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Introduction Arc - Chapter 1 : A Day at the Academy

The breezing wind flowed through the wooded forest swaying the trees and flittering the leaves. In an unofficial circular area lay several bulls eye targets attached to the trunks with kunai knives almost perfectly directed dead in the center. Littered around the area are several targets on the ground, on tree trunks, tree branches, rocks, almost anything that you stick them on to, each one with several kunai impossibly all converging in the middle. Almost all of them dead on...key word, 'almost'.

The blond haired young boy sat with his hands interlocked and feet crossed in a meditative position with a leaf seemingly defying gravity as it attached perfectly to the middle of his forehead. The young boy controlling his breathing as he carefully and articulately placed a small amount of chakra on his forehead, outlining the leaf. A simple chakra control exercise that you learn in the academy whose secret purpose was to teach concentration. And it worked. For an academy student to keep a leaf, with almost no weight, balanced on your forehead without actually moving your head took a lot of concentration to focus the right proportion of chakra on that small space.

After hours upon hours of kunai training his body was near worn out. His physical energy was almost depleted but only inexperienced ninja would stop there. After heightening his physical energy he decided to focus on his spiritual energy, or chakra.. From the many studies at the academy the most important lesson was the one on training your body and chakra. Most ninja focus solely on the physical aspect when training but forgo training their chakra. That's something Minato wouldn't forget. If his dream was to be hokage he had to be the best he could be, so training was essential. Not to mention...fun!

"Minato!" yelled that oh so familiar feminine voice, "Time to eat, honey!"

Minato's closed eyes perked open as he stroked his growling stomach. All this training made him forget he hadn't eaten. He stumbled up from his meditative position as his body seemed to ache from every single muscle he had. He grimaced but forced his body to move at the smell of his favorite food...mom's homemade cooking! He grabbed his nearby ninja pouch as he started to trudge forward. He turned his head back and focused on the few kunai that didn't hit their targets as he shook his head. He'll practice again when he gets back.

-Minato Namikaze-

His house was pretty nice compared to other houses in Konoha, mostly because his mom was somewhat of a clean-freak. They were, just like most of the families in the village, of the middle class. Not too rich and not poor, just enough to enjoy the simple life. At the table his father sat waiting for his meal as he smiled at his son.

"Oi, Minato!" He said excitedly with a huge grin, "How was training, son?"

Minato smiled back as he responded, "It was great, dad!" He then took his seat as his mother came with both of their bowls. The beautiful aroma was enough to make any human lose their soul. Minato struggled to keep the drool from slipping out of his slack jawed mouth.

A golden silence filled the room as the only noise one could hear were the many clatters of clashing metal and slurping sounds from the breath taking noodles. Minato's mom, Emi Namikaze, couldn't help but smile at the sight. Minato and her dear husband, Nobaki, absolutely loved her homemade cooking and wouldn't take any other. That completely crossed off eating out. She can't remember the last time they went to an actual restaurant outside of birthdays and family gatherings. Even then, she basically had to force them to go. It just meant more work for her. It was all worth it, however, seeing them utterly devour the food she spent slaving over.

Minato burped as he rubbed his temporarily bulging stomach and smiled from having tasting heaven itself. He looked over at his dad who had his eyes in the clouds as he finished his bite of heaven also. They sat like that for awhile until his father finally decided to break the silence.

"So Minato, show me what you learned. Show me a new jutsu!" he said leaning forward and with a huge grin on his face. He looked reminiscent of a five year old experiencing their first true Christmas, desperately waiting to open their first gift.

Feeling his chakra reserves start to replenish after devouring some delicious food, he decided to concede and show him the Bushin Technique. It was a pretty high-level academy jutsu. Having to send chakra throughout your whole body and replicate that on a specific location close to you took a great deal of chakra control to master. Minato, however, mastered it a week after he learned it. He stood up from his chair and used several hand signs, molding his chakra as he carefully kept a constant flow outlining his body. He then chose a spot to the right of him as he began to replicate the flow of chakra on the external source. It seemed to be successful as he saw the widened eyes and slacked jaw of his father. Minato smiled as he released the technique which dissipated the clone.

