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Arya and Firnen strolled around, greeted by her subjects and by soldiers who guarded the whole kingdom, they are all surprise to see her wandering around with a pen and paper in her hand "Arya Drottningu, Firnen Bjartskuljar what are you doing wandering around" Rhunon the blacksmith was the one who barred her way, Arya smiled "help me Rhunon-elda" she said, Rhunon noticed the words on the paper.

To my most beloved Eragon

"Get inside my house" Rhunon said as she led the queen and her dragon inside the blacksmith's house.

"What shall I do? I know I've been scorning him whenever he is trying to woe me but now it seems impossible to show it to him that I..." there were tears in her eyes, Rhunon sighed then handed her a cloth "make sure that he will see your love in every words" she put a comforting arm around Arya.

To my most beloved Eragon

I know that you are busy, I also hoped that we will see each other again, everyday I always went to the shore then look out to the sea.

It was like forever that I had to go to the side of Alageasia then hoped that you will return to me.

I wish that faith has never been this cruel, since you are younger I can't love you but I love you I truly am, may whatever gods there may be witness my helplessness.

What happened to her? The once strong Elf-Queen has surrendered herself to the flames of love but at least she has said it, You had to pour all of your feelings for him to understand, Firnen advised, Arya nodded then dipped the quill in her ink to write more, Rhunon smiled then left her alone now.

She wrote it, everything that she felt for him, in the most beautiful Elven script she wrote all the things that she wanted to write to him.

I hope that you fare well in that new Island home, I hope you are unhurt and I hope that we see each other again on the bay where you left me.

Will be and will always be yours

Arya Drottningu, Shadeslayer

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