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It was another Friday at the police station and usually Utsumi looked forward to these. Today however was different. All day Utsumi had slowly been getting iller and iller. In the morning she felt a little groggy but she assumed it was normal Friday symptoms. This should have been a warning sign for what was to come: the inability to even glance at her lunch, the pounding headache and the slight fever. Still, she didn't think she was actually ill and so carried on work regardless of how bad she was feeling. Just after lunch, they got a call to another one of those stupid cases. She was still cross about Yukawa-sensei's ridiculous ability to solve her cases within minutes. This time, however, she had no choice. The team were stumped and had begged her to go to 'Galileo'. So she packed up her stuff and began her usual commute to Teito University and down to the basement labs. She took the stairs slowly because her headache was causing her to feel dizzy; she still hadn't caught onto the fact that she might just be ill...

The whole affair was over quickly, as she had expected. He'd looked at the case for two minutes, reeled off some complicated formulas and then simplified it for her. In the end the answer was so complicated she had to write it down and asked him to repeat it at LEAST 3 times. He didn't look impressed. As soon as she had it, she said her thank you's and hastened out of the room, only to be hit by a wave of nausea as soon as the door had closed.

She leant against the wall and sat down, her vision blurring a bit.

"I must have caught whatever Yukawa-sensei had. Damn," she muttered to herself, "I'll just have to sleep it off over the weekend..."

She tried to stand, but every time she tried the nausea hit her again. She decided to stay put and wait until the nausea had passed.

Yukawa was happy to be leaving the university early that evening. It had been a ridiculous week with just about everything going wrong, and then the policewoman had shown up just before he was about to finish. He was eager to return home and almost missed the pair of shoes sticking out from behind the pipe work next to the lab. He cautiously approached, only to find the policewoman fast asleep. He only had to see her flushed face up close to be able to tell that she was ill - probably with the same thing he'd had the previous week.

"Oy! Keisatsu-san, Keisatsu-san! The hallway isn't the place for a nap."

With each few words he gently shook her shoulder, increasing the strength until she finally stirred.

"Huh? What? What time is it? I have to hand this stupid case in before I can go home. Crap!"

Utsumi snapped out of her confusion and leapt to her feet, only to stumble and nearly fall back down again. She was caught by an unexpectedly gentle arm that stopped her from hitting her head on the floor. Yukawa righted her and then, without removing his arm turned to face her.

"I think you're ill, keisatsu-san."

"Nonsense, it's just the fact that it's Friday and I'm tired."

"You don't think it could be the fact that you were with me when I was ill?"

Utsumi couldn't see the tips of Yukawa's ears turn red under his head but he could feel them feeling warm."

"But that was a week ago. How could it have taken so long?"

"Have you never heard of an incubation period? This illness will have been incubating for a week before it affected you."

Utsumi realised that she couldn't really deny being ill now, so just nodded her head in agreement.

"I guess I'll just drop it off on Monday," she said lethargically, "just have to get home now…where are my car keys…?"

Yukawa sighed. He didn't think she'd be this stubborn.

"There's no way you'll be able to get home like that, especially not while driving. When you're ill your brain slows down and your actions follow."

Yukawa tried to sound scientific but could see Utsumi's eyes glaze over. He knew it was partly because she didn't understand the scientific bit, but also because she was falling asleep again. Yukawa knew it would be troublesome but he decided to call a taxi. He just had to get Utsumi to stay awake long enough to give him her address, and then he could drop her off, leave her to deal with being ill and get the hell out of there. If he continued being around her, he didn't know what would happen. The tips of his ears were already in danger of becoming singed because of how often they burned red around Utsumi. Yukawa refused to be irrational and that's exactly what happened around her.

He eventually managed to get her to stumble into a taxi (him becoming the prop for the short walk) and mutter her address to the driver before she was asleep again, this time comfortably leaning against his shoulder. He hadn't failed to notice the way her head fitted into the hollow where his neck and shoulder met. 'Like a tessellation…' he thought. It distracted him a little, and in no time at all they were at Utsumi's apartment. From the look of the outside, it definitely couldn't be compared with his. He could get all the way to her apartment door without seeing a doorman, security guard, or anyone for that matter. Utsumi's door was simply one of the many identical numbered doors in the tall apartment block.

They let themselves in, Utsumi fumbling for the key in her bag - she eventually gave up and let Yukawa look for it.

"Baka Galileo….bet you can't even find the stupid thing….stupid key, playing hide-and - oh you found it…." Utsumi muttered sleepily. She was snoozing against the door as Yukawa fumbled with the key.

