Since I've read it I have decided to write a fanfic on the...

Inheritance cycle!

Well this shall be a letter of Eragon to Arya!

and well

So it is written...

To my Dearest Arya...

I cannot write a letter for you daily or weekly, but I will write to you if I have a time.

We have found a land for us to settle in, there are humans in that land but we are forced to fight them for they are barbaric and tried to drive us, but there are some of them who help us with building a small town.

Blodhgarm and the others has shown the eggs to some of the people in the Island, I hope they wouldn't become easily corrupted.

Saphira had already laid her eggs, some of them had already hatched, we both decided to not put the spell on them for there is a need of wild dragons.

as I said I couldn't promise that I will write many letters to you but I promise that I will be writing and would always watch over you.

I hope one day I could go back to Alageasia where we could meet again at the shore where I left you.

Always loving you

Eragon Bromsson, Shadeslayer, Kingkiller

Arya felt a tear in her cheeks, it has been a decade since the ship Talita had sailed away, the winds in Ellesmera has changed from the northern wind to the hot eastern wind, with her was Vanir who was her guardian "Arya Drottningu" he bowed as she handed him the letter.

"Give me a paper and a quill" she said, Vanir bowed then left. Arya watched at the stars then saw her dragon Firnen going down slowly, is there a problem? Firnen's mind was filled with worried as he felt his riders anxiousness "nay Firnen I just wanted to see you" Arya replied as the dragon snorted then joined her, You aren't the one who felt the same loneliness, Firnen said as he lay his huge head on Arya's shoulders, Arya smiled then pat him on the snout.

Vanir had already arrived with a table of paper, a quill and a glass of ink, Arya sent him away then let herself think on what to write on the white sheet.

"Eragon" was the first name that she wanted to write but how can she say it, she began to walk around the streets of Ellesmera with Firnen accompanying her.

How's that!

The next Chapter will be to Eragon from Arya!

Stay tune!