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I warn you now that the story is going to have a slow start. Also I apologize if I butcher the Yautja language.

thought '...'

speaking "..."

Somewhere in Lho La Ice Fall in Nepal

Alexa "Lex" Woods point of view

'Uh just a few more feet' I thought, taking a deep breath as I slammed my ice axe into the side of the mountain. BEEEP BEEP my phone blared startling me. 'Shit' I thought as I lost my footing. The ice started to break off as I slide down the wall a bit. A small gasp escaping my mouth before I quickly found my footing stabbing the ice with my spike shoes, clipping into the wall I touched my earpiece answering my phone.

"Hello" I say grabbing onto my ice axe again.

"Ms. Woods pleasure to make your acquaintance" said a polite if not arrogant voice that held some type of accent.

"Who is this?" I ask as I start climbing trying to remember if I know anyone with this type of voice.

"My name is Maxwell Stafford I represent Weyland industry."

I scoffed "Let me guess he is suing us again" I say half joking even though the grip on my ice axe tightened as I thought about all trouble Welyand's bogus lawsuits have caused me over the years. I lifted myself up moving a little bit further onto the ledge.

"You misunderstand Mr. Weyland has offered to fund the organization that you are affiliated with for a whole year if you meet with him." I pause for a moment confused at such an offer. 'This can't be for real?' I thought 'There has to be a catch and a pretty big one for him to make such an offer.'

"When?" I asked, trying to keep moving.

"Tomorrow." Answered the voice, I wanted to laugh, but only allowed a small chuckle to escape.

"Impossible it will take me a week to get back to the world." I say as I finally reach the ledge and pull myself up.

"Yes I told Mr. Wayland that, he said he doesn't have a week." As I pulled myself over the ledge I could tell that the voice had gotten a lot closer and that there seemed to be an echo.

I look up and saw a tall African American man standing maybe about six feet in black clothes and a Weyland helicopter behind him. 'Oh you got to be kidding me?' I thought, as I watch this guy…Maxwell close his phone.

I pulled myself off the floor and checked to make sure I had all my equipment before walking over to this man. He had a go-t and appeared slightly arrogant, but somehow still elegant or is the word I'm looking for is in control. I scowled as I thought about how I hate these types of guys. They are always rash and believe they know best. 'This should be interesting.' I thought as I stood in front of him.

"Mrs. Woods like I said before it's a pleasure-" I raise my hand cutting the man off.

"If we could just get to the point of why Weyland industry needs my assistance that would be nice." The man just raises his eyebrows clearly not used to people interrupting him. I did my best not to smile at that, however before I could relish in the moment he recollected himself continuing on as if nothing had happened.

"Weyland industry would like to have you assist us on a expedition." I look at him, for some reason a bad feeling started to form in the pit of my stomach. It could just be because Weyland industry is a multi-billion dollar company. They practically own or create everything produced on the market.

"What type of exhibition?" I asked skeptical. The man only smiled

"A once in a life time one…now if you please Ms. Wood" he says pointing to the helicopter "Mr. Weyland himself will discuss the details with you."

I paused for a moment. 'Its only a meeting what's the worse thing that could happen?' I thought, nodding my head at Mr. Maxwell as I walk towards the helicopter and open the door.