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"I'm tired!" Ayano slammed her butt in a bench.

It's been 3 hours but there's no attack of a demon yet. The full moon was still hiding behind the clouds. The people in the festival gathered together watching a 3 hour stage play before a firework display will occur exactly at midnight. From the audience's laughs, it seems the play was a comedy.

Kazuma was drawing towards Ayano, gazing at the sky. He's brows met. "Get ready princess." He suddenly said in a sharp tone.

"Eh?" Ayano wondered and then looked up to the sky. Her eyes widened.

Finally, the full moon was peeking behind the clouds, showing it slowly until it can be seen clearly. Just as the old woman said, it was color red.

"I hate to admit it but, it's beautiful." Ayano said in amazement.

"However, the demon will appear in a moment, I assume." Kazuma said, now on a flat tone.

Some of the people in the audiences saw the full moon and also adored the beauty of it. Then they drew their sight back to the play.

Kazuma sensed a light presence of a demon.

"I can sense a presence..." Ayano can also feel the demon's presence.

"It seems the demon is getting nearer and nearer." Kazuma claimed as he sensed it's getting heavier and heavier.

"We can stop the demon from destroying the festival if we could block it first." Ayano demanded to Kazuma.

Kazuma nodded. The venue of the festival was surrounded by the forest. He closed his eyes and tried to sense where the demon was possibly is. He opened his eyes.

"Over there!" Kazuma and Ayano said in unison while turning their heads at the one side of the forest.

"Let's go!" Ayano said and then she ran through the forest.

"Now we're on a mission." Kazuma said and then casted his wind to lift him up and he flew towards the forest.

Kazuma looked down and there was Ayano, running through the trees, gripping her kimono up.

'This kimono's totally hard to run with, indeed!' Shouted Ayano's mind.

Suddenly, an arm grabbed her by the waist and lifted her up to the sky. She looked up.


"Now, now... Don't tell me to let you go 'cause I might really do it. Besides, it's faster this way." Kazuma said.

Ayano just stayed quiet. Those words of Kazuma were back in her thoughts. She lowered her head.

"There it is." Kazuma suddenly said.

Ayano then washed away her thoughts and looked up to Kazuma and then to the direction he's looking at.

"It's the demon!"

"We can't just attack immediately. Let's wait here." Kazuma claimed, diverting downward.

Ayano and Kazuma went down to a branch of a tree waiting for the demon to pass by. Seconds just passed and the demon was already in front of them. It's surprisingly huge— not like most demons, its body was jelly but not until its octopus legs.

"W-what kind of demon is that?" Ayano gaped.

The demon suddenly stopped from its tracks.

"Looks like it sees us." Kazuma said.

Kazuma stared directly at the demon that seems to be staring back at him and Ayano.

Ayano glared at Kazuma and sighed. 'Acting cool again...'

Minute had passed and still, no one between the demon and them made a single move to attack.

'Why won't anyone make a move?' Ayano pondered.

"What the hell is it with the silent treatment?!" Ayano yelled while summoning her Enraiha. "Enraiha, materialize!"

After she summoned her Enraiha, the demon started to attack. Its like-octopus-legs started to strike towards the two mage.

Ayano and Kazuma jumped off the branch. The demon actually destroyed the whole tree.

"Now you lost your temper princess." Kazuma told to Ayano who's on the other side.

"Shut up! It's just because you're making it longer!" Ayano answered. She posed to attack, and then ran towards the demon.

The demon's legs aimed towards Ayano to attack. Ayano dodged and cut its leg.

"Heh. You can only attack using your octopus legs. Just a piece of cake." Ayano said with a grin.

The demon indicated an irritating sound. Kazuma and Ayano put their hands on their eyes. After seconds, it stopped.

"I'm almost going deaf by that!" Ayano said while patting her ears.

"It seems like he got furious at us." Kazuma said.

"Heh. I'll just cut all its legs off and it's done!" Ayano said. Positioning herself to attack once again.

Ayano was about to run towards the demon when its legs started turning like an ellipse. It turned faster and faster that it formed a strong blast of wind. Kazuma and Ayano used their arms to block the wind from taking them aback.

"Now Kazuma, do something will yah!" Ayano yelled.

Kazuma noticed that the legs of the demon which was still turning rapidly was drawing nearer towards them. 'So it's planning to slice us in half huh.'

Kazuma then used his wind to cut the demon's legs apart. "You're using an amount of wind but it doesn't mean it can beat mine." Kazuma mumbled to the demon.

Kazuma, who didn't move an inch, used his wind slicing all the demon's legs.

"Way to go Kazuma!" Ayano adored happily.

Kazuma smirked, but was turned to a frown afterwards. 'What the...'

"Huh?" Ayano wondered the sudden frown on Kazuma's face. She looked at the demon and her eyes widened.

The demon grew another legs in the parts where were cut. Then the legs became steel. It attempted to strike again, swipe after swipe. Kazuma and Ayano dodged every attack.

Kazuma used his wind in an attempt to perish the demon entirely but stopped. 'I think we're forgetting something...'

