked.

Cornelia remained silent for a moment before answering. "No," Cornelia eventually answered. "With most of our force destroyed in the landslide we can't risk what remains on capturing Kurama. Have all remaining units avoid him at all costs and focus their attention on Zero, his is to be our number one priority." The dark pink haired Viceroy decided.

"Yes, your' Highness," The soldier replied.

"I'm sorry for the late arrival, General." Tohdoh said contacting Katase as he battled Guilford.

"Tohdoh, we've been waiting." The General said relief evident in his voice.

"General," Tohdoh continued. "Please send all remaining units to join me here."

"Can you beat them?" Katase asked hopefully.

"Yes," Tohdoh answered confidently. "But only if we can hold off their main force. We have a chance now to turn the entire war around."

As they fought each other Guilford couldn't help but to be awed by the skill being displayed by his opponent. 'I've heard Area 11 has a formidable Commander, their shining knight. Is this him? Tohdoh?' Guilford wondered before growing determined. "Fine, let him try me!" He finished charging his Knightmare forward so that it once more clashed with Tohdoh's.

With Lelouch, he and his two remaining units were pinned down behind some large rocks by the surviving Purebloods unable to move ahead with his plans.

"Maybe we should get Kallen over here." Tamaki suggested over the radio

"No, if we break formation now, our plan is ruined." Lelouch replied rejecting Tamaki's idea. 'This is turning grim.' The black haired Britannian continued in his head. 'If this goes on we'll be fighting the Royal Guard next.' He concluded, and Lelouch knew that if it came to that then there would be the real possibility that they would be on the end of a losing battle and the Black Knights would be forced to pull back. If that happened any chance of capturing Cornelia would be ruined.

"Zero," Inoue contacted their leader. "Cornelia is under attack down below." She reported.

"What's that?" Lelouch asked momentarily caught off guard by the piece of information. "Which team made the move?"

"It's not our people. Looks like the JLF." Inoue explained.

'Someone else understands my intent? How excellent,' Lelouch thought a smirk spreading across his face. 'They'll hold off the Royal Guard which is just what we need.'

Tohdoh forced his Knightmare back as Guilford proved to be a difficult opponent to beat. "Damn it, he's fierce." Tohdoh muttered rethinking his strategy on how to take the black haired Britannian on.

Guilford took the opening to throw a Chaos mine into the air. The Chaos mine was cylindrical grenade like object that fired multiple bullets at almost blinding speed in a single direction with enough force behind it to tear through almost anything that got caught in its range.

"Scatter!" Tohdoh ordered the moment he saw the grenade go up into the air, so that he and his subordinates avoided the discharge.

"Lieutenant Colonel, what about Cornelia?" Urabe asked his leader. Kosetsu Urabe was a man with brown eyes and dark blue hair that stood on end and tanned skin.

"If Zero's the man I think he is, he's moving into position right now. We've got to trust him." Tohdoh declared as the Chaos mine died down and he and the Four Holy Swords moved to reengage the enemy.

"What? Zero's on the move?" Guilford asked; in order reconfirm what he was told.

"Right," Villetta answered Cornelia's Knight. "We'll keep going and come over and back you up."

"Never mind that now." Guilford told her. "Just track Zero." He ordered as his lance once more clashed with Tohdoh's chainsaw blade.

"Yes sir." The silver haired Britannian responded. "This is his projected course." Villetta added as a window appeared on one of Guilford's screens that showed the direction that Zero was currently heading in.

Guilford's eyes widened in horror when he noticed something very important, 'The princess was trying to trap Tohdoh. Now there's a Knightmare waiting for her.' Guilford thought in horror. "Princess Cornelia!" He shouted in the hope to warn the Viceroy before it was too late.

"I got the message, Guilford." Cornelia said solemnly as she stared down the Guren Mk-II.

After getting Euphemia's permission the special corps patronized by the Second Prince of Britannia moved the transport carrier that housed Lancelot to the very edge of the landslide before opening up. Once open it revealed Lancelot ready for launch with armaments attached to its feet that made its feet longer and looked like snowshoes.

"Advanced weapon system Z-€01 Lancelot," Cecile began. "Utilize sand-panels to climb liquefied slope at max combat speed and rescue the Viceroy." The blue haired woman instructed.

"Understood," Suzaku said, taking a steadying breath from within the Lancelot's cockpit, as he got Lancelot into position.

"Suzaku," Lloyd spoke up, his face appearing on one of the Lancelot's monitors. "There's one thing I want to ask you."

"What's that?" Suzaku asked curiously.

"More than anything, you hate when people die." Lloyd stated confidently, sure that he understood his creation's pilot in that regard. "Yet, you are in the military. Why is that?" He finished in mild curiosity.

"I joined the military to stop people from dying." Suzaku answered with conviction in his voice.

"And that self-contradiction will get you killed someday." Lloyd said mirthfully, as a frown appeared on Suzaku's face as Cécile grabbed the collar of Lloyd's coat and pushed him off screen, "Ugh, sorry about that." The silver haired scientist apologized hastily.

"Lancelot, now launching..." Suzaku said somberly before taking off.

"Cornelia!" Kallen shouted charging the Guren at Cornelia's custom Gloucester.

