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Evi point of view

I didn't know where I was or what was going on. I didn't know who was alive and who was dead and it was really starting to piss me off. 'I hate not being in control' I thought, as I walk down the corridor the only light coming from my flashlight on my gun.

'Trapped like a rat in a maze with the only sounds coming from far off screams and my shoes…perfect nothing out of the normal here.' I pressed my back to the wall as I rounded a corner…clear.

I walked a few more feet until I heard a gun go off. 'Lex' I thought, running towards the sound my hand tightening around my gun. I kept running, but I didn't find anyone. 'Damn it the sounds in this pyramid echo, they could be anywhere in this pyramid.' I thought, stopping as I heard some heavy sounds come from up above. 'Sounds like someone is getting beat into a wall…either way the steps are to heavy to be Lex's or anyone on our teams for that matter' I thought, shifting to my left to try and follow the sounds that seem to be coming from above. 'Could these be the guys that took out Mr. Quinn.' I thought, spinning in place, as the noise above seemed to shift. When the pyramid had started to move everything had started to piece together. Mr. Quinn and his team must have ran into trouble from above and they started this damn shifting, I wasn't sure what they wanted, but us dead seemed to be one of them. A sense of dread came over me as I thought of what I'm sure was Mr. Quinn's last breath. 'In the end I couldn't help them' I thought sighing as I moved to the left now.

The shiver that went down my back became worse when the sounds from up above stopped. I paused straining my ears to try and hear anything. I heard a bit of shuffling, but I could tell that the footsteps were getting farther away. Part of me wanted to run away, but the other part knew that I need to meet these intruders 'After all they may have seen Lex…if they hurt her' a growl came from my throat as the pyramid shook. I could hear rocks falling and the sound was very close.

I cautiously walked towards the noise. I could hear a hissing roaring type of sound and as I walked closer it became louder. I paused taking a deep breath when I found the entrance of another room. I kept my back towards the wall not really sure what I would find, but not taking any chances. The room was covered in skulls and other bones, which made walking rather difficult. My light only showing enough to see right in front of me and right in front of me was piles and piles of bones.

That when I heard it, the sound of something breaking. The sound of something being hissing, a screech echoing in the room followed by a thump.

I walked in shuffling my feet to make sure that if anything did come at me I was stable. That's when I saw it whatever the hell it is. The thing was big, black, screeching, and straight out of the drawing from the walls. 'More like from a horror movie' I thought, looking at this monster in front of me. It raised its head, its tail swinging back and forth violently something green at the end of it. It had something pinned, but I couldn't see what it was. It was buried in the pile of bones. 'If its part of my team I need to save it, and if it's an intruder I need information…either way I need to get involved.' I cursed before continuing on hating my choices.

I walked closer trying my hardest to stay quiet which was difficult seeing as how I was stepping on bones. Right as the monster was about to strike, I fired. One shot in his side, another one closer to his neck. I knew better to shot blind, but the monster was dark and blended in very well into the shadows. The only thing making it easy to see was the green criss cross patch on its head. So I aimed for his head.

It screeched again, its mouth open only to show off another mouth that was snapping at me. I aimed for the inner mouth, but it moved back into the darkness. I could hear its retreating steps and the growl in its throat. 'Damn something tells me that things gonna be a problem later on.' I thought lowering my gun, the clip nearly empty. 'Is that what took out Mr. Quinn? Is that the thing that is causing the echo screams.' I thought, as I grounded my teeth in irritation. 'It seems like I'm getting more questions than answers.'

That was until I heard the shifting of bones. I raised my gun again, not completely sure whether the person I saved was friend or foe.

It stood up and I tried to keep my mouth from gaping opening. Standing in front of me was definitely not...not…not human. This thing was covered in a gray armor, standing about 7 feet tall, dreadlocks hanging down to mid-back. He was massive, body made of pure muscle that was covered by netting and armor. His mask was damaged by a claw mark over his right side, but that just seemed to add to the intimidation factor. Not like the giant groves on the mouth section that resemble sharp teeth made him any more inviting.

For a moment all it did was stare at me. It took a step forward and without thinking I got into a defensive stance raising my gun. It still just stared at me. I'm sure if it wanted to it could kill me it could in a second. 'So we have a serpent type of alien and a monster on steroids…great just freakintastic.'

That's when the sound of stone moving reached my ears. I looked around and noticed that the room was shifting. I didn't dare move, but this whole staring at each other in darkness and silence was getting unnerving. Before I could even look for an exit the stone stopped shifting, taking a quick look to my left and than my right I noticed that there were no exits in this new room. My gripped tightened on my gun and a frustration growl passed my lips.

'It hasn't kill me yet…and it does realize I just saved its life…can't believe I'm going to do this.' I sighed looking at the seven-foot creature before lowering my gun to my side. "Who are you? What do you want?"

For a moment there was a pause and a low clicking noises, as the seven-foot tall walking statue titled his head. That's when I heard my voice played back on a type of machine "Who are you? What do you want?" I groaned, "I asked you first." Again it just repeated me "I asked you first."