Ayano threw fire balls towards the demon but it was no use. The demon blocked it with its now steel legs and started to strike towards Ayano again. She dodged every attack. But while running, she accidentally stepped the end of her kimono. The legs of the demon drew closer to her. She dodged the attack but the legs ripped the ends of her kimono, showing her fair and beautiful legs. The demon continued attacking her. Ayano's bun loosened and her long pink hair flown on her back. The next thing she heard while dodging attacks were cloths tearing apart.

"Why you..." When Ayano dodged the next attack, she jumped on one of the legs of the demon, making her way to the upper part of it and then she jumped again. "Hahhhh!" She aimed on the eye of the demon, pushing through her Enraiha.

Ayano was about to blow fires inside the demon's eye when the demon's legs was about to hit her. She quickly pulled her Enraiha out and jumped. She forgot that the demon was too huge that she didn't notice she was about to land almost feet on the ground. She shut her eyes to get ready of landing her butt that will surely be painful— but instead, a blast of wind caught her off guard.

"Kazuma!" Ayano gasped.

Kazuma drew Ayano closer towards him, still using his wind lifting the fire mage. Ayano landed her feet on the ground. "Now, don't be reckless princess." Kazuma told her.

The demon grunted in pain and then it weakens. It turned away and seemed to make its escape.

"It's getting away!" Ayano pointed her Enraiha towards the back of the demon. "Get back here you coward!"

Kazuma held her hands aside.

"Kazuma?" Ayano looked at Kazuma, wondering why he stopped her. "Why did you stop me? It's getting away."

"If you kill the demon, we will never know where the children are. I'm sure they're at its home." Kazuma said.

"Let's trace the demon then." The Enraiha disappeared on Ayano's hand and was about to run after the demon when Kazuma took off his haori and wore it on Ayano.

"Huh?" Ayano was confused.

"You will never know what other guys think upon seeing you in that state." Kazuma told her.

Ayano looked down at herself. The sleeves of her kimono were torn as well as the end of her kimono. Her kimono was partly cut and her cleavage was showing. Ayano blushed, crossing her arms and then gripped the haori Kazuma gave her. "Pervert!"

Kazuma sighed. "It'll be much more appreciated if you thank me. Anyway, let's go." He casted his wind to lift them and followed the demon.

The demon walked through the darkness throughout the forest. It entered a cave. Kazuma and Ayano landed on the ground.

"It must be living here." Ayano concluded.

Cries echoed from the cave.

"It must be the children!" Ayano said. "Come on. Let's save them!"

Ayano and Kazuma ran inside the cave and froze by what they saw. They saw the children— stuck all together in a web!

"I-is that demon supposed to be a spider or an octopus?" Ayano mumbled to herself.

The demon's steel legs began turning like a drill. It's drawing through a kid.

"SOMEBODY HELP ME! HELP ME! Otou-san! Oka-san!" The little boy who seemed was about to eat by the demon cried. He noticed Ayano and Kazuma behind the demon. "'Nee-chan! 'Nii-chan! Please! Help! Help us!"

"Help us! 'Nii-chan! 'Nee-chan!" All the kids plead next.

"So that's why it's weakening. It needs a heart." Kazuma concluded.

Ayano blew fires at the back of the demon but it didn't hurt the demon. Instead, it stopped and turned to the two mage.

"How could you kill innocent children!" Ayano yelled. "Enraiha, materialize!" She posed into fighting position. "You will pay for this!"

Ayano ran to attack. The demon swayed and dug its leg one after another. Ayano dodged every attack and attempted to slash the demon's legs. But unfortunately, the legs were too hard. The demon spitted at Ayano and it landed on Ayano's toe.

"W-why you dirty—" She was about to make a step when she can't move her toes. She was stuck! 'What the...' She tried to move her legs but didn't succeed. "So this is what made the children stuck on that so called web!"

The demon's attention then drew towards Kazuma. It started to dig its legs towards Kazuma's abdomen. Kazuma gripped on the part of his belly and dodged the attack. The demon continued attacking him. Kazuma dodged every attack while still gripping his belly.

Ayano noticed Kazuma guarding something through his yukata but didn't matter thus he yelled at him.

"Kazuma,what are you doing?! Finish it already!"

"You're too excited princess." Kazuma chuckled. "Well okay then..." He chopped the demon fully using his wind.

"Bingo!" Ayano smiled widely.

But then, the demon rearranged itself.

Ayano's eyes widened. "J-just what kind of demon is this?"

"Tsk." Kazuma gritted his teeth.

"I'm enough of this! Die already you stupid demon!" She used her Enraiha in dissolving the saliva-turned into a stone-like-glue that stuck her toes. She threw fireballs behind the demon. But still, there was no use.

The demon turned towards her and walked closer. Ayano stepped aback.

"Now what..." Ayano asked herself.

The demon's eyes gleamed. Ayano was staring through its eyes and suddenly, she flinched. The emotions on her eyes turned into heartless orbs. The demon suddenly turned into a fog and surrounded Ayano. She took a step towards Kazuma.

Kazuma noticed this.


Ayano took another step.

