James Eli loved to explain that students bored and never explained the same thing for someone to sleep. As always questions but nobody to this day a girl asked a question on the subject; therapies.
- What therapy do you do if the patient says he sees things ...?
- What kind of things?-Ask Eli did not know how the girl was called.
-Ghosts for example ...
-Well now is not very common that to happen so do not think of any therapy, said Eli, not really know what to say.
-He knows perfectly well that many.
- And how many know that?
-I tell how I can do it if you tell me some therapy.
Eli was released from all that when the doorbell rang. He went to the antique shop, there were Melinda, Delia and Ned.
- Are we to take these boxes accompany Amelia Deiner?
-Yeah, sure there not kill me with questions, he said. They went to a house in the garden was a woman of dark brown.
-Here-boxes Melinda said the woman, Why you need them?
-My daughter is going to move-said Amelia-You know Eli? My daughter goes to your school.
-Well, should not go to my class because everyone is bored-said Eli.
Amelia knew long since Melinda, I knew I saw ghosts, also knew Ned, Delia, Jim, Rick and Eli and knew that he could see ghosts. Amelia came a time in the street. He and his side a brown haired girl almost black, wore two braids, glasses, appliances and an envelope in his hands.
-Nice to meet his daughter-said Eli.
-She's not my daughter, is the neighbor.
-Lady Deiner gave me this for you by mistake, said the girl and left.
- Why, who is your daughter?-Ask Eli.
-I am his daughter-said a girl who left behind the back of Amelia-My name Lizy.
-You're the girl this morning-said Eli.
-Hi Lizy-Greeting Delia.
-Hi Delia, Melinda and Ned.

- Do you know her?-Ask Eli.

-A long-Melinda said.

-Hi professor- said Lizy.

- Why so many questions?

Not at all, Lizy said 'I know that there are and I know that Melinda sees ghosts.

- Are these questions only to distract you?

-If ...