Chapter 16

Hey. Here's Ty's pov of chapter 15.

I was so excited! It was Christmas day tomorrow and I was allowed to go home. I got to go back to Heartland and see Amy and all the horses again. I glanced over at my phone.

I had called Amy loads already. I wish she would hurry up and get here. She said they, apparently, have a pregnant mare which can't be left. I didn't believe her since I could hear the fact she was lying in her voice but I decided not to push it any further and I let it go.

I grabbed my phone and punched in her number before I even had a chance to realise what I was doing. I put the phone to my ear. After 2 rings, she picked up.

"Hey I." she sighed.

"Hey Ames. Are they back yet?" I asked.

"Not yet. Lou called 5 minutes ago saying she'd be 5 minutes. Oh look. There she is now. I'll be there in about 30 minutes." Amy replied.

"OK. Don't take to long. Tell Lou I say hi." I said.

"OK. I love you. See you in a bit." Amy said. I heard her start walking.

"Love you too. Bye." I said. I waited for her to hang up and put my phone down.

I must have drifted to sleep because I woke up and looked at my phone. Only 20 minutes had passed. I sighed. I grabbed my phone and flicked through my games, looking for something to do. I ended up playing some bowling. It got boring but it did pass the time. I looked and saw 10 minutes had passed. Amy still hadn't got here. I sighed and led back.

10 minutes passed and Amy finally came in. I looked at her as she sat down.

"That wasn't 30 minutes. It was more like 40." I said, grinning at her.

"sorry. I had to catch Lou up on the pregnant mare" Amy tried explaining. I didn't believe her but I decided not to ask what she was really doing.

"OK. I can't wait for tomorrow." I said. Amy stayed quiet for a while, pretending to think. I could tell she was pretending, she made it really obvious.

"Why? It's Christmas day tomorrow which is good and there's something else. What is it? Ummmm. What could it be?" she finally said. I leaned over and playfully smacked her on the arm. Amy tried to look offended which failed because she was laughing.

"How could you smack a girl?" she asked.

"Do you want me to show you again?" I asked, playfully.

"Not really. OH! That's it! Your coming home. How could I forget?" Amy pretended to remember.

"Oh. How could you forget?" I asked, teasingly. We chatted and teased each other for ages.

"you look so much better then you did when I saw you for the first time after you had been shot." Amy said, smiling at me.

"Oh, thanks" I said sarcastically, grinning back at her.

"You know, I can't wait for tomorrow. Not because it's Christmas but because I get my I at home with me again." she said smiling at me. I smiled softly back at her.

"And I can't wait to get home and have my Amy with me again." I sighed. It was really boring not being at Heartland with the horses and, of course, Amy.

"And I have 2 brilliant presents for you!" Amy said, smiling secretively.

"Awww. Please tell me what they are. I haven't got you much to surprise you with." I tried pleading. She had been saying she had 2 great presents for ages and I've tried everything but she won't break! It's not fair.

"I'm not going to tell you what they are and you gave me an early Christmas present." Amy said.

"And, what was that?" I asked, slightly confused.

"You waking up." Amy replied, softly. We smiled at each other and Amy leaned towards me. We kissed. The kiss lasted for quite a while.

"Do you know what time you can go tomorrow?" Amy asked. I shook his head as I felt a wave of tiredness come over me. I felt her stroke my hand softly as I fell asleep.

I woke up really early. I looked at my phone and groaned. 5:30. Amy wouldn't be here for another hour. She surprised me though. Half an hour later she came.

"Merry Christmas!" she said.

"Merry Christmas to you too!" I said back. Amy walked over to his bed and gave him a kiss.

"Have you had breakfast?" I asked her.

"Yeah. I had a piece of toast."

"It's Christmas and you had a piece of toast?" I asked, surprised but not surprised at the same time.

"Yep. I wanted to get here as fast as I could and a proper breakfast would've taken too long to cook." she explained. I suppose she was right but I still wasn't happy she hadn't had a proper breakfast. I decided I'd offer her some of mine. Then I remembered that I didn't know what time I could go. I asked her, hoping she had asked Doctor Binsten. It turned out I could leave at 8.00am. It was 6.30 then.

"There's still an hour and a half." I groaned.

"Not so bad when I'm here though, is it?"

"No. I'm just lucky to have someone like you who visits early and stays for ages. How long did you stay here last night?" I asked again.

"9.00pm." Amy answered like it was no big deal.

"Lou must've been worried sick." I gasped.

"no. I walked in to see her asleep on the sofa!" Amy laughed.

"But you spent the whole of Christmas eve here rather then with your family." I said. I should've expected what she said next.

"1. you are family, and 2. I've spent plenty of Christmas eves with them and I didn't want to leave you to lay here alone. They had each other." Amy said. I grinned at her.

"your the best, you know that?" I asked.

"your better." Amy smiled. We kissed but not for very long because we were, once again, interrupted by a nurse. A different one again. We've been interrupted by so many nurses and they've all been different. Most of the nurses must have seen us kissing by now.

"You ready for the big Christmas breakfast?" she asked.

"Yep." I answered, grinning. The nurse soon bought in a plate of food and left.

"That's a lot." Amy said, glancing at the plate and then looking back at her.

"yeah." I agreed. "here. Have a sausage, an egg and a piece of bacon."

"no thanks, Ty. You enjoy it." she said. I wouldn't let her refuse it though.

