A Chaotic Christmas

Hey! I couldn't wait much longer to write this fanfic! So this is the sequel to 'Birthday Surprise'. I have started planning the sequel to this already! I will write the sequel to 'Friend or Betrayer?' but like I said, I couldn't wait to write this one! It's based around Christmas but it isn't long if you think about it! Another 6 months basically! Please read and review!

Chapter 1

Amy and Ty were in the barn with the new horse, Alano. His name was Spanish for handsome and Amy thought that was so true!

He had been bought to Heartland that day with a fear of men and he made that crystal clear when he had lashed out at the sight of Ty, Jack and Peter but was fine with Amy, Lou and Malory! Amy guessed he had been abused by men. He was fine with ladies but not with men and he had scars which proved he had been abused.

Ty was stood outside Harley's stall and Amy was outside Alano's stall. They decided that maybe if Ty proved he was nice to another horse then Alano might start trusting him. They also decided that Ty would also spend time either outside Alano's stall or the pasture, wherever Alano was. After a while, Amy decided to leave it at that. Ty nodded and walked out of Harley's stall. They quickly fed the horses and then walked up to the house together. Amy walked closer to Ty as he put his arm around her slim waist and pulled her close to him.

Ty had proposed to Amy on her birthday and she was so glad he did! She was dying to get married, especially to Ty! Amy had decided that Ty was the sweetest, handsomest, cutest guy she had ever met and they were perfect for each other! She grinned as she flashed back to the moment.

When they got to the house, Lou pulled Amy aside. Amy smiled apologetically at Ty as he carried into the living room. "What do you want, Lou?" Amy asked.

"Well, I was thinking we need to plan the wedding soon!" Lou answered. Amy grinned at her sister. She knew Lou was dying to start planning it!

"Do we have to do it RIGHT now? I mean, we still have to talk to Ty about where it will be, the date of it and other stuff like that and the barns are pretty much full! And you promised you wouldn't be a control freak about all of this!" Amy said.

"I just wanted to know when you were planning on starting!" Lou said, looking at her sister.

She was so proud of her. She knew how much Ty and Amy loved each other and knew how perfect they were for each other! She trusted Ty and knew he would take great care of Amy.

"I know and we will start soon! I promise." Amy said, walking into the living room. She found Ty curled up on a one-seated chair and went over to him. He moved up for her and she curled up next to him. He put his arm around her and Amy relaxed into Ty's strong, warm touch. She snuggled into him and was soon asleep. After a while, everyone had gone to bed so it was just Amy and Ty. Ty smiled down at Amy who was still snuggled into his side. He sat there for a while longer and then got up. He picked her up and carried her to her room. He put her on her bed and pulled the covers tightly over her. It was freezing and he was dreading going to his room. The loft in the barn!

He grabbed his boots and coats and opened the door. He locked it behind him. He walked quickly to the barn. When he got in the barn, he went to the loft and took off his coat. He decided to check on the horses. When he got to Alano's stall, he stopped outside it. He watched for a while and then walked away.

The next morning, he woke up to the sound of chores being done. He looked at his clock in alarm. He had slept right through his alarm and was now over an hour late. He grabbed his clothes and shoved them on. He walked down the steps and into the barn to find the feeds already done and Amy was about to take Beatriz for a ride.

"Hey Ty! Decided to wake up, did we?" Amy asked playfully.

"Sorry!" Ty apologised. He looked at Beatriz as she whinnied at him. He walked over to her and patted her neck.

Beatriz had been a wild horse that got sent to Heartland as an adoption horse. Amy had built such a bond with her that he couldn't bear to see them parted so he got Mrs. Ansten, the lady who bought Beatriz to Heartland, to take Beatriz and then Ty could give Amy Beatriz as a surprise birthday present. And so he did and Beatriz was now Amy's.

"I was going out for a ride. Do you want to come?" Amy asked as she led Beatriz out the barn.

"Sure. Give me a minute!" Ty said and disappeared into the barn. A few minutes later, he was leading Harley out of the barn and they were trotting towards the trails to the lake. Amy and Ty's favourite place and the place Ty had proposed to Amy. When they got back, Amy and Ty decided to do some work with Alano. Amy led him out to the pasture and then Ty came out of the barn and walked over to the fence. Amy walked out of the pasture and over to Ty. They leaned against the fence and watched. Ty's arm around Amy. Amy called Alano and he obediently turned around and then he saw Ty. He started galloping around the pasture looking for a way out and to get as far away from that evil type of human as he could. Amy and Ty decided to walk away. Alano looked after them. He liked the female but not the male. Maybe he'd have to like the male to get the female. No way! He'd never trust another male again! He'd just have to live without her.

They walked into the house and up to Amy's room. They sat and talked about Alano for a bit and then they went downstairs for supper. They walked out to check on the horses and feed them.

"It's freezing!" Amy said as they got back into the house. They took their coats and boots off and walked into the living room. Amy then realised Ty has to sleep in the loft in the barn!

"Ty. Can I speak to you in the kitchen?" Amy asked. Ty nodded so they got up and walked to the kitchen. Amy was so nervous about what she was going to do.

"Um, Ty. I'm not really sure if you'd want too or not..." Amy was starting to get hot, "and I understand if you don't want to..." Amy was nervous so much, she felt like she might pass out! "but it's really cold and we are getting married soon..." Ty raised a questioning eyebrow at her. "basically, do you want to come and sleep in my room with me?"