I couldn't help it I slapped the palm of my hand to my forehead. "Lets try this again" I mumbled, "Have you seen other people like me?" He paused again. 'I swear if he replays my voice again I'm going to shot him.' I thought, but to my surprise he nods.

"You have met others like me" He nodded "Was one a girl, in a red jacket." He paused again and nodded. "Where…where did you see her." Pause and looked up at the ceiling I followed his gaze. It was the new ceiling that had had a gaping hole in it before the pyramid shifted.

"Great just freakin great…I was so close to finding Lex and than this had to happen. Like its not bad enough that I'm in front of a hunting like alien with a serpent like thing out there." I cut off my rant when my voice played back to me "Who are you? What do you want?"

I pause debating whether I really was going to be on a first name bases with a monster. "My name is…Evita, but people call me Evi." I sighed again and walked up to the hunter like being. I watched as his shoulder muscles tensed, but his head tilted in curiosity. I was probably a foot from him when I outstretched my hand. Again some clicking noise as he leaned in to get a better look at me. It was awkward, just standing like that while a freakin giant is hovering over you.

It looked at its claw like hand and than at mine. It hesitated before placing his hand in mine. His hand enveloped mine completely, and even through the gloves I could feel his claw like nails as they took my wrist. That's when I felt the heat as well, we were in Antarctica underground and he felt like we were in a jungle. My voice played back "Evi" it said.

I nodded "What do you want?" it repeated.

I paused…his hand tightening around my own. Whether to hurt me or to trap me I wasn't sure. "At first we wanted to explore the pyramid, to go down in history for a new find, but now all I want to do if find my friends and get the hell out of here." He paused again "What do you want?" I ask going back to my original question trying to look intimidating even though I was trapped.

He paused before giving a small roar with a computer repeat of the word "Hunting." His fists were clenched and his head was pointed upward as his loud roar echoed.

"Great…just freakin great…hunting…" I gave a dry laugh before throwing my free arms in the air "of course what else would monster like warriors be doing here, but hunting and just what exactly do you plan on hunting us of the serpent."

It looked at me head cocked to the side, before saying something that I can only assume was its own voice since it wasn't robotic and was more of a growl than a voice. "Kainde Amedha" he said, releasing my hand.

"Ka..in..inde Am..edha" I said trying to make the same sound but finding it difficult. "You mean the serpent like things." He nods. "Do you hunt humans?"


"Humans" I said trying to correct him.

"Ooman" he said again this time with a little growl.

I sighed "Yes Ooman…do you hunt us?"

There was an awkward moment before he nodded his head. I'm not gonna lie I had to suppress a shiver when he nodded. "Did you kill the ooman above us?" again he nodded and this time I grabbed my gun taking a step back.

"Than why haven't you killed me?" My gun was still in its holster, but I wasn't letting go of it.

Before I knew it he was taking a step towards me. As much as I wanted to run away I knew there was nowhere to run to so there was really no point in trying. Instead I just stood there wondering if this was how I was going to die. 'Of course with my luck I would save the thing that ends up killing me' I thought, as I watch him walk until it was in my personal space.

I practically jumped out of my skin when he just suddenly dropped to his knee. His head and eyes were lowered; one of his fists on the ground another hand on his knee. He made a loud clicking noise as he twitched his head. "No kill you," said the robotic voice different tones and voice "life debt." I'm not sure what was weirder listening to his real voice that was menacing and animalistic or the computer version that reminded me of Bubble Bee from transformer.

He was still on his knees, but he looked up at me and repeated his robotic statement "Won't kill you. Owe life debt."

I sighed, "Are there more of you?" He nodded his head.

"I don't care about this life debt or what you think you owe me. I just want to find my friend what's left of the team and get out of this damn place." The hunter still hadn't moved from his place. We just stared at each other at least I think he was I couldn't tell with the mask.

"Will you get up already…I don't need a bodyguard, I perfectly capable of taking care of myself. I just need some help finding my friend. " The hunter still stayed on the ground and for a moment I thought he didn't understand me.

Until he stood up straighter on his knee his fist coming up to his chest "life debt…bodyguard."

"Nooo that's not…uhh…you know what do what you want just don't get in my way." I snapped officially done. Not only was I dealing with something that wasn't human it also happened to be the murder that killed the drilling team, but oh lucky me it doesn't want to kill me oh no it want to protect me because of some stupid life debt. 'Yup I'm going to deeply regret this.' I thought as I felt the stone start to rubble again.

I stood in front of the hunter and extended my hand even though I knew he didn't need my help getting up. "Come on you came to hunt and I have somebody I need to find. So get up."

The hunter took my hand, but placed no pressure on it as he got up. "Life debt. Hunt serpents" this time the robotic voice was my own.

"Yeah yeah lets just try to make it out of this alive." That said the room was finished changing and there was only one-way out. The hunter let go of my hand and looked at me as I took out my gun. "Well lets get started than shall we." As I looked up at him and him down at me a certain understanding was made, with a short nod we headed out.