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It was nice to talk to Danny from the Chicago office, though they had only met once a year before, she considered him to be a friend. It didn't take her long to get the information for him, after all she was a hacker. after wishing each other warm holiday greeting she said good-bye. She stood and stretched after shutting down her computers for the long holiday. Walking down the corridor she hears a cracking noise just as she feels water falling on her head.

He glanced at his watch before placing the final file he was going to take home into his briefcase. Most everyone else in the office had left hours ago some of them catching planes going home for the holidays. Hoping against hope that nothing else would require his attention or stop him from leaving on time, he makes a final check. Three days before Christmas and the only thing he has left to do on his list is pick up the final four gifts from the store. He looks up when he hears a knock on his open door.

"Chief Strauss. Can I help you?"

"I just got a call from an agent Daniel Martinez from the Chicago field office. They're asking if they can borrow your tech Garcia. They're having trouble getting into a computer and they are in a time constraint. The lawyers are petitioning the judge to let their clients go for lack of evidence, the judge said he would give his ruling in two days. It is a big case for them Aaron, they need her help, I said she could go. I know it's close to Christmas and she more than likely has plans but this is really important."

"I'll go tell her." He follows Strauss out of the office and down the corridor. They can see her office door is open that means that she is still in the building a stroke of luck for them.

" Technical analyst Garcia." she says as she answers the incoming call using the speaker.

"How is my favorite techie hacker today?"

" I'm perfect would you expect anything else form me? Danny, Its been a long time how are you?"

"Good, how would you like to come and work your magic on a few computers? It's really important Penelope we have a lot riding on this case, we only have a window of two days. I know it's close to Christmas and all."

"I didn't have any plans Danny other than order take out and stay in."

"So you'll come?"

"Clear it with Strauss and Hotchner and I'll come I just need to go home and pack warmer clothes for my go bag."

"I kind of already did that Penelope. I promise you that I'll take good care of you."

"You take good care of your wife. Just make sure I have a safe place to sleep and a place to get good hot tea. That's all I want."

"What about food?"

"What about it? I'm not picky just no meat. As soon as I get the orders from the bosses I'll book a flight Danny and I'll call you. Bye Danny I've got things to do."

They come into her office and hear the last part of her conversation. They watch as she closes down the computers then pack a bag of the things she might need to take with her.

"I'm sorry about taking you away from your holiday plans Miss. Garcia."

"Not a problem ma'am. I don't mind at all."

She worked straight through hardly stopping at all. It was just after one in the afternoon Christmas Eve day when the agents stood in front of the judge with all the evidence that she found for them. Slam-dunk, no bail and the trial date to start in the new year, all in all everyone was very happy with the outcome.

She quietly packed her things as she listened to the weather report, sitting down she watched as the reporter showed the map and the storm's progress as it moved across the country. One to two feet expected all major airport closed. She was stuck in the city of Chicago the one place she did not want to be in.

Having had words with Derek before he left to spend the Christmas holiday's with his family. For the first time in years Cindy would be there the whole family was getting together. He asked her to come with him, he knew that she would be alone. They argued when she said no, she told him that family was more important that friends and he had so much to be grateful for this year with Cindy and her son. She didn't want to spoil it for him, or the family. But she did promise to call him Christmas eve at four like she does every year.

When Danny asks her to come be with him and his family she tells him no. That all she needs and wants is some nice eggplant parmigiana and some angel hair pasta with a salad for her dinner. Danny drops her off at her hotel room with her take-out, he tries once again to get her to come and spend the holiday with him and his wife and kids.

She gently shoos him out of the door telling him that she will see him the day after Christmas for her ride to the airport. Wishing him a Merry Christmas she kisses his cheek and gently shoves him out of the door closing as he stands in the hallway.

It was born out of a need for a rest, Christmas eve in the Morgan house meant Chinese food at a restaurant with all the food in the fridge meant for Christmas day no one wanted to cook Christmas eve.

Mr. Lee's was a favorite place for police and fireman alike it was always open and the food top notch all the time. Friendly and a good value, housed between a fire house and a police station helped too. A neighborhood joint that was loved by everyone.

Having left his children with his mother-in-law Danny took his wife for a late night dinner in was tradition with them. He asked her to marry him at Mr. Lee's, she told him they were going to have their first baby at Mr. Lee's too.

When Danny sees Morgan and his family at a large table he goes over to say hello. Seeing an empty seat next to Morgan he is relieved. He wishes his friend and the rest of the Morgan clan a very Merry Christmas. "So she called you, I take it?"

"Who called me?"

Danny point to the empty chair. "Garcia, Penelope. When I saw the empty chair I assumed she called you to come pick her up."

"Why would she call me, to come get her?" Morgan closes his eyes. "Where is she Danny?"

"I'm sorry I thought you knew. She has been in the field office for the last two and half days. We had a major case we needed her expertise. I dropped her off at the hotel with.. . "

"Eggplant parmigiana, angel hair pasta, a salad. She eats the same thing every Christmas eve I bet she even asked for a small cup of half and half for tea that she would gladly pay extra for. She hates the powered stuff they leave in the rooms."

" You're right about all everything down to the half and half. I asked her to join me and my family, she turned me down flat. She said Christmas was for families not for tag-a-longs. I'm sorry disturbed your meal, I'll go."

Derek watches Danny go back to his wife and growled softly. Seeing the look in his mother's and his aunt's eyes he schools his expression giving them nothing to read. Or so he hopes.

"Derek, this Penelope is she the one that flew up her on her own just to give you support after you found Cindy?"

"Yes mom, that's just the way she is."

"She loves you moron. I could see it from just the way she looked at you." Sarah tells him

"Just like you love her, Derek." Yvonne tells him simply. "Only a man that loves a woman as much as you love her would know what she likes to eat every Christmas eve. I bet you know everything about her even down to her best kept secret, the one no one else knows about."

He looks at his aunt as his eyes and smile betray him, he does know.

Yvonne finishes with a sad sigh. "I thought so, Sarah is right, you are a moron."

"Why isn't she with her own family?" Cindy asks knowing just how important family really is.

"She doesn't have any family."

"No one?" Fran asks with a catch in her voice.

"She has been alone since she was eighteen. She has no one."

"If you don't go to her right now you are no son of mine. I'll be expecting you both tomorrow for dinner. Now go." Fran orders.

The family watches as he goes to where Danny and his wife are sitting after only a few minutes of conversation. They all smile as Danny hands Morgan a key card to a hotel room.

He sees a light coming form under the door so he knows that she is still awake. Sliding the card in the lock he opens the door.

Taking a step in he can see her sitting on the window sill, dressed in light blue night gown, looking out in the star filled sky. He can see she has tears on her face as she touches the glass. "Merry Christmas Mom and Dad. Please watch over Derek and keep him safe. I love him so much."

"Baby-girl." He says softly she looks over to him and somehow she is not surprised to see him at all. "I love you too, more than you know.