Ah My Goddess: Truly Blessed

It is said that from the moment we are born that Fate begins to exert its control over us. From our birth to our death our every action, even our every thought is dictated by Fate. For those that Fate chooses to bless with her good fortune their lives are easy. They have no worries, no hardships, blessed with both beauty and wealth they lead truly charmed lives troubled only by trivial things.

However what about those that Fate curses with misfortune? There must be balance in all things and fortune and misfortune are no different. For every fortunate person there is one who is cursed with misfortune. These people are the ones that lead lives full of suffering and heartbreak, always seeking happiness and except for fleeting moments that are quickly lost, never finding it.

Most of these people become bitter and closed off to the world. Wallowing in their own misery and eventually unable to find even fleeting moments of happiness their hearts become lost in the darkness of misery and self-pity. They believe their lives meaningless and wonder why it seems that all around them are blessed with happiness. Truly it is their own belief that they will never find happiness that entraps them in their misery.

Keiichi Morisato is one of those people cursed with misfortune. Fate has seen fit to truly curse Keiichi, while the balance of fortune and misfortune in the world is usually set at a 1:1 ratio with one fortunate and one misfortunate person, Keiichi bears the misfortunes of 3 people. From the scars of his childhood until the now in his university years Keiichi has borne more that his fair share of misfortune.

Yet unlike most of those required to bear misfortune Keiichi has not let the hardships he has borne to control his life. The decisions he has made to deal with the circumstances Fate has given him are different from any other person's. Instead of losing himself in the misery he bears he has allowed it to strengthen him.

While it may seem that Fate controls our every action this is untrue. While Fate does have some measure of control over us it cannot rob us of our free agency. While Fate may be able to dictate some of the events in our lives it cannot dictate how we will react to them. The choices we will make in order to deal with the circumstances we are given. We will always have the choice. It is these choices that truly decide how our lives will play out. These turning points in our lives that decide the life we will lead.

But remember that all things must be in balance. Fortune and misfortune are no exception. Keiichi being required by Fate to bear the misfortunes of three people is terribly out of balance. So out of balance in fact that The Almighty One himself has seen fit to intervene. It is said that only the Almighty One can peer into the heart of man and pass judgment upon them. He alone determines who is worthy to receive Heaven's Grace.

Those deemed worthy of this blessing shall have one wish granted to them. One perfect wish to help ease their suffering. Unbeknownst to Keiichi he had been found worthy of this great blessing. In passing judgment on him the Almighty One had also seen the deepest desire of his heart.

It is startling the effect that one person can have on another. Offering simple friendship to unconditional love the changes this one person can bring to another is incredible. From someone to rely on, to give support and comfort, to simply being there to help bear your burdens they can indeed change the entire course of a person's life.

However finding someone to share your heart with, and who is willing to share their heart with you is no easy task. Some search their entire lives and never find it. Friendship is a great thing but it pales in comparison to finding that one person. To have a partner, an equal to always be with you to help you bear your burdens is the most fortunate thing that could happen to a person.

Unconditional love is not something that is common, for someone to find it they must be truly blessed. It makes one capable of handling even the very worst of things. This was the deepest desire of Keiichi's heart, to find one woman willing to be his partner, to give his heart to. Keiichi would find his partner in the most unexpected of ways and in the most unexpected of places, with a person even he in his wildest dreams could never have imagined.

After all, there are very few men worthy of the heart of a goddess, especially a goddess like Belldandy.

A/N This idea has been bouncing around in my head for a few months now and I've finally decided to put it down in the hopes that I'll be able to sleep at night. This will not be the Keiichi from the manga. He will be quite different. His past has (to my knowledge) never been spoken of in the manga or anime and this story will deal with that. Aside from a brief mention of his parents nothing more has been said on it so I'm going to make one for him. A very unfortunate one. He was after all born under a star of misfortune. In the manga it seemed to me that he wasn't misfortunate so much as just unlucky. It is my feeling that someone misfortunate would have a much harder time of things than someone who is simply unlucky. I will likely get the next chapter up today. I'm currently on a writing jag so we'll see how much I can get down today. Anyway let me know what you think.

P.S. Let me know what you think of the title. I'm still not sure about it…