Hey guys! First off, apologies to those who are waiting on "A Beast and his Doctor", I'm actually in Japan at the moment and havn't been able to update. Sorry! This story I wrote during my train journeys on my phone. The memo's only take 1500 characters so I had to copy and paste them all into an email and then check all the spelling errors I made on the touch keyboard...oh well.

Anyways this is a nice bit of fluff I have been thinking over since I watched Galileo the other day...watching it with no subs is hard! You have to guess what's going on...

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An illness called Galileo

Utsumi Kaoru outwardly hated when she got these kinds of cases: the weird and the wonderful. Inwardly, she eagerly awaited the next one. It wasn't the actually cases she enjoyed, they were interesting enough but frequently had gruesome deaths or blood that caused her stomach to turn. No, it was the fact that frequently neither she, nor her partner understood what on earth had gone on! That was when the best part happened (not that she would admit this to anyone, even on pain of death). Utsumi would have to make her way down to Teito University, flash her police badge about to avoid being flirted with by adolescents and climb the foreboding stairs down to the basement labs. She had learnt to knock by now, to make sure she wasn't going to knock over, or more importantly get knocked out by, an experiment. It used to be a common occurrence before getting a severe shouted at by the lab assistant. His name always slipped her mind, but she didn't care. He always talked down to her as if she were 3 again. It was horrible! However he was just a minor obstacle in the grand scheme of things - the key to the case usually stood inside, writing complex equations on the huge blackboard or sat at his computer drinking his horrid tasting coffee.

The case Utsumi had in her hand was no different. Some guy had died in a locked room and they had no idea how. Embedded deep in his heart were a large number of pieces of glass. They had pierced his heart and he'd bled to death - it wouldn't have been a quick death. She had nearly discovered her lunch again as soon as they had reached the crime scene but had recovered enough to see the crime scene (her partner had not been so lucky). The man was lying in the middle of a room; one tiny window lit a square of light in the centre of the room as if spotlighting the body. The room had been locked from the inside and the body had only been found after a caretaker had broken down the door.

Now Utsumi was facing the door she knew so well, the faint sound of students in the throes of complex equations leaked through the door. She knocked, softly at first, and then slightly louder with a friendly 'konnichiwa' thrown in for good measure. She was being ignored. Annoyed, Utsumi pushed open the door to find the usual scene of the small group of physics students experimenting away in the middle of the room. As she approached them, the lab assistant appeared out of nowhere.

"What do you want? You're not supposed to be in here," he was talking down to her again.

"I came to speak to Yukawa-sensei. It's about a case and we need his advice."

She shouldn't have to keep explaining this to him; she was in there that often.

"He's busy at the moment. You shouldn't be interrupting his work."

"Well, when will he be free? I can wait, or come back if it's a little while," he wasn't going to fob her off that easily!

"Ah, Yukawa-sensei?" it was one of the students who had overheard their conversation, "he's ill today. I think it was a combination of overworking and a cold he caught off of one of us."

The lab assistant glared at the student who just glared back. She was one of the few people on the class who hated the lab assistant more than Utsumi.

"Is here any way i can find him, we really need his help and we only need a few minutes of his time!" Utsumi said, trying not to let the desperation show in her voice. Without Yukawa-sensei, they would never solve the case and it would just sit in a cold case file.

"Sorry, i can't help you there. He never tells any of us where he lives, it's just mail."

The student looked apologetic, but the lab assistant just looked cross.

"Just leave him alone! I don't know why you need to bother him when he's feeling sick. In fact I don't see why you bother him at all. He doesn't need to be involved with the police when he's got so much work to do."

Utsumi was getting annoyed. She would get nowhere in here, and so decided to try asking the main reception. Surely they would know.

At the desk she showed her police badge and said she needed to see Yukawa-sensei urgently and on police business. They were only too happy to oblige, as well as a few jealous looks from the reception women (some of which were far too old to be chasing after him).

Unsurprisingly, the address was for a block of very upmarket flats. If her salary was bigger she might have considered buying one, but at the moment her small apartment would have to do. With a thank you and goodbye to the reception ladies, Utsumi headed off to seek out Yukawa-sensei.

Looking up at the apartments made Utsumi envy them even more! They each had a huge glass window that overlooked the beautiful city landscape.

'I'd love to see that at night,' Utsumi said, dreamily, and then blushed from ear to ear as she realised what the implications of that wish meant. She shook her head to get rid of the thought and lend forward to find Yukawa-sensei's buzzer. She pressed it, holding her breath.

"It's Yukawa. Who is this?" he sounded tired and drained. Utsumi suddenly felt a little guilty about bothering him.

"It's Utsumi. I had a case but you sound really tired. I guess you really are ill. I'll come back later."

She was about to leave when Yukawa-sensei's voice sounded again on the end of the tannoy.

"Come on up. Just knock when you get to my apartment, it's 3025."

This time he sounded begrudging, but also like he needed something to do, so as a buzzer sounded and the door opened, Utsumi made her way up. Even the elevator seemed fancy in the apartment block. It had mirrors on every wall, so Utsumi quickly checked to see that her hair wasn't too messy before exiting the elevator.

When Yukawa-sensei opened his door, he was unlike any time she'd ever seen him.

He had a t-shirt and pyjamas on, and his hair was mussed up as if he'd just been sleeping (which he probably had been), his glasses were also askew since they'd been hastily put on. Utsumi tried to hold in the urge to flatten his hair, or sort his glasses out, or just stare at this totally different person.