Though she was surprised by the new Knightmare Cornelia didn't let that affect her, "Lowborn scum!" The dark pink haired princess shouted, thrusting her spear at the Guren. The Guren quickly and almost effortlessly moved around the spear and got behind Cornelia's Gloucester. Seeing an opening Kallen swiped at Cornelia with the Guren's right arm only for Cornelia to move at the last second with the use of Slash Harkens, having them pierce the side of the mountain wall and pull her out of harm's way. "What's this?" Cornelia muttered to herself, her eyes wide in realization. "That's not just a customized unit." She said from up the mountain wall before her Knightmare's sensors went off indicating an attack coming from behind, causing the Viceroy of Area 11 to release the hold her Knightmare had and drop to the ground to avoid the incoming gunfire.

From on top of the mountain ledge of the pass that Cornelia and Kallen were in stood Lelouch in his Burai along with two others piloted by Ohgi and Tamaki. "Can you hear me, Cornelia?" Lelouch asked rhetorically. "This is checkmate." He declared.

"Zero," Cornelia muttered darkly throwing a heated glare in his direction.

"Yes, should we celebrate our reunion?" Lelouch asked her, a smirk on his face confident in his victory over his elder half-sister. "Of course, you'll have to surrender to us first. And after that, there are a few questions I want to ask you. And in case you are wondering, your reinforcements won't get here in time. I win, Cornelia."

"You are a fool, Zero." Cornelia stated, refusing to admit defeat, as she turned to face the Guren. "This one, if I take this one out, then I'm free and clear!" She said pointing her rifle at the red Japanese Knightmare and opened fire.

The Guren proved how agile it was by jumping out of the way of the bullets. Seeing that her initial attack failed Cornelia fired her Knightmare's Slash Harkens only for the Guren to block it with its knife blade before it was ensnared in its double pronged blade.

"You've got some moves!" Cornelia said mildly impressed launching her lance at Kallen.

Seeing the approaching lance Kallen had the Guren's right arm catch it before it could reach her and activated the Radiant Wave Surger. Cornelia watched as her lance and then right arm started bulge out strangely before she jettisoned the arm. Before the Viceroy could do anything else gunfire from behind her destroyed her gun and heavily damaging her one remaining arm, making it all but useless.

"Coward!" Cornelia shouted turning to look at Zero, "Attacking from behind!"

"Really?" Lelouch said unbothered by Cornelia's accusation. "And your own attack methods don't show acts of cowardice?" He countered.

Down below the fight between the Four Holy Swords and the Royal Guard was not going in the latter's favor as any reinforcements that they might have received had been taken out and they found themselves surrounded.

'If this goes on,' Guilford thought genuine fear appearing in his eyes, only not for his own life. 'Princess Cornelia will be...' He couldn't even finish those thoughts.

"Guilford," Cornelia's voice came over their communication system. Her voice sounding strangely resigned, not at all like her normally strong and confident self. "Guilford, my Knight, you and Darlton protect Euphie." She said issuing what she believed would be her last order.

"Your highness!" Guilford said worriedly. He couldn't accept how things were turning out, there had to be something that he could do.

"I won't surrender." Cornelia said, some of the previous strength her voice carried returning. "As an imperial princess, I'll fight to the last." The dark pink haired Second Princess of Britannia declared charging at the Guren.

"Princess Cornelia!" Guilford shouted.

"Hmph, she is so predictable." Lelouch said looking down at Cornelia unimpressed.

Suddenly the ground began to shake and rumble as one of the walls of the mountain passage began to crack before bursting open. When the dust cloud finally started to clear it revealed Lancelot with its VARIS held out in front of it.

From within the Lancelot transport carrier Cecile and Lloyd watched Suzaku's progress to reaching the Viceroy, and both would admit that the way that the Japanese pilot did it was in a way that neither of them expected.

"Oh my!" Cecile gasped in shock.

"As reckless as ever, eh?" Lloyd commented from beside her, with a black eye from the hit that his assistant had given him for his earlier comment. "He's used the VARIS to clear the obstacles in his path." He said with a smile on his face, a computer displaying exactly what Suzaku had done. These sorts of actions played a big part in why he chose Suzaku to be the one to pilot his Lancelot.

Suzaku had the Lancelot move and kneel down besides Cornelia's damaged Knightmare. "Viceroy, are you all right?" He asked the dark pink haired woman. "I came to help your Highness." He told her.

The Gloucester's head moved enough to look up at the Lancelot, "Special Core?" Cornelia asked staring at the white Knightmare in awe. "Who authorized you?"

"Hey, isn't that Knightmare...?" Tamaki began over the radio system before trailing off at the end.

"Yeah," Ohgi continued knowing what Tamaki was thinking, "The one from Shinjuku and Lake Kawaguchi."

'Again?!' Lelouch thought, staring at the white Knightmare in anger. 'It's him again?!' In his anger Lelouch opened fire on the Lancelot only to grow even more frustrated when he saw that the bullets were blocked by a translucent green shield. "Mk-II, destroy that unit immediately! It's interfered with us enough!" The black haired Britannian ordered.

"Right," Kallen replied acknowledging Zero's command and rushing the Lancelot.

Before the two Knightmares managed to meet a third one jumped down from above and getting between the two of them. Everyone was so surprised by the Knightmare Frame's sudden appearance that it took them a minute to realize that it was the Kyuubi in its fox mode. They finally broke out of their stupor when it shifted into its human mode and blades emerged from each of its tails.

'Kurama,' Lelouch thought a scowl appearing on his face, 'Why is he interfering now of all moments?' Cornelia had similar thoughts running through her mind, but she was also wondering on whose side the fox mask wearing individual was on. Kallen and the other members of the former resistance group were looking at the fox themed Knightmare in confusion unsure how to react to its sudden appearance.

"That's enough," Kurama's voice came over his Knightmare's speakers. "All this fighting must stop."