"What did you do to her?!"

Ayano opened her mouth. A voice came out from it but she's not moving her lips at all.

"Hehehe... I'm weakening so I use her. Now it's impossible for you to hurt her, can you?" A geeky voice of the demon told him. Then a laugh was heard afterwards.

With the demon controlling her, Ayano drew her Enraiha. "Now perish human!" She closed her mouth and aimed towards Kazuma.

"You coward!" He shouted to the demon. He was already furious. He gripped his belly and dodged every attack.

"Ayano! Wake up!" he told her, still dodging.

"Hehe... There's no way you can wake her up unless I let her go. But, I'll kill you first by using her body then I'll let her go and kill her too afterwards. Then I can enjoy a nice meal!"

Kazuma clenched his fist.

He stopped dodging. "You bastard! Give me back MY Ayano!"

"Not a chance!" The demon said. Controlling Ayano, she was about to use her Enraiha in finishing Kazuma up when Kazuma gripped her wrist that was holding the Enraiha in midair to stop her.

"Ayano..." He murmured in a husky voice.

Kazuma's mind suddenly wandered off on what had happened to Tsui-Linguntil she was replicated as Lapis. He then looked straight at Ayano's heartless eyes. He then lowered his head.

"It's because I can't protect her... A promise that I didn't fulfill... It's my entire fault... but...but...this time... for you, I will not fail... forever..."

"Die!" The demon screamed inside her. The controlled Ayano attempted to finish him up by forced.


Kazuma pulled her closer to him and grabbed her by the waist and suddenly, their lips met— forming a passionate kiss. The beautiful fireworks also bombarded outside the cave.

The kiss lasted longer than 10 seconds. The fog got away from her body. The Enraiha vanished in thin air and Ayano turned back to normal. Her eyes widened and her face was as red as a tomato.

At that moment, two hearts beat as one.

'Kazuma! He...'

Be ready. I'm selfish, and I have very strong desires.

She snapped at the thought and pushed Kazuma away from her. What she did next was slapped him the hardest she can. She was shocked at what she did.

A red mark was shown on Kazuma's left cheek where Ayano slapped. His bangs covered his eyes.

'Oh no. I was surprised that I didn't control myself from slapping him!' She pondered panicky.

"K-Kazuma... I... I..." Ayano tried to explain.

Cries were heard afterwards. Ayano turned around and saw the demon, back to its original form, was walking towards the children. The demon was obviously weakening.

"Help us! Please! Help us! Nii-chan! Nee-chan!" The children cried in unison.

Ayano ran towards the children and blocked them.

"I won't let you do it you freak!" Ayano shouted with all her heart. She stretched her hand and opened her palm indicating to throw fireball at the demon.


Ayano threw a huge fireball towards the demon— but this time it's not the ordinary flame but the heroic crimson flame! It reached the demon and this time, it burned completely.

Ayano smiled in relief. A wind slashed the web, surely Kazuma's, and freed the children. The children ran towards Ayano and hugged her crying in joy.

"It's okay now. It's all over." Ayano assured them, patting their heads.

"Ayano! Kazuma!" Kirika shouted at them while running towards them with her agents and some cops.

"Detective Tachibana! How did you find us here?" Ayano asked.

"I noticed a crimson color lightened the sky in this part when we're on our way." Kirika explained.

"You also contacted your agents. How about the cops? Why did you call for them?" Ayano asked again, in a whisper.

"Actually, I contacted my agents here for assistance and I also contacted the cops for them to bring back the children to their parents. Don't worry I told them that both of you are private investigators." Kirika stated.

"Can I ask you a few questions sir?" One of the cops asked Kazuma.

Ayano slowly took a glimpse at Kazuma.

"So where did the suspect go sir?" The cop asked.

"He ran away." Kazuma simply replied.

"What? U-uhhh, can you at least describe him?" The cop asked, a bit perplexed.

Kazuma looked straightly at Ayano as she quickly averted her eyes. Kazuma then turned on his back and started to walk away. "Don't try to find him. He's not going to do it ever again."

"What? But sir! Wait—" the cop was cut off by Kirika.

"Just let it go Mr. Policeman." Kirika said.

"But..." The cop tried to insist but gave up. "Fine." He sighed.

The other cop interviewed one of the children.

"It's a monster! It was so scary! So huge!" The kid even acted as the demon. The others nodded in unison.

The cop sighed. "Okay, I get it. All of you are traumatized so let's leave it here."

"But, but it's true!" One of the children insisted.

Ayano looked at Kazuma's back with a frown face.


"Ayano, aren't you coming?" Kirika looked curiously at her.

"Uh... Uhhh... I'm coming." Ayano and Kirika walked out from the cave.

"The private plane is waiting. Your luggage are already there." Kirika said.

One of the agents told them that he already told Kazuma where the private plane was, so he flew ahead to the location. Ayano and Kirika got in a car while Ayano was deep in thought on what had happened earlier. She stared at her palm she used in slapping Kazuma and then clenched in to a fist.


She was very guilty for what she did— and she needs to confront him, ASAP.

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