"Urgh, you. You better come in then," he said, motioning her to follow him into the apartment.

If it had looked big from the outside, it was nothing compared to its actually size. How could one person need so much room? There was a sprawling lounge, sparsely furnished, a large galley kitchen and a few doors leading off to unknown places. Utsumi couldn't help but be curious as to what lay behind them, but managed to rein her curiosity in.

"Go on then, show me the case," said the tired voice from behind her.

She handed him the file and he took it to the kitchen table, motioning for her to sit down before he took a seat on the opposite side of the table. There was an awkward silence as he stared at the file in front of him; Utsumi inwardly prepared to curse her own stupidity as he came out with some ridiculously simple solution but none came. She looked up to see Yukawa-sensei fast asleep, his head leaning on his hands and a frown furrowing his brow. She leant over to prod him (to see if he really was asleep), when she properly caught sight of his face. In the dim light of the entranceway she hadn't noticed anything out of the ordinary, but in the light his face was flushed.

Utsumi placed a gentle hand on his brow only to find it excruciatingly hot. How had he not noticed? How had she not seen the warning signals? She had to get him to cool down, so she rushed to the kitchen and ran one of the tea towels under a cold tap before rushing back to the table. Clearing the case out of the way, she tried to get the tea towel onto his forehead but it just wouldn't stay! She somehow had to get him to lie down. There was no way she could get him to his bed (she had no idea which door it was) so she settled for the sofa, it was closer. Utsumi put on arm around his waist and his arm over her shoulder to take his weight. With such a skinny frame, she thought he would be lighter but under all that lab coat he was well built. She guessed all the badminton and squash had paid off. He probably found it funny that there was an exact science to winning. He usually found odd things funny like that. Right now though, that well built body was causing her major problems. It took her 5 minutes to reach the sofa and then lower him down slowly, so as not to wake him, before dashing back to the kitchen table to grab the cool tea towel. His forehead was still scorching and his face flushed, so she continued to dab at his face and neck in an attempt to cool him. She didn't even notice how fast the time had gone; the sky had darkened and the lights of the city illuminated the skyscape. From the sofa she had an excellent view of the city - she got her wish.

For once she was glad it was a Friday, so she wouldn't have to crawl into the office in the morning. It was getting so late that she figured it would be best to just stay and make sure Yukawa-sensei was ok. So she just stayed sat by the sofa occasionally dabbing at his face and staring at the lights moving around like fireflies, her eyelids slowly drooping, until finally she gave in to sleep.

Yukawa awoke at his usual hour, confused as to why he was on the sofa, why there was a damp patch on his chest and why there was a slight pressure on his stomach. He moved carefully and squinted a little in the early morning light, then nearly fell off the sofa in surprise when he saw Utsumi-san asleep on his chest. Slowly, he remembered her arriving at his flat with a case file she was confused over, he'd invited her in and then must have fallen asleep. He was sure he was at the table, looking at the case when he nodded off...so how did he get to the sofa? He looked at the table, then at Utsumi-san, then back at the table. How on earth did she get him across to the sofa? He was a physics nut; he knew what kind of strength it took to haul him across the room. He almost had a new respect for her. Almost. Yukawa wasn't going to be swayed that easily. That was, until he saw what had caused the damp patch on his chest. In Utsumi-san's grasp was a damp tea towel. He must have had a fever while he'd been asleep and she'd cooled him down. No one had done that since he was a child.

Yukawa looked closer at the sleeping Utsumi. Her brow was furrowed, as if she were in the middle of a difficult problem, and she occasionally let out small sighs of exhaled breath. Suddenly, the furrow disappeared and a small smile appeared on Utsumi's face.


Utsumi mumbled in her sleep and Yukawa tried to suppress a laugh. She even thought of him in her sleep. A strange flip happened in Yukawa's stomach but he tried to ignore it, until the mumbling continued.

"Hmm...glasses...very sexy...nice eyes"

A rare smile formed on Yukawa's face and, quite out of character, he leant closer. He could see the small mouth with perfectly shaped lips. Very symmetrical. He could see the patterns in her hair and formulas in her face. Like brushing the maths and physics aside, Yukawa moved the hair from Utsumi's forehead and placed a light kiss on her forehead (so as not to wake her) and then shimmied out from underneath her head (not an easy task). When he was stood up, he turned to face the sleeping Utsumi-san and, looking at the strange position she'd ended up in, decided she would probably complain less when she woke up if she was on the sofa. He carefully slipped one arm under her knees and another around her back, lifting her up in a princess hold. Sensing warmth, Utsumi-san snuggled into Yukawa and he stiffened as she bunched the material of his t-shirt in her hands. He attempted to lay her down on the sofa, but she was still clinging on tightly.

Utsumi started at the closeness of his voice and, opening her eyes, blushed violently at the even closer proximity of his face.


She couldn't quite get any other comprehensible words out, so she stuck with monosyllables.

Yukawa-sensei didn't seem to notice her blush, but when he stood up Utsumi could have sworn the tips of his ears were slightly red. Reaching the table he grabbed her case file, pulled Utsumi up by her elbow and shoved her towards the door. Utsumi had a moment of confusion before she managed to get out a "what are you doing?" before he had pushed her to the door.

"Your answers on the file. I want to get on with my marking. Goodbye."

Utsumi didn't even get a chance to say goodbye before she was unceremoniously shoved out of the door. She sighed, tucked the case file under her arm and headed home.