"Kurama, what an unexpected surprise," Lelouch said coolly masking the fact that he was furious. "Unfortunately we can't stop just yet. Not when Cornelia is within our grasp. Help us capture her and we can deal decisive blow against Britannia." He proclaimed, hoping to convince Kurama to join them so they can move on.

Kurama was silent for a moment before he had the Kyuubi face Lelouch completely. "Zero you were the one responsible for the landslide, weren't you?" Kurama asked his masked counterpart seriously.

The black haired former prince raised an eyebrow at the question, "Hm and if I was?" Lelouch countered.

"Do you have any idea how many people have died because of that landslide?!" Kurama demanded.

"In war some casualties are to be expected." Lelouch replied evenly. "There is nothing we can do to avoid this fact."

"They had nothing to do with this! They were innocent bystanders!" Kurama shouted angrily. "They didn't deserve to die like that!" He finished the Kyuubi shooting towards Lelouch's Burai only for the Guren to get in his way.

"Stop Kurama," Kallen yelled, feeling conflicted by the fox mask wearing individuals actions. "What are you doing?! Zero isn't the enemy here, Cornelia is!" The redhead said hoping to stop Kurama from attacking Zero.

'Seems that its Kallen piloting that thing,' Amami commented from within the seal. Naruto didn't say anything in response as he stared at the red Knightmare Frame that was standing protectively in front of the Burai piloted by Zero.

"Guren Mk-II, if Kurama refuses to work with us then he is to be considered an enemy." Lelouch stated, "Attack!" He commanded.

"But," Kallen murmured unsure.

While everyone was distracted Cornelia piloted her Gloucester towards Lelouch, rushing past the two red Knightmares. "You handle those two." Cornelia instructed, talking to Suzaku. "I'll take out Zero, and if you can capture Kurama as well." She finished as she fired her Slash Harken at the three Burai, aiming specifically for the one piloted by Lelouch.

Kallen was about to rush after Cornelia only to have the Lancelot jump and land in her way. "Fine then," Kallen muttered narrowing her eyes. "I'll make you pay for Shinjuku!" The redhead exclaimed charging the Lancelot.

Once the Guren got close enough Lancelot tried to kick it, only for its foot to be grabbed by the other Knightmare's right arm. Once the Lancelot's leg was within its grasp Kallen activated the Guren's Radiant Wave Surger. Seeing what was happening to the sand-panel Suzaku ejected it and moved back a bit. The two were forced further apart when they had to dodge the two Slash Harkens shot at them by the Kyuubi. Landing back on the ground the Lancelot threw its one remaining sand-panel at the Kyuubi while aiming its VARIS at the Guren and firing multiple times at it.

From his experience fighting it in Shinjuku and the reports he read about it afterwards Suzaku wasn't all that surprised when one of the Kyuubi's tails moved and deflected the sand-panel. What did surprise him was when the Guren avoided all of his shots. "Huh, it's as fast as the Lancelot?" Suzaku said in a bit of awe as he unsheathed one of Lancelot's swords, so far the only Knightmare that he had met that could keep up with the Lancelot had been the Kyuubi.

"If it was just him I could probably take it down." Kallen said to herself looking at the Lancelot, avoiding another barrage of bullets, before her gaze shifted towards the Kyuubi. "But if I have to fight him as well." She continued knowing that fighting Kurama at the same time would make things harder. The redhead half-Britannian's eyes widened when the Kyuubi charged at her. "Damn it."

Channeling chakra into the Kyuubi's claws Naruto swiped at the Guren with the Kyuubi's clawed hand only to be met with the Guren's knife. The two were at a deadlock for a bit, but slowly Kyuubi gained the advantage as the chakra running through its claws gave it the advantage as small cracks started to appear on the fork knife. The Kyuubi was forced to break the stalemate when the Guren shot its Slash Harken at it, and because of how close the two were to each other the tails couldn't move to block it.

Lelouch had been watching the three advanced Knightmares fight, letting Ohgi and Tamaki take on Cornelia, and noticed what had happened. 'Interesting,' Lelouch mused to himself as he kept a closer watch of the three way fight.

From a distance the Lancelot brought up its VARIS and opened fire on the other two Knightmare Frames, forcing the Kyuubi and Guren to dodge the blasts of energy like bullets, as it moved closer, its MVS sword activating turning the blade into a blood red color. Regaining its footing Naruto had the Kyuubi fire its' Slash Harkens at the white and red Knightmares, only to have one them blocked by the Lancelot's shield and the other to be caught in the Guren's fork knife. Grabbing the line of the Slash Harken with the Guren's right hand Kallen pulled the Kyuubi towards her as she activated the Radiant Wave Surger.

Naruto's eyes widened as he saw the red lighting travel up the cord before cutting it with the Kyuubi's claws and quickly shifted it into its fox mode so that he could duck under a kick from the Guren. After the Kyuubi dodged the Guren's kick it shifted back into its human mode so that the two red Knightmares were back to back to one another before it slammed its tails into the Guren.

Kallen yelled out at the force of the impact before righting the Guren as it fell placing its left hand against the ground and spun itself around and got back on its feet. Out of the corner of Kallen's eye she saw the Lancelot rushing towards her and instinctively raised the Guren's right arm to block the MVS sword. Activating the Radiant Wave Surger the Lancelot's sword was destroyed in a matter of seconds. Snapping the blade before it was completely destroyed Lancelot threw what remained at the Guren causing it to dodge. Switching the hand which held the VARIS Suzaku drew and activated his remaining MVS sword before it clashed with one of the Kyuubi's bladed tails. Disengaging Lancelot jumped into the air above Kyuubi and fired its Slash Harkens down at the fox Knightmare, which were successfully blocked by the Kyuubi's tails. Landing back on the ground Lancelot aimed its VARIS at Kyuubi and fired.

