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What Is And What Should Never Be.


Part One.


"Wait, come and get me first," Sam almost yelled at his brother, but Dean had already closed the communication.

He cursed roundly. Why did he have a brother who was forever rushing in where angels fear to tread! He had just found out that it was a Jinn they were dealing with, and Dean had thrown in all the Barbara Eden and Bewitched jokes he could come up with, brushing off any danger that was inevitably involved in hunting it.

According to Sam's research they could grant wishes but that didn't mean they couldn't kill.

Sam prepared himself, he would be searching for a car to hot-wire soon; he just knew it, and his little-brother vibes were rarely wrong!


Dean parked the Impala outside the construction, the black car a perfect accessory to the dark of the moonless night.

Sam was worse than a broody hen, Dean bristled as he advanced on the building. He could search a warehouse on his own. There was probably nothing in there anyway!

Two minutes later, the hairs on the back of his neck warned him that there was indeed something inside, and the fleeting glimpse of a shadowy figure confirmed his fears. Another two minutes later, the being had its hands round his throat and the blue electric energy crackling from his hand was about to descend on his head.

The last rational thought that passed through his mind as he lost consciousness was for Sam, who would perhaps never find his body in this place where his big brother had taken his last mortal breath.

"G'bye, Sammy," he mouthed as fell into absolute oblivion.


The bed was soft and comfortable and Dean snuggled in for that half-second before his mind processed exactly what was happening, and his body jack-knifed up in shock. He was in a bed, half-naked; his glance slid quickly to his left where an equally half-naked female was sleeping contentedly beside him.

What the Hell! He tried to make some sense of the confusion clouding his mind and memory.

The Jinn; the Jinn had captured him but freaking how did he end up here?

He jumped out of the bed, backing away as if it was the devil himself lying beside him and not some attractive female. He found some clothes on a chair, stuff that he didn't recognise as his own but he pulled them on anyway and stumbled to the door. It opened into a run-of- the-mill living room and the letters lying on a near-by table were addressed to Dean Winchester and to some chick named Carmen; address Lawrence, Kansas.


His brain started to kick in at its normal speed, and he remembered Sammy talking about the Jinn granting wishes.

Sammy, okay Sammy! No big! His geek brother would know what was going on, but the Sammy who answered him a moment later seemed somehow different, not having the patience to listen, and calling him out for being drunk.

"I'll see you tomorrow, Dean. Go and sleep it off " and he cut the call as Dean's "Wait, Sam…!" fell onto deaf ears.

He had no time to elaborate the unusual tone of his little brother's voice as a silky female one distracted his attention, but attractive as she was, Dean had little time to dedicate to her. He quickly got rid of "Carmen" and investigated the photos adorning the room. His eyes fell on one that set his heart beating like a drum and he was so shaken that it fell from his trembling hands crashing to the floor in a shower of razor-sharp shards, similar to those which would pierce Dean's heart before the day was over.


The Impala flew towards its destination, ever eager to please the one who owned her; who loved and cherished her.

Dean rushed up to the front door of the house that had been his home up until he was four years old, contemplating subconsciously how pretty it looked, but the active part of his brain was waiting for the front door to be opened and for the person that he yearned to see, opening it.

"Dean, is something wrong, honey?"

No there was nothing wrong. His mother was standing before him, more beautiful than ever.

She invited him in and Dean stood unmoving, drinking in her presence. He had to know if it was really her and not some supernatural goon who was out to get Dean Winchester's ass.

"What did you used to tell me when you tucked me in at night?" he asked, the tone of his voice suspended between hope and suspicion.

"I told you that angels were watching over you," she smiled, and in that moment Dean knew that he had never seen anyone or anything so wonderful and he rushed forward to enfold her in an embrace that no other woman had ever received from him. An embrace full of the love and yearning of the four year old boy he had once been, and of the man he now was.

He held on as if he would never let go, the tears welling up in his eyes at this gift from who knows what benevolent Fate.

Could it be that for once he would get lucky, but the insidious doubts came to him even as he brushed them away like the rabid dogs they were.

"Dean is there something wrong? You're acting as if you've never seen me," his mother's preoccupied voice asked.

Dean regretfully relinquished his hold on her and answered from the bottom of his heart. "Nothing has ever been so perfect, Mom."