Yukawa was going to see if she fell through the doorway when he opened the door but decided against it, instead wrapping one arm around Utsumi's shoulders and using his other one to lift her up into a princess hold. They walked through the door and Yukawa realised he had entered a battlefield. The tiny apartment seemed to contain more things in one room than in his entire flat. Papers were stacked in piles on the table, crockery was stacked in the sink awaiting washing, and clean clothes sat in a doorway waiting to be put away. Yukawa decided it was definitely the definition of chaos theory. He gingerly picked his way through the piles of things and picked a door he thought might lead to a bedroom. It was the correct one. This room seemed to be less messy: a western style bed sat in one corner; a photo of a happy looking family with a younger Utsumi sat on a bedside table (next to a stack of foreign crime novels). It looked barely lived in, so Yukawa guessed she usually fell asleep at the table or by the computer. She seemed to have no time to herself.

He looked down at the sleeping Utsumi in his arms and decided bed was the best place for her. He removed her shoes with one hand and then, pulling back the covers placed her onto the bed. Yukawa expected her to fall peacefully into a deep sleep and wake up at some point in the weekend feeling much better. His theory was quickly disproven and replaced with an unexpected conclusion: Utsumi's arms winding tightly around his waist and his body being pulled quite successfully over hers. Their bodies were lying flush against each other and Yukawa was pretty sure the blush that usually covered the tips of ears had no spread right the way down his neck. He tried to pull against the grip that held him in place but, after several minutes of fruitless effort, gave up and rolled slightly so that he was facing the sleeping Utsumi instead of lying on top of her.

After several minutes her grip loosened slightly and he was able to move. This could have been his chance to escape. He could have left to avoid the awkward wake up that would follow, but for once Yukawa followed his body rather than his mind. He slipped off his shoes and lifted the covers so that he could lie next to Utsumi. Unsure of what was called for in a situation like the one he was in, he leaned over, kissed Utsumi lightly on the forehead and mimicked the hold she had on him. Strangely enough, it wasn't uncomfortable or weird (like he had expected). It felt…normal, comforting….almost like it was how things should be.
Lying next to Utsumi, Yukawa let himself be claimed by sleep and dream about finding his office filled with strange hand drawn flowers that glowed.

Utsumi awoke, aware of being warmer than she should have been. Her bleary half-awake brain told her she was in her bed, but something was wrong. She could feel something, no, someone next to her and they had their arms wrapped around her. Not only that, but she had her arms wrapped around said person. She didn't quite want to open her eyes yet, but her traitorous nose told her what she didn't want to know. The air next to her was filled with the scent of expensive cologne mixed with chemicals and chalk dust. There was only one person she knew who smelled like that, who she knew smelled like that. Her eyes cracked open to find a sleeping Yukawa, holding onto her in a way she didn't think he was mentally, let alone emotionally, capable of. As she stared at him, trying to figure out quite what was going on, he stirred and his eyes fluttered open.

"Good morning," he said, still groggy from sleep.

"Don't you 'good morning' me! What are you doing in my bed?" Utsumi demanded.

"Probably the same thing you were doing sleeping on my sofa when I was ill. I was making sure you were ok. You latched onto me and wouldn't let go so I had to stay."

There wasn't any hint of suggestion in Yukawa's voice, so Utsumi wondered why he had held her like that. He didn't seem happy about having to stay but his voice and his body said different things.

'Confusing, as usual.' She thought.

She was about to reply with some smart answer, when Yukawa leaned in close to her and pressed his forehead against hers.

"Your fever has gone," he said quietly.

He sounded matter-of-fact but Utsumi was finding it hard not to get distracted by both the close proximity of his face and his breath tickling her nose. It was a little unnerving.

"I guess it must have been all that sleep I had," she said lamely. There was nothing intelligent she could say like this.

An awkward silence stretched out between them as they lay staring at each other, neither party quite sure what should be done in this situation.

"I think that's my cue to leave," Yukawa said suddenly, cutting through the silence, "I've got to mark all those term papers…."

He eased himself out of the embrace they still seemed to be in and walked across the room towards the door. Utsumi jumped out of bed and followed him to the door.

"I guess I should say thanks for helping me get back to my apartment; I don't think I was in any fit state to walk, let alone drive. So…yeah, thanks," she finished lamely.

"You're welcome. I'm glad your fever has gone. I'm not a proper doctor, but make sure you get plenty of sleep over the weekend. Otherwise you won't have any strength to bring me that case on Monday. I'd hate for my life to become boring again."

Yukawa was smiling. It was a full blown grin, just a shy, happy smile, but it made Utsumi smile, too. She didn't see that smile very often, if at all. It made her feel like being a little….reckless.

"Ah, so I make your life exciting do I? Well, I'll make sure to come bother you again soon."

With that, she pushed him out into the corridor so that he was facing her in the doorway. Before he could react, Utsumi leaned in and pressed a quick but firm kiss against Yukawa's lips before closing the door on him. She turned around and leant against the door. She could feel her grogginess returning and, as footsteps faded away from her door, she dragged herself back to bed. Only a few minutes had passed when her phone pinged. Reaching for it, she flipped it and laughed at the message that appeared.

Definitely exciting…

Monday was definitely going to be fun…