Ayano sat straightly and tried to focus on what her teacher is discussing infront but suddenly, those words started to distract her AGAIN inside her head.

'THE HELL! Stop it! Not again!' she pondered, shaking her head.

"Ms. Kannagi," She flinched at the acidity of her teacher's tone.

'Oh crap... is it too obvious?' Ayano just stared nervously at her teacher.

"It seems something is bothering you. You may go at the guidance office to discuss your problem with the counselor." Her teacher continued in a serious voice.

"N-nothing's wrong sir—"

"Or perharps," her teacher cut her off. "someone's bothering you?"

'Someone...' Her mind wander off what had happened a week ago...

Flashback (from episode 23):

After Kazuma came back to normal, he leaned closer to Ayano, just an inch away making her blush. His lips went down to her neck causing her to be redder than before. She was shocked by what she did and was taken aback, touching her neck where he suddenly kissed.

"Be ready. I'm selfish, and I have very strong desires." Kazuma told her.

~end of flashback~

Ayano blushed by those last words. The teacher raised his brows and all her classmates were looking at her.

"W-w-what?" Ayano asked.

Her classmates started giggling, even Nanase and Yukari. Ayano glared at them and they stopped, sweatdropping.

"One more time and I'll sent you to the guidance office and consult the... well... love counselor." As he turned, "Teens these days..." he murmured and wrote something about their lesson on the board.

Ayano heard that but she just sighed thanking that the teacher didn't sent her to detention 'cause after all, she knew it all along that he was just teasing but warning her. And her classmates started to pay attention on what the teacher is writing on the board. She just read silently on what the teacher is writing to keep those words out on her mind... for a while.

After class, as always, Ayano, Nanase and Yukari were going home together. Ayano's bestfriends look at each other. Yukari smiled enigmatically at Nanase as Nanase understood what she meant by that. Then they started to sing... actually... to tease Ayano who was in the middle.

"AYANO AND KAZUMA SITTING ON A TREE. K-I-S-S-I-N-G!" Nanase and Yukari blabbered.

"CUT IT OUT!" Ayano shouted at her bestfriends.

"Fine, fine..." Yukari said.

Nanase just sighed and said, "Let's just go at the store then and eat some cake. Then afterwards, we'll head at the karaoke bar since it's weekend tomorrow. You agree guys?"

Yukari cheerfully repied, "Okay!"

"I'll pass." Ayano said.

Yukari and Nanase looked at Ayano worryingly. "Is it because of what we did?" Yukari said sadly.

"N-no! Of course not! I just don't feel it right now. You guys can go ahead without me." Ayano started to turn, "Bye!".

Nanase and Yukari waved their hands. "So, are we still going?" Nanase asked looking at Yukari. Instead of replying, Yukari asked her, "Well, how about you?". Nanase just shook her head and said "I think we'll just go home." "Yeah me too." Yukari agreed.

"I bet he's watching and heard it." Yukari continued and giggled.

'I could have just agree to go with them to avoid those thoughts but, I really wanna go home.' Ayano pondered as she was heading closer to her house. She stopped upon seeing the person who's responsible of her thinking 'what-does-he-mean-by-that' problem leaning against her house's gate, his eyes closed.

Kazuma then opened his eyes and looked at Ayano. Then he walked towards her. "You're early today princess. Tomorrow's weekend so I know that you and your two friends would've gone to some places before you head home late than usual during weekdays."

"I just want to go home already." Ayano replied passing Kazuma. She congratulates herself for not shaking while talking. Yes, she's nervous and she doesn't even know why.

Ayano was about to enter the gate when she cannot hear any footsteps behind her. She turned around and saw Kazuma still standing, facing her direction, not moving at all.

"A-aren't you coming in?" Ayano asked but her voice trembled a bit.


"No. I just make sure you went home safe princess". Kazuma replied.

Ayano's heart beats faster upon hearing him with the word SAFE. "If... I still didn't come home, are you still going to wait for me?"

"Of course. It's my job. I can look for you if I want to. You're easy to trace you know." Kazuma replied, smirking.

Ayano's heart cracked a bit when she realized he's only doing it for his job... and not for her. 'And why would he do that for me? Who am I to him anyway?' snapped her mind.

'Without money, would you do it... for me?' asked her mind next. She wanted so badly to asked it but she has no guts to asked. Who is she really is to ask it anyway? It's not appropriate... very, very inappropriate, so she swallowed her words and turned around, walking away from him and tried to speak normally. "How? Sniffing like a dog?" She didn't wait for his answer. She opened the door and upon entering the house, she immediately closed the door. She didn't had the chance to hear his reply.

"I'm always around..." A smirking Kazuma said before flying away from the Kannagi residence.