"Shit," Naruto cursed pulling the Kyuubi back as two of its bladed tails came forward to block the blast. Naruto was forced to send his and Amami's chakra into the blades when they started to crack from the power forced on them by the VARIS' blast, before thrusting its tails out dissipating the blast remnants of energy arching around it.

"Blocked?" Suzaku said in a bit of awe before refocusing. Brining its MVS sword forward Lancelot slashed at the Kyuubi its sword clashing against one of the Kyuubi's tails before it spun around attacking from a different angle only to be met with another of the Kyuubi's tails. The Kyuubi tried to slash at Lancelot with its claws only to be meet resistance in the form of the white Knightmare's shield.

Naruto's attention was drawn away from the Lancelot when the white Knightmare Frame was almost struck by a Slash Harken from the Guren. The blonde shinobi pilot fired the Kyuubi's one remaining Slash Harken at the Guren only for it to be deflected by the other Knightmare's forked knife. One of the Kyuubi's tails moved to stab the Guren Mk-II only for the Guren to sidestep the attack and then grab the offending tail with its right arm, red lighting cursing from the arm to the tail.

Seeing what was happening to one of his Knightmare's tails Naruto was forced to cut it off with the use of one of its tails, since the whisker marked teen never thought there would ever be a need to get rid of one of the Knightmare's tails. "I guess we should start calling this thing Hachibi." Naruto said jokingly.

'THIS IS NO TIME FOR JOKES!' Amami roared from within the seal, causing Naruto to wince from how loud she was screaming. 'I don't care if it is Kallen in that thing. I want her to pay!' The kitsune almost snarled out in anger, as she forcibly sent her chakra into the Kyuubi Knightmare Frame through Naruto.

'R-Right,' Naruto replied hesitatingly a sweat-drop going down the back of his head.

With Amami's chakra coursing through the Kyuubi the crimson Knightmare Frame was able to move faster and attack harder. Kallen quickly found herself on the defensive as even with one tail less the eight tailed Kyuubi was proving to be a tough opponent and slowly the Guren was suffering from more damage. The redhead tried to grab onto another of the tails with the Guren's right arm, but whenever she came close either the Kyuubi's claws or one of its tails would force her to let go.

"Is that all you've got?!" Kallen shouted undeterred by the fact that she was slowly losing ground, both figuratively and literally as the two Knightmares were now fighting near a cliff edge. Instead of continuing the onslaught like Kallen expected the Kyuubi suddenly jumped out the way, surprising the half-Britannian pilot, until she saw the Lancelot standing behind where the Kyuubi stood its VARIS raised and now aimed at her as her expression turned to one of horror for the slightest moment before a scowl replaced it. The moment that the Lancelot had fired the VARIS the Guren had already activated its Radiant Wave Surger blocking the shot before it could reach it.

"Blocked," Suzaku muttered again seeing his shot stopped for the second time that day.

For a moment Kallen had a victorious smirk on her face at having blocked the Lancelot's attack only for her to let out a gasp a second later as the cliff she was standing on gave way and she started to fall down the mountain. When she finally came to a stop Kallen was relieved to find out that she was unhurt, but also dismayed when she realized that the Guren's right arm was damaged.

"Hey, are you OK?" Ohgi asked him and Tamaki having slid down the mountainside in their Burai.

"I am," Kallen replied absently. Looking up from where she fell Kallen could just make out the Kyuubi standing at the edge of the cliff looking down at her.

"Ohgi!" Lelouch said through their communication system. "How's the Guren Mk-II?" He asked.

"The right hand is wrecked." Ohgi answered looking at how the Guren's right hand was sparking. "We've got to fix it."

That wasn't what Lelouch wanted to hear, "Retreat!" He ordered. Though he wanted to stay and capture Cornelia the black haired Britannian knew a lost cause when he saw one, and that is exactly what the battle would become if they tried to take on the Lancelot and Kyuubi without the Guren. "All Black Knights move to your escape points. This will become a war of attrition, retreat!" Lelouch repeated, having his Burai use its Slash Harken to climb over the wall of the mountain pass.

"Viceroy?" Suzaku asked questioningly, piloting the Lancelot over to where Cornelia's Gloucester kneeled while keeping a close eye on the Kyuubi encase it attacked.

"Go after Zero." Cornelia commanded shortly. She knew that if it hadn't been for the Eleven pilot or Kurama she would be either dead or captured by Zero, which of those two was worse the dark pink haired Viceroy didn't know, and that wounded her pride more than anything.

"But-" Suzaku started to protest only to be cut off by Cornelia.

"My energy filler is just drained! Go!" She ordered angrily.

Sensing her anger and knowing it was for the best for him to capture Zero Suzaku was quick to comply to Cornelia's order, "Right!" He said before taking off after the retreating leader of the Black Knights. Not noticing that at some point during his conversation with the Viceroy of Area 11 that the Kyuubi Knightmare Frame had disappeared.

"Ugh, I'm hating this retreat thing." Tamaki complained to his friends as they were making their retreat.

"We thrashed them." Ohgi said in an effort to stop Tamaki's complaining. "But if we kept pushing..." He continued tailing off at the end and letting the other two come to their own conclusions of how things would have turned out if they had continued fighting.

Before either Kallen or Tamaki could make another remark they were joined up by another member of their group.