"W-Wow!" Minato's father was at a sudden loss for words. He wasn't too hard to impress, however. He could've showed him any measly jutsu and he would have had the same reaction. His father was just happy his son was pursuing the career of a ninja. He told stories of when he was a kid and applied for the academy, but never really passed. He just never had any talent for ninjutsu. So seeing his son at the top of his class and doing what he failed to do when he was a kid was the greatest accomplishment.

"You know," continued Nobaki with a proud smile, "Your grandfather was a great ninja, too. He was a Chuunin for about 15 years. Ninjutsu runs in your blood, son." He smiled as he placed his hand on his son's head and scuffled his hair.

"I will be a great hokage, soon, just you wait!" responded Minato. He seemed to succeed in making his dad even more proud by his ever increasing grin.

"That's right!" Nobaki exclaimed.

"Alright Minato," his mom said with a smile. She bent down and kissed his cheek as she hugged him from the back, handing him a lunch box, "You can't be late for the academy."

Minato just remembered. His afternoon classes were starting soon, "Right! See you later!" he called back as he waved goodbye to his parents with a smile.

-Minato Namikaze-

Going down the road that led to the academy building he smiled and waved to the neighbors, store clerks, and others who knew him as they muttered something to the effect of 'What a nice kid'. He got that a lot. Deciding not to run seeing how his body still ached and he was almost depleted of chakra he kept his pace to a somewhat speedy walk. At this pace he would at least get there five minutes early. He would usually strive to be faster than that, but this would do.

As he walked he stopped by a house that was very similar to his and proceeded to knock on the door. Hearing several footsteps and other random noises, the door opened as he met his gaze at the young boy around his height.

Minato squinted his eyes and scratched the back of his head as he smiled. "Hey Nawaki-kun," he greeted.

Nawaki sighed, "Oi, what do you want Minato?"

"U-uhm is Tsunade-sama here?" he asked.

Nawaki sighed again, "Yes, she's inside." He then brushed past him as he started toward the direction towards the academy.

Minato's eyes widened as he wondered if it was okay to just walk in or not, "Uhm, Tsunade-sama?" he decided to call.

"Come in Minato-chan!" he heard from up the stairs. He walked in with a smile and waited at the bottom of the steps as he saw the blond woman walk down the stairs with a polite smile. "Do you need something?"

"Yes! Can you restore my chakra, please?"

"Training again huh?" she asked. Minato nodded his head. She then proceeded to bend down and placed her hands gently on his back as she flowed a constant stream of green, glowing chakra into his Chakra Circulatory System.

Minato suddenly felt rejuvenated in all aspects. His body stopped aching, his chakra was restored, and he most of all felt like a whole new person. It's like the feeling you would get after taking a long, hot shower after a hard day at work. It was the best feeling ever. Coming to Tsunade-sama's house every day after training was the best decision he's ever made. Getting all the hours you need to train and not feeling the usual remorse on your body and chakra was like a ninja's heaven. Not to mention that this particular person was renowned around the world as being one of the best medic-nin. She made Konoha proud.

"Alright, thanks Tsunade-sama!" Minato said. After hugging and saying goodbye to the 20 year old legendary ninja, he left the house and started to make his way towards the academy.

-Minato Namikaze-

After having his body renewed and his chakra regenerated, he decided to quicken his pace. He applied a steady amount of chakra to his feet as he started to dash down the road. He decided not to use too much chakra as that would diminish Tsunade-sama's efforts. He kept his pace slightly faster than a top-notch civilian's run, which wasn't much compared to a ninja. To make getting to his destination a little faster he decided to take a short cut through the woods.

In the woods he dashed from tree to tree landing on each branch perfectly and using the exact amount of chakra necessary to get to the next one. At this point, any academy student could do it without a second thought. It was like riding a bike, when you first attempt it, it's hard but once you get used to it, it becomes as natural as walking.

As he was going through the trees, Minato just barely managed to dodge the in-coming kunai knives flying towards his face. He then landed on the ground as he mentally punched himself for letting his thoughts drift around and not being prepared. That was academy 101. Always. Be. Prepared!