"I can't enjoy it with you not eating anything." I said, knowing that would win her over. Amy gave in and started eating. She had just finished eating when her phone started ringing. She tried to ignore it but I stopped her. I told her to answer it so she slipped it out of her pocket. It turned out it was Lou.

They had a quick conversation about the 'pregnant mare' which sounded a bit more like a baby, according to their conversation, and hung up. Amy slid her phone back into her pocket, not picking up that I had found that quite an interesting conversation. Thank goodness! I smiled at her to make sure she didn't pick up on anything. She smiled back.

It was 7.15 by the time I had finished and the nurse had taken the plates away. I moved over the bed and gestured Amy to sit on the side of it.

"What about a special Christmas kiss?" I asked, playfully as she sat on the side of the bed. Amy leaned forward and put her lips to mine.

We kissed for ages. It came to an abrupt stop when we heard the door open and close. We quickly pulled apart and looked at the door.

"Sorry to interrupt. I was just going to check on Ty."

After a few minutes, I had been checked and was dressed in my clothes that Amy had bought for me to change into. They felt so much nicer and soon enough, after ages of waiting and sitting around, it was 8.00 am and we were in the truck, Amy driving with me sat beside her.

"Oh, I can't wait to get home." I sighed. The road seemed to stretch forever.

"yeah. Your going to love my two presents for you." Amy said, knowing I would start pleading. She seemed to love it when I was pleading!

"What are they?" I tried asking again.

"I can't tell you. Be patient." Amy said, grinning. I looked at her. "And just looking at me isn't gonna help." she added. I looked away and glared at the floor of the truck. I saw her grin out the corner of my eye.

Soon they were back at home. Amy got out and walked around to the other side to help me out. We walked into the house and to the living room.

There was a massive shout of,


pretty much everyone was there and I knew this was Amy's idea. When I asked, she only said maybe but I know she did by the twinkle in the eyes.

"Did you set this up?" I asked Amy. She grabbed my arm and pulled me to the barn. She pulled me to Alano's stall and handed my some papers. I scanned over them. Adoption owner papers for Alano.

"Wow. When you said you thought of the perfect person to be his adoption owner, I didn't think you meant me." I said.

"So you heard all that?" she asked, her voice slightly surprised.

"Yep. Thank you, Ames." I whispered.

"I thought, since you got me Beatriz, I'd owe you back by giving you Alano." Amy explained. "Do you want to see Harley while we're down here?" she asked.

"Sure." I said. Amy, once again, grabbed my arm and dragged me to Harley's stall.

"Harley. Hey boy. Look who I've found." she murmured. Harley turned to look at us. He looked at Amy and whinnied and then he saw me and whinnied 10 times louder.

"See. I told you he missed you." Amy said and Harley walked over and started nuzzling me like mad. I patted his neck.

"So I can see."

"Do you want to go and find your massive present?"

"Yep." I replied and followed her. She stopped on the porch.

"Wait here." she said and walked inside. I saw her walk into the living room. And then she walked upstairs. I decided to sit on the bench that was on the porch.

About 20 minutes later, she came back out, cradling a bundle of blankets. That's all I could see until she pulled the blankets down slightly to show a baby.

"Sorry that took so long. Meet the pregnant mare. Ty, meet Maddie." I remembered we were talking about baby names one night and I said I liked the name Maddie.

"Maddie, meet daddy." she continued. I quickly looked at her. "Yeah. I lied about the pregnant mare. I wanted to keep her a secret until today, your homecoming and Christmas present!"

"So, I'm a dad?" he asked. Amy burst out laughing.

"No. I just said 'Maddie, meet daddy' for the fun of it." Amy said sarcastically. She laughed again at my shocked face. "Come on. I'll explain." she said, holding Maddie with one arm and slipping her free hand into mine. We walked into the living room where everyone had gone so it was just me and her. She started explaining.

"The morning you got shot, I realised I was pregnant. I kept having the same thought of, 'What if I'm pregnant because we sleep together?' and then, that morning, I realised I was 4 months and 2 weeks late. I tried a pregnancy test and it was positive. I came out to tell you but then I saw Kit, Chase and Spartan which was when I yelled Spartan. Then you came out and you got shot and I never got to tell you. I had her 8 days ago." Amy explained, handing Maddie over to me. I took her and saw Amy watching me in surprise. She must have picked upon my 'expertise' as she called it.

"I chose the name Maddie for you and then I chose her middle name to be Marion. I hope you don't mind." she said.

"I don't mind at all." I said softly, leaning down and kissing her. She smiled up at me. We decided to go back out to the porch to sit and watch the horses graze and the sun set.

"I didn't get you anything like this." I said, feeling bad. She asked why.

"because I was in hospital." I said, miserably.

"and that wasn't your fault." she said, softly. She looked up at me, her stormy grey eyes meeting my emerald ones.

"I suppose." I answered after a while. I was still upset I hadn't got her anything.

"And besides you gave me something 100 times better than any of the presents I got you." she said, surprising me. I had no idea what she was going to say next.

"And what was that?" I asked, looking down at Amy.

She leaned against my side and I leaned down and kissed the top of her head. She sighed in content and looked up at me. I leaned down towards her and our lips locked. We stayed like that for what felt like forever to me and I could tell it felt the same for Amy. We soon stopped, both of us breathing very heavy, and looked out over the ranch, I was still cradling little Maddie. She stayed quiet for a minute before whispering,

"You came back to me."

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