"Hey guys, what's going on?" Nagata asked from within his own Burai. He had just managed to deal with a single enemy unit, and keep a few of the newly recruited members of the Black Knights from dying, when the call for retreat from Zero came through and it left the black haired Japanese mail curious.

"What's going on," Tamaki began sending a smirk at Nagata, not that he could see it. "Is that we are leaving the JLF back there as bait while we ran away. Not to mention that boy of yours, Kurama, just freaking attacked us. Man I knew that we couldn't trust him." Tamaki finished grumbling at the end.

Nagata's eyes widened in disbelief at the news, "What, no way?!" The black haired man said finding it hard to believe that the person who saved his life really attacked his friends.

"I hate to agree with Tamaki but," Kallen mumbled, her gaze looking back towards the place that they were leaving, in reference to the JLF and Kurama.

"I don't know what we should do about Kurama," Ohgi began. "But it would probably be a good idea to stay as far away from that guy as possible. At least for right now," He said before continuing, "As to that other thing people aren't just pieces in a chess game." The former leader of the small rebellion group claimed surely. "Zero wouldn't think like that. If he did he'd end up using us as pawns too. I don't believe he'd do that. His rage is real. He hates Britannia as much as we do. And I think a person who knows rage also knows sorrow." He finished.

At that moment Lelouch was desperately trying to escape the white Knightmare that was pursuing him. Unfortunately his efforts proved futile as the Lancelot was slowly destroying his Burai forcing him to eject, Lelouch putting his mask back on just before it happened. Emerging from the ejected cockpit Zero had a stare down with the Lancelot, managing to conceal any visible signs that he might be nervous.

"Special Core head trailer, found Zero. Going in for capture," Suzaku said, activating his headset and reporting in. 'Zero, I owe you. I know that. You've saved a lot of people. I know there're lots of Elevens supporting you from the shadows. However your methods are…very wrong,' Suzaku thought to himself as he stared at Zero through the monitor in the Lancelot and had it aim the VARIS at the masked figure, keeping Zero from moving under the threat of fire. But before Suzaku could move in for the capture, the brown haired Honorary Britannian saw as the light green haired girl from Shinjuku walked out of the surrounding forest to stand protectively in front of Zero. "That's... is that the girl from the capsule in Shinjuku?" Suzaku muttered to himself, he had only gotten to look at the girl for a few seconds before being shot and he was having a hard time remembering.

"Stop now," C.C. said in a commanding voice, moving towards the Lancelot. "Don't even think about hurting him."

"C.C.," Zero murmured the immortals name.

"She's working with Zero?" Suzaku wondered momentarily befuddled.

"Wait, what are you doing?" Zero asked as he watched C.C. move closer to the Lancelot until she could place the palm of her hand against the white Knightmare's leg. "You are challenging a Knightmare?" He would have called her stupid or crazy if he hadn't seen Kurama do something like that back on the bridge when rescuing Suzaku.

"It's a problem if you die." C.C. said calmly, "It'll be indirect contact but it's worth a try." She continued softly speaking mostly to herself as the wind blew, moving the bangs that fell over her forehead, and revealed the Geass symbol that was there, which started to glow faintly.

Close by Kurama watched the proceedings interestedly, having followed Suzaku after Zero but deciding to stay back when C.C. first appeared and then moved towards the Lancelot.

Inside the Lancelot Suzaku didn't know what was going on. One second he was looking at the girl, that he believed, was the same one that was in the capsule in Shinjuku the next images flashed through his mind, most too fast for him to register, before he appeared in a world that was solely white with the exception of a broken wall clock that was still ticking, a vase with flowers, and a man wearing a suit with his back to Suzaku. Though he couldn't see his face Suzaku instinctively knew who this man was, his image was something that Suzaku often saw haunting him constantly. Genbu Kururugi, his father. "Father," Suzaku mumbled in disbelief as his father turned to face him, not even registering the fact that he was no longer inside the Lancelot or his lack of clothing. "You're dead. That's impossible." He said in mounting horror as the man started to walk towards him. "No, I didn't mean to... No, I, I just..." The brown haired green eyed Eleven pilot continued his eyes widening fearfully.

Outside things hadn't changed at all with the exception that the Lancelot was no longer moving, with Suzaku distracted, allowing Zero to move out of the line of fire.

"Hey," Zero called walking towards C.C. "Are you using Geass on him?" He questioned her.

From his hiding place Kurama raised an unseen eyebrow in question. He knew about Lelouch possessing Geass and that C.C. had to have something similar from the energy that she constantly gave off, but he thought it was some sort of eye technique like the Sharingan. That didn't seem to be the case if C.C. was using Geass. 'Does that mean that there are different types of Geass?' Kurama wondered, 'If that's the case would I be protected against them?' His Sharingan along with Amami's presence stopped Lelouch's Geass from working on him, but if their other kinds who knew how they worked and if they worked on him.

"I'm just feeding him some shock images. I can't tell what he's seeing, though." C.C. answered him keeping her attention focused solely on the Knightmare in front of her. "Anyway, you've got time to get away now." The immortal told him.

"What about you?" Zero asked stopping right behind her.

"I can't move yet. You go first." She replied.

"Don't be foolish." Zero said dismissing her suggestion. "I can't keep' owing you favors." He finished placing his hand on C.C.'s shoulder. The moment he did Zero felt something happening to him that he couldn't really explain.

"No, not now!" C.C. shouted in actual panic once she felt Lelouch place his hand on her.