The attacker wasn't around but Minato got a good idea of who it was. The way the kunai traveled was definitely at academy level and the only person who takes this short cut, other than him, was none other than Nawaki Senju. A blur from the trees dashed out and landed in front of Minato.

Minato looked at the brown haired young boy with a big, goofy grin on his face and pink flush around his cheeks. Nawaki was pointing at Minato in a challenging manner.

"You dodged it," Nawaki smiled with a mocking tone, "As expected from our class's number one student."

"Is there something you want?" asked Minato, confused and innocently.

"This is my chance!" Nawaki exclaimed, "I will defeat you and solidify myself as the best in the class!"

Minato instantly smiled. So it was a sparring match. He hadn't had one of those in awhile. Minato took to a defensive as his opponent seemingly prepared to charge. Minato then proceeded to study his opponent. He was full of openings. There was not one position that he couldn't exploit. His opponent was known for just charging in head on, so first contact would most likely be a Taijutsu fight. Minato decided that he could win this match without using much chakra. Not because he underestimated his opponent but he really didn't want to run himself dry before class started.

Nawaki charged forward as expected, but he unexpectantly pulled out a smoke bomb from his ninja pouch and threw it on the ground near Minato. A purplish smoke rose around the shocked blond as he covered his mouth from a small cough. He decided that staying in the smoke wasn't a very good position to be in so he applied a very small amount of chakra to his feet as he lifted himself out only to be met by a grinning Nawaki who was across from him in the air. Nawaki had several shuriken in his hand as he threw them at Minato. They all hit their target as blood came out of the surprised Minato as Nawaki's widened eyes alluding to that fact that even he was surprised it ended so quickly. His brief happiness faded, however, when the body puffed into smoke as a simple tree log with several shuriken in it landed in its wake. Nawaki grunted at being tricked by the Substitution Jutsu.

Nawaki turned around and saw a grinning Minato with squinted eyes, scratching the back of his head. Nawaki grunted, "Are you mocking me!" he yelled.

"N-no, I'm…" Minato jumped out of the way of several on-coming kunai knives. He heard a familiar sizzling sound as he turned to see one of the kunai with an exploding tag attached about to detonate. Minato applied a little more chakra to his feet this time as he managed to dodge the explosion. Minato looked back at the debris as the shockwave sent him forward. Nawaki's gotten better. He looked ahead of him with a surprised look as he saw a grinning Nawaki with a kunai in hand right in his face. Minato looked almost disappointed, knowing that this fun little sparring match was over.

"Haha, I win!" bragged Nawaki. He then struck forward with his kunai as Minato swayed to the left, dodging it. Minato then grabbed Nawaki's arm, kicked him in the stomach, successfully knocking the wind out of him as he then proceeded to throw him to the ground. The fight was over just as Minato predicted.

Minato walked over to the gasping Nawaki as his opponent struggled for breath from the solid blow to the stomach. "You should've struck from a distance. It would've had a better chance at hitting," Minato said trying to help. He then walked over and smiled as he lifted his hand out to help his opponent up.

Nawaki smacked it away as he stood up, obviously angered. "Who asked you?" he yelled as he marched off in a childish pout.

The 10 year old prodigy scratched the back of his head, confused. He was only trying to help. Was it something he said?

-Minato Namikaze-

The class room was empty with him being the first one here as he usually was. This was his homeroom where the teacher would do attendance and proceeded to send the kids off to their classes. This is where his classmates began and ended their day. Minato walked over to his desk as he pulled out a book labeled 'Konoha's History'. Reading was his favorite past time after all. Flipping open the book he went straight to his favorite section. The history of one of Konoha's greatest kage's…Tobirama Senju. What interested him about Tobirama-sama was his love for the village and his willingness to do whatever he could to protect it, even if it meant risking his own life, which he eventually did. The term was coined by the Sandaime Hokage as the 'Will of Fire'. The first hokage had it also, but he wasn't around much for the establishment of the village and not much is known about his history besides eyewitness accounts, but those weren't very reliable. From what Minato could tell from Tobirama, Hashirama was a very powerful shinobi and very deserving of the title of first Hokage.

