Chapter 8

a/n some of this is gonna be from Devon's POV so you can see why he's doing this to Drake. But Drakes Gonna have some POV as well.

Chapter 8

Devon's POV

I moved the belt away from his cheek and sat the knife down and watched him get used to the coolness of the blade. After 15 seconds I tilted the blade and scratched it down from his nose to near the earlobe. I heard him hiss in pain which I enjoyed.

I lifted his shirt to show his back and stood up straight. I raised the belt and brought it down on his back.

I hated my son with everything I owned. He ruined my life. My perfect life with Audrey. The girl of my dreams, you see we meet each other in university and had been together since then. But then ten years ago that son of a bitch had to come and ruin the whole thing. I wanted a daughter as my first and maybe only child. But no it was to good to be true. So from then on I treated him like he deserved for wrecking my vision of a happy family. He deserved everything he got if not more.

After 20-30 strokes I was feeling a bit tired so I raised the belt one more time and brought it down as hard as I could. I heard him groan in pain and pleasured myself with that.

I took the knife again and scratched him over and over again. All over his back for five minutes. I could see the blood roll down his sides and unto the ground underneath him.

I rolled him unto his back and heard him hiss. Ha, I thought. I looked up into his fear-filled eyes of my so-called-son. I took a look over my sons face and seen the blood had dried up on his face. He had my hair colour and that was it. Everything else was hers. The eyes. Shape. Cheekbones everything. Her forgiving, chocolate brown eyes.

That was when I had the idea. Why not write three words that -in my eyes- summed him up completely. I pulled his shirt up and seen his flat stomach.

"You should go on a diet Drake, you look like a pig." I said heartlessly.

Truth be told he was quite a skinny boy. But a well, who cares. He's my son and no one else's I can say things to him no one else could say and get away with it.

I sat on his legs so he could kick and squirm as much and started scratching those three words into his body and mind so they could never fade.

Drakes POV

I started squirming, trying to get him to stop. But nothing worked he just scratched and scratched.

After 45 minutes he was finished and I had passed out. I was rudely awoken by a very cold bucket of water over my face. Devon walked out of the room and into his laughing at my sudden reaction.

Shit, he's gonna see some of my 'cuts' and scars' on my wrists. I thought.

I tried to get his attention but it was hard work because I couldn't shout out. So I tried to kick the wall and at last he came in.

"what do you want bitch? Its late I want some sleep for the big day tomorrow." he hissed while un doing the belt from my mouth.

"please can I have a drink of water, Sir?" Putting the emphasis on the word Sir.

"fine as long as your quiet for the rest of the night you Son Of A Bitch!" he shouted.

I nodded my head relieved that I would be getting a drink. He walked into the kitchen and turned the tap on and of and then walked back in.

He grabbed me by my neck and roughly pulled me up so I could drink. He tipped the cup up and poured the water down my throat. I started choking and it all came back up and squirted over Devon.

I bit my tongue trying to keep the laughter inside so I had to fake cough to let it go. I didn't want any more punishments tonight.

"You did that on purpose you wee bitch. Just wait until tomorrow and then your gonna get it!" he roared in my ear.

He kicked my side making me roll over unto the fresh cuts. I hissed and he laughed and slammed the door closed behind him as he made his way to the bedroom again. I pushed myself up a bit so I could see what had made the pain shoot up my side.

There quite clearly was three words that summed me up in my own 'fathers' eyes.



A Mistake….

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