This Love

Sasori sat in the kitchen with a depressed look on his face. He was thinking about the beautiful blonde boy he would probably never have then he would fight with himself in deciding if he was gay or not. He was thinking so hard, he didn't realize Mia and Xia walk in front of him.

"Sasori, we decided you need to get out of here for a while," Mia declared. Sasori looked up at the girls.

"Not the whole day and you can't leave the centre but at least get out of the kitchen," Xia explained. Sasori knew to be wary of their friendly behavior. He stood up and left without taking his eyes off of the girly twins. He walked out into the playground when, suddenly, the man-child, Tobi, came running to the sandpit. Tears had filled his eyes and poured down his face. Sasori walked over to Tobi cautiously. Everyone was used to the buffoon crying over nothing but this seemed real.

"Tobi," Sasori called softly. Tobi jumped a little at the sound of Sasori's voice.

"O-oh, hi Sasori. I d-didn't see you there," Tobi sniffed. Sasori furrowed his eyebrows.

This isn't right. Tobi doesn't cry like this.

"Are you ok?" Sasori asked the man. Tobi cried more and speedily hugged onto Sasori's shirt. The red head was surprised.

Something is defiantly wrong.

Sasori hugged Tobi to his chest and rocked slightly.

"Tell me what happened," Sasori instructed. Tobi sniffled.

"O-ok, Tobi will tell Sasori," he sobbed, "Tobi was going to see Deidara-sempei but when Tobi asked Deidara-sempei if he liked Tobi, Deidara-sempei got mad at Tobi. He said Tobi is too childish and broke up with T-T-Tobi!" he explained. Sasori got upset.

Why would deidara do that? Everyone knows tobi is unstable and that you have to say things carefully in front of him! That bitch!

Sasori turned and left Tobi. He headed inside the centre down corridors and to the blonde's classroom. He stopped. He was going to slam the door open and yell at the blonde but he knew, from past experience with Itachi, that was embarrassing. He would open the door and ask politely for the blonde to come out so he could yell at him but that was no good either. Sasori turned and walked back outside.

I'll deal with him at lunch.

By the time lunch came around, Sasori's anger had lessened but it was still there. The second he saw the blonde with Itachi and Fish Face, he snapped.

"Hey you!" he yelled at Deidara. The blonde turned and scowled.

"I don't know who you think you are, being mean to tobi but let's get things straight!" he growled. Deidara let out a low growl.

"You don't be mean to Tobi just like you don't mess with Itachi! If you wanted to break up with him you should have done it nicely! You hurt him real bad, jackass!"

"Why do you care how I treat him, un? Got a thing for him, hm?" Deidara retaliated. Sasori growled.

"No, I don't! I'm just looking out for him, for everyone! If one person turns on another staff here this whole place going to go up in flames!" Sasori replied. Deidara smirked.

"You say that yet you come up to me and start a riot, yeah. I have feelings too ya know! Not that you'd care. What was that you said about turning on each other, un?"

"Guys just stop this!" Itachi tried to stop them but they ignored the weasel.

"I do care about your feelings. I know you probably get teased and I'd stand up for you just like I am for Tobi. We're one big family and we need to look out for each other. They way you treated Tobi just wasn't right. He was crying."

"So, he always cries, un! I don't see the big deal, yeah!"

"No, you wouldn't, would you. You cause a few people around here pain and don't realize it. Why don't you just leave?!"

"Who, hm? Name a few and I might believe you, un!"


"A person, un. Wow, I'm soo sorry, hm. Ph, I-"

"And me!" Sasori yelled, interrupting the blonde. Deidara stood there with wide eyes.

"Care to explain that, Sasori?" Itachi prompted Sasori to continued. When the red head saw the weasel he swore that Itachi knew. He swallowed and looked at the blonde instantly losing any courage he had.

"Never mind," he replied and turned then began walking away.

"WAIT," Deidara called out to sasori. The puppet turned to see a worried face on the blonde.

"How am I hurting you, un?" Deidara asked. Sasroi looked down.

"By fighting me," he replied truthfully. Deidara looked hurt, he was about to say something but sasori wasn't done.

"I love you, Dei," he blurted out, squeezing his eyes shut. Deidara remained still. After a while Sasori opened his eyes, seeing as Deidara didn't reply. He gave the blonde one look then sighed and began leaving again. Then something he wasn't expecting happened, Deidara hugged Sasori with his chest to Sasori's back.

"I love you too, Danna," he whispered as if the words could kill. Sasori ran his hands along Deidara's arms and then held his hands, palm mouths kissing his palms. Sasori smiled.

That was unexpected.