She sighs softy as she puts the last baby down, then she rubs her temple and winches from the pain. Morgan looks at her with concern watching as she leans over and touches their son's cheek.

"Do you feel alright?"

"No not really I have a really bad headache, it feels like I've been hit with something hard."

"Go lay down baby, they should be fine for right now. If you're not feeling better by their next feeding I'll get my mother and aunt. Okay?"

"Mmm yes that sounds good, thanks."

It is the sharp intake of air that makes her stir slightly. "Look she is waking up." Rossi tells say as she tries to open her eyes.

"Easy Penelope." Hotch tells her as she tries to sit up, with the Help from both Rossi and Hotch she is placed in an upright position against the wall in the main corridor of the unit.

"What do you remember?" Strauss asks.

"Danny from the Chicago office needed help with a computer something about vital information and a two day grace period from the judge. I got in copied and sent everything over to them. I packed up closed my door the last thing I remember is a loud noise. Then nothing, what happened?"

"There is a flood upstairs, part of the ceiling came down on top of you." Hotch answers.

"That explains the headache then. How long was I out?"

"Two minutes tops, feel like standing kitten?"

"Yes please."

"They guide her to the first empty chair in the bullpen and help her to sit. Only to watch her intently.

"I'm fine. Don't you all have some place to be? Like shopping or getting to your families for the Christmas Holiday."

"You go Aaron, I'll bring her to the hospital to be checked out. My mother and sister are already at my home cooking up a storm getting ready for the rest of the Rossi clan to show up."

"You call me if she has to be admitted. And you Garcia do what the doctors tell you to."

"Yes sir."

"Keep me informed gentlemen." Strauss orders once she knows things are well in hand.

"You know Agent Rossi this really isn't necessary I've been hit harder by my step-brothers playing ball."

"Let's see what the doctors say first okay. If they want you to stay with someone then you are going home with me."

"I really am fine you know."

"Humor me Kitten my old heart isn't as strong as it once was, seeing you laying there on the floor brought back too many bad memories."

"Okay I'll go but if they say that I'm fine you go home to your family and you can call me tomorrow to see if I'm better. Agree?" She asks holding out her hand.

"I agree, not that I like it but I do agree to your terms."

Four hours later with a fresh bottle of acetaminophen. He drops her off at her apartment door with a hard exhale a gleam in his eyes.

"I don't have to ask you for your word because I know that David Rossi is an honorable man."


"Merry Christmas David, thank you for taking care of me." She tells him then she kisses him softly before she closes the apartment door.

He waits until he hears the locks being set before he moves. Once in his car he picks up his cell and calls the one person he knows that can get through to her.

"Morgan, please tell me this isn't a case." He says as he answers.

"No case where are you?"

"Stuck at the airport, with the storm coming all the flights are either being cancelled or delayed. Why?"

"Kitten got hurt tonight." Rossi tells him with as much emotion as if he was asking for the time."

"What? When? Where is she? How?"

"At the office. A piece of the ceiling fell on top of her as she was leaving. I brought her to the hospital they released her. I brought her home and left her it was the only way that she would agree to go to the hospital. I gave my word to her, but I didn't give my word that I wouldn't call any one else."

"How bad is she hurt?"

"Not too bad no stitches she has a bad headache and maybe a mild concussion. She wouldn't let me stay and she said she would call the office and make arraignments so that someone will call her every two hours."

"Thanks Rossi for calling me."

"Anytime. Derek?"

"Yes, what is it?"

"Tell her, stop playing games. I should never have let my first wife go I love her and miss her very much. I think of all those wasted years that I can never get back. Think about it Derek."

"I will, Dave. and I'm sorry."

He sees a light coming from under the door so he knows that she is still awake. Using his emergency key in the lock he opens the door.

Taking a step in he can see her sitting on the window sill, dressed in light blue night gown, looking out in to the snowy filled sky. He can see she has tears on her face as she touches the glass. "Merry Christmas Mom and Dad. Please watch over Derek and keep him safe. I love him so much."

"Baby-girl." He says softly she looks over to him and somehow she is not surprised to see him at all. "I love you too, more than you know.