Kurama suddenly felt the power coming from C.C. started spike erratically and knew that he had to intervene in whatever was happening. Without a moment's hesitation Kurama dashed towards them.

In the few seconds that it took Kurama to reach them Lelouch was experiencing something he had only experienced once before, when he first received his Geass from C.C. "What? This is different." Lelouch mumbled seeing images that he had never seen before. "That's..."

"Stop, stop it!" C.C. screamed feeling Lelouch unintentionally delving into her memories. The next second Kurama appeared next to them, and not knowing what was going on tried to separate them from each other. "NO!"

The few seconds that it took Kurama to separate Zero from C.C. might as well have been a life time as he feel under the same effects as Zero. From within the seal Amami could feel a link being established between her former container, C.C., Zero, and Suzaku and could even feel herself being affected by it slightly. From what she could tell whatever the link was would be destroyed the moment that contact was broken as it wasn't all that stable to begin with.

Kurama blinked as he began to see images of people throwing rocks at a building with the same symbol as Lelouch's Geass, a woman dressed as a nun and the same symbol on her forehead. Kurama also briefly saw C.C. as a child before he was overwhelmed by the images of death and destruction.

"Stay out of my mind. Stop it. You're unveiling me." C.C. pleaded as tears slid down her face, the memories resurfacing in her mind as well. Then something changed and she was no longer reliving her own memories as, unknown to her, the connection that was established between her and Kurama with the influence of Amami's chakra started to show her Naruto's childhood. She saw a malnourished blonde child being mistreated by the matrons of the orphanage before being thrown out, a child no older than six digging through the garbage in the search for food, being ignored by everyone and being treated as if he didn't exist, a crying child wondering why he felt all alone although he was surrounded by people. A lonely childhood without friends, on the verge of being attacked by villagers, and ignored by everyone as a shadow loomed over him in the shape of a nine tailed fox.

Then the memories changed gradually they got better as the blonde child grew up. He met people who cared for his wellbeing, people he could trust. An old man with a goatee, a father and daughter who ran a small ramen stand, a teacher with a scar across his face followed by others, children his own age that he could call comrades and friends, a red haired boy that he could truly connect with. C.C. saw an old super pervert, a blonde woman who had a serious drinking problem and accepting how old she really was, a black haired woman holding a pig and fretting over the other woman. A boy with black hair in the shape of a duck's ass appeared next, his eyes changing from black to the Sharingan, before his entire appearance changed into what C.C. would loosely describe as a vampire. The last thing that C.C. saw was a massive nine tailed fox that took the form of a red haired woman with the same eyes as the fox that seemed to be looking at her with a smile on her face.

For a second, maybe even less than that, Naruto, Lelouch, and Suzaku' found themselves facing each other, later on they would not remember seeing each other. Then the last things they saw and heard were shadows of people, black smoke in the shape of skulls, and anguished screaming. Once that second passed Kurama managed to push Zero away from C.C. unintentionally causing the other masked figure to fall over and knock his head on the ground. His helmet protected him for the most part, but the impact still caused him to pass out.

"I had to do it!" Suzaku screamed as he lost all control and had the Lancelot start firing randomly.

"What's going on?!" Kurama asked, trying to evade all the debris that was being kicked up because of the Lancelot's VARIS, "What's happening to him?!"

"I-Idiot," C.C. said shakily, still recovering from what she saw. "We have to get away now!" She shouted only to be pelted by rocks that pierced into her body.

"C.C.," Naruto said concernedly seeing the light green haired girl fall over. "Shit." He cursed before creating a couple of Shadow clones to carry Lelouch and C.C. as he summoned Akashini. While his two clones beat a hasty retreat Kurama moved towards the out of control Lancelot, dodging blasts from the VARIS and the rocks it kicked up, those he couldn't dodge being cut down by Akashini. Adding wind chakra into his mother's sword, extending the blade, Kurama slashed at the Lancelot's arm that held the VARIS. The wind enhanced blade easily cut through the Lancelot's arm and causing it to fall to the ground along with the VARIS. While unarmed, literally speaking, the Lancelot was still flaying about wildly. Kurama thought about trying to stop the Knightmare but ultimately decided to leave it up to military while he checked up on C.C. and Lelouch, as he took off in the direction that his clones had gone in.

When the Black Knights pulled back it left the surviving forces of the JLF and Britannian military on much more equal footing. No longer being overwhelmed Guilford and his unit managed to break away from Tohdoh and the JLF forces.

"Don't follow!" Tohdoh commanded his subordinates, staring at the retreating Britannian forces seriously. "I have no idea what Zero is trying to do now. Our only course of action is to get to the General and get him out of here."

"Your Highness, I'll be right there." Guilford said as he hurriedly made his way to Cornelia's location. During his battle with Tohdoh his Gloucester had taken some damage, no longer having the cape that the Royal Guard's Knightmare's wore and also missing an arm.

"Guilford," Cornelia responded her voice sounding subdued and slightly resigned. "Relay this message to all units. Prepare to retreat." She continued, "There's no reason to waste the lives of any more of my men. Stay in formation and fall back cautiously." The dark pink haired princess instructed before letting out a light sigh. "We have to face facts. We've been defeated this time." She finished solemnly.

Once word reached the Black Knights about the Britannian military retreating they all started to cheer, seeing it as their victory, as the sun began to set.

"You see," Tamaki began a smirk on his face. "Britannia sure had its hands full just dealing with the Liberation Front." He said proudly.

"Yeah," Ohgi agreed, sounding a little more relived then his friend. "That gave us the chance we needed to escape."

