Three weeks after being savagely tortured by Gan Boontham, Tim found himself back in the courtroom. He had already given evidence and outlined the threats to both him and his family, and being held hostage by someone wanting revenge so dearly that it almost killed him. Now he was sitting there with his family; both his NCIS family, and his actual family including his mother and father who had flown in when they found out Tim was in hospital.

"Tim, you okay?" Angela McGee took Tim's hands and threaded her fingers through his.

"I'm fine." Tim whispered. "I just want this to be over now. I want to get back to my life."

"You will son." Jacob McGee put his arm around his son. The past few weeks of healing had shown him how stupidly idiotic the feud was and he had let go of his anger and malice towards his son. The relationship had improved as a result, and right now, they were working on becoming a strong family unit once again. Tim sucked in a breath when Gan Boontham was led shackled to the table and stood when the judge and jury walked into the room.

He seemed to phase out slightly during Judge McClaine's speech as she addressed the jury, but snapped his attention back when she ordered the jury's verdict. With every charge she outlined, the speaker for the jury didn't pause or hesitate in delivering their verdict…Guilty. On all counts. There was no reprieve for the Thai gangbanger who had caused so much pain and misery.

Judge McLaine banged her gavel down on her bench and called for order as the courtroom erupted in cheers. Once the commotion had died down, she addressed Gan and his legal team.

"Gan Boontham, please stand." Gan stood up, his handcuffed hands hanging limply in front of him. "The pain and misery you have caused is beyond measure. Not only for the victims of your vengeance campaign, but by the people that fell victim to the drugs and weapons that you traded within the United States. Evidence has shown that your trading partners are terrorists who have unleashed countless attacks on the people of the United States and neighboring countries. Your drugs have caused misery and death to countless families both here and in Thailand and you have consistently murdered and tortured people in cold blood; including your own father. For your crimes, you shall be punished heavily; I am sentencing you to death by electric chair. Due to your links to terrorism, you are deemed a threat to National Security and will be detained at Guantanamo Bay until the day your death sentence is carried out. You will have no contact with the outside world." The gavel went down once again. "Bailiff, remove Mr. Boontham from my courtroom and prepare him for transfer to Gitmo. I want the highest level of security on him at all times. Court dismissed."

Tim almost sobbed with relief and leaned forward. The burns on his chest pulled but he didn't care. It was over and Gan Boontham would pay dearly for what he had done.

"McGee." Gibbs reached over from where he sat behind the McGees, and rested his hand on Tim's shoulder. "It's over now."

"Is it?" Tim whispered. "Boss, what if the rest of the gang want retribution?"

"They won't. The vendetta was Gan's, not theirs."

Tim nodded hoping beyond all hope that Gibbs was right. In all honesty, at least half of the Fai gang had been taken down that day and everything had all gone quiet.

"Mr. McGee." Tim looked up at Thammaraja and offered a watery smile. "Please, I would like to apologise for my son. I understand that it is not enough for what he did, but I feel the need to anyway."

Tim stood up stiffly and held out his hand. "Mr. Boontham, what you have suffered over the years is greater. I am just pleased that we can all move on with our lives now and hopefully rebuild what we have lost."

Thammaraja nodded and shook Tim's hand. "I will be attending the execution and have handed over a list of all the Fai gang members that I know of. Baltimore PD has assured me that they will do what they can to stop them, but truthfully, without Gan I know they are weak. They do not have access to the money or the contacts. Much of his business was attended to directly by him. I believe this is the end of the Fai."

"We can only hope so. If you don't mind me asking sir, what will happen to you now?"

Thammaraja grinned. "I will return to Thailand and start my life afresh. I have spent many years reaffirming my religion and thanks to Gan, all monies I have are either blood money, or illegal. I have handed over control of my accounts to the local authorities and they will handle the money from there. I do have another account that my son didn't get hold of and while I have enough money to get home and live comfortably while I get back on my feet, I have already organised a stay at a Thai Buddhist monastery with the hope of one day, becoming a monk. I wish for peace in my life now…" He paused briefly and pulled Tim in gently for a hug. "And for peace to you and your loved ones."

"Thank you." Tim whispered and pulled away. Thammaraja smiled once again and walked out of the courtroom with hope of starting the new life he dreamt of.

"Way to go, Probie!" Tony cheered happily. "Thanks to you, another villain bites the dust."

Tim shook his head. "Thanks to all of us, Tony. Hey guys, I'm kinda hungry and need to take my meds. What do you all say to dinner?"

Everyone agreed, but it was Ducky that held up his hand and interrupted them. "How about we stop off, get takeaway and make our way back to Jethro's? I would like to check young Timothy over as well and once he takes his pain killer and antibiotic, he will be ready for bed."

Ziva frowned and nodded. "That sounds like a wonderful idea. Just as long as it's not Thai food."

Everyone laughed and agreed and soon enough, they were helping Tim out of the courtroom. For the first time in weeks, he was free and could enjoy the second chance at life that he'd been given.