Minato flipped through a couple more pages as it started to explain his abilities and usage of jutsu. This was the most interesting aspect of the Nidaime. He was able to mold his chakra with such skill that he could perform A-rank water-style techniques with a single hand sign and also create water out of thin air without a specific source. This among other reasons is why he is revered as the greatest known Water Release manipulator in the world.

Another fascinating thing about the Nidaime that interested the blond was his use of Space-Time Ninjutsu. This was the most interesting type of jutsu and the hardest to master. It's a type of ninjutsu that allows you to manipulate time and space itself. What made the Nidaime so revered in that category was his ability to transport himself, as long with others, from one area to another in an instant. How he did it is currently unknown except for little rumors here or there. Minato suddenly thought of the aspects of attaining a jutsu like that. Being able to teleport to wherever you want was definitely a perk.

"Oi, Minato, Whatcha readin'?" Minato looked up at the chubby boy with streaks of red face paint on his cheeks and short red hair. He had a bag of chips in his hands that he wasn't afraid to show off.

"He's reading some boring history book, Choza," said another boy around Minato's height. He had short black hair wrapped in a ponytail.

"Jeez, you need to get your head out of the books and live a little," said another boy with blond hair and green eyes. Minato chuckled embarrassingly as he scratched the back of his head. "Anyways," Inoichi continued, "We were wondering if you like to skip class with us today. You know if you weren't busy doing your boring studies."

Minato looked up in confusion. Skip class? "Isn't that against the rules?" Minato asked innocently.

"You're wasting your time Inoichi, he's not gonna skip class. He's too much of a goody-two-shoe for that," responded Shikaku.

"Ah, whatever," Inoichi said as he put his hands on the back of his head and walked away. Shikaku did the same.

"See ya, Minato!" Choza responded as he waved and followed his group of friends. Minato smiled as he waved back.

Minato sat back down in his desk as he went back to his book and seemed to ponder something. Did they allow you to miss class if you wanted to in this school?

The rest of the short homeroom class period went on as normal. The teacher, Nanoe-sensei, arrived. She was a youthful women with sharp glasses and long, black hair normally kept pinned back. She wore the standard Chuunin ninja attire and wore her ninja head band with Konoha's leaf symbol imprinted on it tied around her right arm. She then took attendance, noting that 27 of the usual 35 students were present, all the while yelling at the class clown, Iraki Umino. He was the usual class trouble maker. Pulling pranks on unsuspecting victims, harassing his fellow students, and most of all angering their Chuunin instructor. Nanoe-sensei was a very pretty woman, but when she took of her glasses with that angry glare, it was enough to send the whole class to their knees begging for forgiveness.

After class and a few minutes of socializing the bell rang, signifying to everyone to proceed to their next class.

-Minato Namikaze-

Minato's first class was Exploring Ninja Tools and Applications. This covered everything from how to use certain weapons to even creating your own. It was a pretty interesting class in Minato's opinion. They got a surprise visit a week ago from Konoha's famed weapon inventor, Io. He was a fairly short man in his mid 30's with short black hair. He talked about all the mechanics of weapon inventing and the importance of ninja tools in missions. It was an interesting time.

The instructor for this class was Kyoraku-sensei. He was fairly tall with long black hair tied in a ponytail and gray eyes with thin facial hair around his mouth and on his cheeks. He was a pretty laid back teacher who unlike most teachers allowed the students the freedom to talk amongst themselves and only interrupted when he needed to give an important lecture. He was pretty much everyone's favorite teacher.

Minato sat down in his desk next to his usual partner when they did experiments, Yachiro Uchiha. Minato nodded to him only to see that he wasn't paying attention. He was staring off at something, seemingly loss at thought.

"What are you looking at?" asked Minato.

Yachiro sighed dreamily, "Only the most beautiful girl in the whole school." Minato glanced over to where he was looking at to see a small young girl around their age with short black hair and an orange band hiding her bangs.

"Who is that?" asked Minato not recognizing her.

"That's Mikoto Uchiha," he responded, "She lives across the street from me." Minato looked surprised as he suddenly grunted in frustration, "Ugh, if only I could get her attention!"