"Hey," Kallen spoke up drawing Ohgi's attention to her, as she stood on the Guren with her Black Knights coat around her shoulders. "Where's Zero?" She asked, "I can't raise his Burai. You don't think he's been captured, do you?" The redhead finished. With the way the day turned out their leader being captured seemed like real possibility at the moment.

Once Cornelia managed to return to her transport carrier the Second Princess of Britannia had Guilford inform her of how the disastrous battle turned out, "So Zero escaped again." She said focusing on one of the most important, in her opinion, details of the report.

Guilford nodded his head before continuing with the report. "The Japan Liberation Front hammered our defenses and he slipped away in the confusion." He informed her, walking slightly behind the Viceroy.

"Despicable." Cornelia muttered, "Using someone else to cover his movements." She said before remembering something, "Oh, what about Kururugi?" The Viceroy asked about the one that ended up helping rescue her from Zero and the Black Knights.

"He is safe now." Guilford answered. "We had to wait till his energy filler ran out to finally stop him." The long black haired Britannian stated.

"Stop him? From what?" Cornelia asked somewhat curious. "Was there a problem with his unit?"

"Apparently, it was going berserk." Guilford said before continuing. "Not only that but it appears that one of the Knightmare's arms was sliced completely off.

"Is that so," Cornelia murmured, "A failure unworthy of my older brother's forces." She said before continuing to walk down the hall of her personal transport carrier.

After dealing with the Lancelot, Naruto managed to meet up with his clones in a nearby cave that they had taken C.C. and Lelouch before taking a look at their injuries. Lelouch was simply unconscious and at worst would wake up with a headache and was left resting on the ground a short distance away. C.C. was another matter. The light green haired girl had several rock fragments pierced into her body, so Amami had to come out of the seal to help treat her. Now Naruto was thinking over the recent discoveries that Amami and he had made while taking care of her.

'With all the power that she seems to possess and continuously emits,' Amami began back within the seal. 'And how quickly she heals,' She continued referring how after removing the shrapnel from C.C.'s body it started healing on its own almost instantaneously, and was completely healed after a couple of minutes. 'It would probably be easier to consider her a pseudo Bijuu, or a Jinchuuriki who is attuned with their Bijuu, any other human would have been much more serious condition.' Amami finished giving her thoughts on C.C.

Naruto remained silent for a while, while he looked down at the girl lying before him, her heading resting on her white jumpsuit while her body was covered by his cloak. His mind was filled completely with thoughts of the mysterious girl, the brief flashes he saw of her past to jumbled up to make much sense of but there was no way to deny the pain and loneliness that he felt coming from her when the link was established. Then there was the scar on the left side of her chest. While Amami was the one to treat C.C. the vixen had no problem stripping the unconscious girl of her clothes in front of her former Jinchuuriki, so Naruto got a clear, brief, view of C.C.'s naked body. From what the blonde could remember, and as ashamed as he was to admit it Naruto could remember it very clearly, of C.C.'s creamy white skin it was completely unblemished with the exception of that one scar.

Naruto wondered, with all the similarities that seemed to exist between them, if the one flaw on her otherwise perfectly soft looking skin was given to her by someone she cared a great deal about. Like the scar he received from Sasuke back at the Valley of the End from when the Uchiha shoved a Chidori through his chest. The only reason that Kallen and Lelouch hadn't seen it back when he and Kallen had first joined the Student Council was because he had hidden it with a minor genjutsu that only lasted long enough for the blonde shinobi to put on his shirt. If he hadn't hidden it Naruto was sure that Kallen and Lelouch would have asked him about it relentlessly.

Naruto was brought out of his thoughts when he heard C.C. mumbling something in her sleep. Moving in a bit closer the cerulean eyed teen channeled some chakra into his ears so that he could hear her better.


"You finally called me, by my real name." C.C. said in her sleep a smile appearing on her face.

Naruto sat back a feeling guilt overcoming him. 'Her real name,' Naruto thought, cutting off the flow of chakra. From Amami he had learned just how special a person's name could be to someone, so for him to unintentionally learn her name when she hadn't given it before made Naruto feel like he had done something wrong by hearing her say it in her sleep. It seemed like another point that C.C. had in common with the Bijuu as Amami had told him that her siblings also had real names that they only gave to those who they truly trusted, of course she refused to tell him what their names were.

Looking at the mysterious girl Naruto decided to come clean about what he learned once she woke up. He didn't have to wait long as a few minutes later C.C. started to stir awake.

"Finally awake I see," Kurama commented lightly as he saw her sit up. "You shouldn't move around too much." He advised. "The shrapnel was just removed from your body."

"That wasn't necessary." C.C. said evenly, ignoring Kurama's advice and using his cloak to cover herself, as she looked off to the side to see Lelouch on the ground.

"Yeah I noticed." Kurama said nodding his head in agreement. "And don't worry about him he's just unconscious." He reassured her, noticing the direction that C.C. was looking at.

"All of you are exactly alike." C.C. said offhandedly. "You people with Hero Complexes, always wanting to save the damsel. Were you expecting some kind of reward?" She asked him.

"Not at all," Kurama replied simply, sitting down across from her cross-legged and his head resting on the palm of his hand.

C.C. was taken aback by Naruto's honest answer. "Then why?" She asked, still not all that convinced that this wasn't all a part of a plan that the blonde had come up with to obtain Geass or some kind of leverage on her.

Kurama tilted his head to the side slightly, an action that reminded C.C. of when he did something similar on the roof of the Student Council building, "Why do I need a reason to do the right thing?" He asked her back.

