Chapter 1: Dude looks like a lady

Sasori was late. Oh, how he hated being late. Yet he couldn't help but wake up late. 8:30 Am. He was meant to be at work by now. He jumped up and hurriedly got dressed. When he looked in the mirror he sighed.

"This is going to be a long day."

When he finally got to work it was 9:30am. He was going to be destroyed by Konan, his boss.

"YOU! DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA HOW LATE YOU ARE?" Speak of the devil. Konan paper cut bitch slapped Sasori and he fell to the ground in pain. He couldn't complain but he could growl at the girls behind him that were laughing. To bad he was in too much pain to speak.

"GET UP AND GO GET THE LITTLIES THEIR SNACKS! AND GET INTO UNIFORM!" Sasori got up groaning. Her bitch slaps really hurt. He grabbed his apron and entered the kitchen.

Today was the day the new carer came. She was going to introduce herself to the kitchen staff at the end of the day.

I hope she's hot.

The end of the day came quick and the staff gathered in the kitchen as we waited for the new girl. The door clicked and Deidara entered. I was amazed by her beauty. The long blonde hair, the part ponytail, the bright blue eyes. It was just gorgeous.

"Hi everyone, I'm Deidara, un. The newbie as I've heard some of you call me." Deidara looked at Mia and Xia, two twin girls Sasori worked with in the kitchen. They giggled.

"He's so cute." Mia whispered to Xia, but Sasori heard.

Wait did she say he?

Sasori shuffled over to them.

"Did you say 'he'?" Sasori whispered. They giggled and nodded.

"What you thought he was a she?" Xia giggled back. Sasori just stood there wide eyed.

Wait I think this guy is cute? This guy? Doesn't that...? No! I can't, could I? Hm, well he is REALLY cute, but even if it is true, he's probably straight.

As Sasori thought, he didn't notice he missed everything Deidara said.

Everyone started to leave and Sasori was left standing. Deidara was standing at the door holding it open for everyone. Deidara glanced at Sasori and Sasori snapped to reality. He walked to the door.

"Thanks," he said as he walked through the door, "I hope you like it here. The kids they're nice, aren't they?" Sasori tried to start a conversation with Deidara. Deidara followed Sasori out of the kitchen.

"Yeah, they're nice, un. Full of energy, but nice. I swear it'll be tiring trying to take care of them, un." Sasori was glad Deidara would talk to him.

"Heh, yeah. I'm Sasori by the way. I do the cooking in the kitchen." Deidara was smiling humbly at Sasori. Sasori thought there was something else in Deidara's expression but decided it was nothing.

"Nice to meet you, Sasori, un. You must be the one Itachi told me about, un. He said you were the nice one. I think I'm going to like it here, un. Everyone's so friendly."

They walked about the centre to show Deidara around, though Sasori couldn't help but to think about how he wanted to just grab Deidara and kiss the life out of him. Sasori knew that was wrong but he could help himself from thinking.

"This is Itachi's kindy room," Sasori introduced. To his surprise, Itachi was still in his classroom. He seemed sad. Sasori tapped Deidara on the shoulder and motioned for them to go in. He walked up to Itachi with Deidara by his side.

"Are you ok, Itachi?" Sasori asked. A stupid question on his part when he noticed the black eye, the broken finger and all the bruises."Uh, forget I asked. Clearly you're not."

"Huh, oh no. This was just an accident." Itachi answered. Sasori sighed. Itachi was openly gay and he had been beaten badly about it ever since.

I wonder what it was this time. The necklace or the pink streaks in his hair?

Sasori turned to get the first-aid kit, which had taken permanent residence in Itachi's classroom. He bandaged up Itachi's finger and put an icepack on his eye, to slow down the swelling.

"So, Itachi, you've met Deidara haven't you?" Sasori asked. Itachi smiled and nodded.

"Yes, I have," Itachi answered. Sasori and Deidara stayed to talk with Itachi for awhile.

When Sasori was home, the only thing he could think about was Deidara. He fell onto his bed.

What's wrong with me? I'm not allowed to love guys, I'm straight. I'm straight!

"Ah, it's no use," Sasori sighed. He curled into a ball and fell asleep, dreaming about Deidara.