Animal – Ellie Goulding

There was a loud scream of metal against metal as she was pressed to the cold, hard ground. Her vision was obscured by the shower of bright blue sparks, and she lay limp, her face expressionless. It was like a constant back-and-forth, in a way. Soon it would be her opponent's turn to lie so uselessly, frail as a doll. And as she lifted one gloved hand, the familiar gunmetal black of her weapon formed around her clenched fist. With one mighty shove, she pushed her opponent off of her, and now the other girl was on the defensive, dodging heavy blows and fiery blue bullets. There was almost complete silence, other than the ear-bursting cracks of metal at war.

Girl with One Eye – Florence + The Machine

The blades of the silver scissors worked perfectly together; they always came together at the middle, always came back together again, repeated this ad nauseum. Yomi was fascinated just watching it. Tiny strands of her hair lie on the desk table next to the window, where she sat, snipping away. The hairs curled inward slightly, as if they were in fetal position, trying to curve away from the harshness of reality and recede into their own world. Maybe Yomi was overthinking it, but it seemed very poetic to her. She couldn't stop cutting. When she was done with her hair, it was curtains. When she was done with that, it was sheets. She even sawed ineffectively at the wood of her desk; it left ribe cage white marks, and she was oddly captivated by them.

Between Two Lungs – Florence + the Machine

Mato lay with blue eyes open, hugging her pillow to her chest. She really, really didn't want to go back to sleep.

Who are those girls?

One almost…almost…looked like Yomi. Her Tiny Bird, Yuu would say.

Yomi…is there something you're not telling me? The memory of the still bleeding, heart-shaped scar on the chest of the girl in her dream still rang through her mind, creating quite the clamor. She couldn't stop thinking about it no matter how hard she tried.

Another person did that, she thought. And then, with an almost electric jolt in her heart, she added, was it Yomi? Did Yomi do that to herself?

Part of her wanted to be bitter about the festival, but she couldn't deny being very, very worried for her friend. Her Tiny Bird.

Everybody's Fool – Evanescence

Kagari's wispy blond locks blocked Yomi's vision of the TV. Not that she particularly wanted to see what was on; judging by her friend's laughter, it was something very violent.

At Kagari's behest, Yomi was combing through said girl's hair with her fingers. The strange task at least served to hide her shaking fingers. Nowadays, Kagari made her very, very nervous. It had all started with Mato, really. Yomi's lower lip wobbled dangerously, and her hand combed once more through Kagari's hair before dropping to her side.

Kagari turned around, honey-colored eyes wide and almost innocent, but Yomi knew better.

The girl blinked twice, and then said just two words. "You mustn't."

"I know."

A/N: These definitely aren't my best work, but I think I did a decent enough job, considering I only had three minutes to write each drabble. iPod challenges definitely aren't my thing…but I had fun. This definitely won't be fun to read, though. I apologize in advance if you're plodding through this right now XD.

Oh, and:

First one: BRS vs. Chariot….from my memory X_x

Second one: Broken Yomi cutting up her room. This one is my least favorite.

Third one: Mato after the festival and her BRS vs Chariot vs. DM dream.

Fourth one: Completely fictional, but set somewhere in the episode one and two range.