C.C. stared at him for a moment before shaking her head slightly and letting out a sigh. "You really are an idiot." She said.

Kurama just grinned at her, "So I've been told." He replied in a cheerful tone before growing somber. "There is something that I need to tell you." Kurama said seriously.

The sudden change in attitude piqued C.C.'s interest. "What is it?" She asked somewhat curiously.

Kurama removed his mask, feeling that this was something that he had to do face to face, before taking a deep breath and letting it out as he looked C.C. in the eye.


C.C.'s eyes widened in surprise at what came out of Naruto's mouth before they narrowed into a glare, "You have a bad habit of eavesdropping." She accused him.

"I'm sorry," Naruto apologized honestly. "But it's a nice name..." He complimented her.


C.C. blushed' just the lightest bit at the way that Naruto said her name as she tried to regain composure. "Is that supposed to be a joke?" C.C. asked, managing to suppress her blush. "Like I would care about something like that. After all, I-I...I've forgotten everything, every single thing." The light green haired girl continued her voice quivering as she went on, and as Naruto looked at her intently. "So what's the use of it? A name? But why...?" She wondered tears actually sliding down her face.

Naruto instinctively reached out and wiped away C.C.'s tears, drawing the girl's attention back to him to see him smiling gently at her and completely ensnaring her in his gentle gaze. "It's proof that we exist." Naruto started, pulling his hand back but keeping his gaze focused on her, "A way to acknowledge who we are to the world. Those who use titles or fake names to identify themselves forget who they are, their hopes, and their dreams. They might become a symbol or an ideal to the people around them, but no one will ever really know them." He continued as he held up his mask, his gaze shifting from C.C. to stare at it. "This mask is an example of that. No matter how well people think they know Kurama, what he stands for, they would never be able to understand me and how I feel." The blonde shinobi said his attention returning back to C.C. "But now I can see you, not C.C. the mysterious girl with the abnormal healing ability, but the girl who has known a lot of pain, sadness, and loneliness. No matter what happens in the future from this point on I won't forget or deny who you really are. You won't have to be alone, if you feel like you're not strong enough to face the world then I'll be there whenever you need me to lend you my strength." Naruto finished.

C.C. was touched by the sincerity in Naruto's voice, as he looked at her caringly, promising an end to some of her troubles as her cheeks reddened slightly and more tears slid down her face before they were wiped away. "Well then, can you do me a favor?" She asked him.

"Uh sure," Naruto replied, a little surprised she would ask him something straight away.

"Then can you say it again like you did before. Just once with tenderness like you treasure it in your heart." She requested looking at Naruto hopefully.

Naruto nodded his head once, if he was going to grant her request then the blonde shinobi decided to do it to the best of his ability. Moving a bit closer to her Naruto placed the palm of his hand against her cheek again, an action that took C.C. by surprise, before he took a steadying breath and looked at the light green haired girl softly. "Cera," Naruto said gently. For a moment two sat in silence the only sound that could be heard was the dripping of water that echoed around them. "How was that?" The cerulean eyed pilot eventually asked.

"I-I-It, it was nice." Cera stuttered out softly. The way he said it, the tenderness and compassion he managed to convey in his voice, she had never heard anyone else say it like that. That along with his actions beforehand had almost made it seem like they were lovers who truly loved and cared for one another. It made her heart beat just the littlest bit faster.

"I'm glad," Naruto said back with his usual fox like grin appearing on his face, before a bashful look appeared on his face. "You might want to get dressed now." He commented a blush spreading across his face as he finally remembered that the girl was naked beneath his cloak. "You can keep my cloak on; your clothes were damaged from the debris that hit you. The top half is all torn." The blonde shinobi explained, making it clear why she'd need to wear his cloak.

After Cera redressed herself, and Naruto complimented her on how she looked while wearing his Akatsuki cloak, the two waited in mutual silence. As they also waited for the third member of their little regain consciousness, after Naruto had put back on his mask and promised Cera not to call her by her real name until she gave him permission to use it. When Zero first regained consciousness and saw Kurama there he instinctively reached for his gun to defend himself only for him to discover it missing, taken by Kurama while he was still unconscious. Kurama proceeded to reassure his masked counterpart that he didn't mean him any harm, a fact that Zero wearily accepted since he wasn't dead, tied up, or the Britannian military's custody. Though Zero didn't like the fact that C.C. and Kurama had time to themselves' to talk while he had been unconscious. Using his cell Zero was able to call Kallen and give her their coordinates so that she could come get them.

"Looks like our ride's here." Zero said coolly, hearing the Guren come to a stop outside the cave and someone running inside.

"Zero, are you OK?" Kallen asked appearing a few seconds later. "The others went on ahead and… you!" She shouted once she caught sight of Kurama and immediately got into a defensive stance. "What are you doing here?!" She demanded glaring at Kurama a sense of betrayal welling up inside her. Something moving behind the two mask wearing individuals drew Kallen's attention away from Kurama only to see C.C. standing behind them wearing Kurama's cloak over her white jumpsuit. 'It's that girl again?' She thought.

"Don't worry," Kurama said dismissing Kallen's show of aggression towards him.

"Don't worry?!" Kallen repeated, "You tried to attack Zero!" She accused him.

"There has been enough fighting today." He continued as he walked away from Zero and C.C. and passed the redhead. "I only stuck around to make sure nothing else happened." The blonde assured her before coming to a stop behind her, "Until next time, C.C." Kurama said before disappearing, leaving behind two people who were wondering just how well the last remaining person knew the mysterious fox that had just left.

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