The whole town was talking. For a small town, there was such a lot of gossip. There was a fresh wave when James Sunderland returned home without Mary, and with some whore and a professor-type. He was incredibly jumpy, and hardly ever seen in public anymore. He leaves for two months, and returns like this? The whorish woman secured a nursing job at the local hospital, and the professor-type took up the post of librarian. Vincent was his name, and Lisa was hers. Boring names. Everyone was curious as to where James went and why he was so clammed-up now, but the pair wouldn't elaborate. Just 'rough times'. Well, the town accepted that. Mary most likely died. After all, she wouldn't have lived after three years.

It was still the talk of the town. He was cooped up inside his beautiful home up on the hill on the edge of town for eight months. Around then, one person passing by in his car heard screams. He kept quiet for a while, until James began showing up again. This time, he was carrying around two babies. So that's the answer! Mary could have been sick with something that delayed her pregnancy, and now she had twins. Most likely at the cost of her life- Sunderland usually had an empty look in his green eyes.

No-one knew the genders of the twins until preschool started. James dropped off a healthy boy in slacks and a sweet girl in a spanking new dress at the preschool center. The two drew close to a young boy named Henry. The teacher learned their names were Ezra and Eve. Such pretty names, the town agreed.

The twins grew up to be eight years old. James was a lot better, returning to his post as cashier for Kwik-E-Mart soon as they began preschool. They were intelligent children. Ezra protected his sister, while Eve drew quietly. In fact, no-one's ever heard Eve talk. A mute child, everyone agreed. A birth defect, sadly.

But then came the day the big group of five went on a road-trip.

Taking everything, they never returned.