Class started as the Kyoraku-sensei began to explain today's lesson which was on exploding tags. He first started by talking about the many uses of exploding tags and how useful they were with kunai, just the basic stuff. Most of the people in the class knew how to use exploding tags already, so it wasn't all that new. He then began to explain are assignment for today. Today they were going to the labs for an experiment. They were to attempt at creating their very own exploding tag. They were supplied with all the necessary materials like seal paper, chakra compatible ink, and a glass bowl to contain the explosion. That's if they were to succeed.

Yashiro had decided to team up with Minato like always as they arrived at their table in one of the schools labs. The table had all the supplies laid out nice and orderly and ready for use. Minato studied the supplies trying to work out how to do this. Yashiro, however, seemed to be more interested in making flirty faces at Mikoto from across the room, which she shrugged off making him even angrier.

Kyoraku-sensei had signaled for the class to start as Minato immediately got to work. Yashiro turned around and seemed to have regained his exposure as he focused his attention on the experiment.

"Oi, Minato," he started, "How are we going to do this? Lazy-sensei over there didn't exactly teach any of us this stuff."

"Hmm," Minato pondered. What Yashiro said was true. They never went over seals in detail yet in the academy so this was all new for most people here. Minato had learned a bit about seals here and there from books but not much. The challenge in this experiment was to be able to create an explosion by concealing chakra into a seal and upon release it explodes. But to be able to cause an explosion with mere chakra was definitely no easy task. Yashiro watched on as Minato proceeded to take one of the seal papers. He placed it on the desk as he then grabbed the chakra compatible ink and brought it closer to him.

"Minato?" Yashiro asked, confused, "You know how to do this stuff?"

"No, not really," he responded with his attention still fixated on the paper, "I'll figure it out though."

A half an hour went by as Yashiro watched as Minato tried multiple combinations and routes in order to try to configure a seal that would be able to conjure up an explosion upon chakra emission. He knew from his tree-climbing exercises that putting too much chakra into something can cause a more destructive effect and to control the chakra emission right you would need to use the right amount. In his training to learn the Shadow Clone Jutsu, the first time he used it, it had exploded in his face.

Minato tapped his chin as we pondered the situation. Usually when performing a technique you needed to balance the right amount of chakra into it in order for it to work properly. That was the hardest part in learning a new technique. Putting too little chakra into something will cause the technique to be ineffective, however putting too much chakra can cause it to explode in your face.


A light bulb went on in Minato's head as his eyes lit up. Yashiro picked up on this as he smiled excitedly. "Did you figure it out!" he almost yelled. He was excited to show Mikoto how great they were.

"I think so," Minato said. He stared at the seal that he drew onto the paper with a kanji for 'explode' in the middle of it. The seal seemed to work fine. It allowed for channeling chakra into it and storing a certain amount also. Minato placed his two fingers on the middle of the seal as Yashiro crossed his fingers while he watched on anxiously.

'Hopefully this works,' Minato thought.

He then began to apply chakra to the seal. This time he put he put all he had into. He applied enough chakra to fill the limits of the seal and even tried to apply more. As he focused on his chakra input he almost didn't notice the small audience that had gathered at their table. They seemingly gave up on trying as they watched amazed at Minato's work. Even the teacher was dumbfounded.

Minato finished his chakra input as Yashiro placed the glass container over the tag. Minato formed his hands into the snake seal as he mentally counted to three. You could almost hear a gulp as the whole class watched anxiously to see if Minato would be able to pull this off. Minato began to mold his chakra as he activated the bit infused into the seal. Then suddenly…


The glass container contained most of the blast but the shockwave that preceded it, sent it flying across the room. All the girls in the class held their skirts as the wind threatened to let every guy in the class have a sneak peak. Minato shielded his eyes from the smoke as he smiled.

This project was a success!

Everyone, including the teacher, gawked at the successful experiment. As the surprise seemed to die down the teacher started a slow clap. The class started to catch on as the fell into rhythm as the slow, monotonous clap began to erupt and formed into an all out welcoming praise. Minato couldn't help but smile and be proud of himself. He glanced over and saw Yashiro, with all his pride, taking this all in and enjoying the praise as he smirked in a bragging way. Minato chuckled to himself at that. Today was definitely a good day!

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