Truly Blessed Ch. 2

As Keiichi and Belldandy slowly ended their kiss Keiichi was stunned at what he saw happening to his angel. Much as he and Belldandy had done a moment ago, Keiichi watched as Holy Bell gently cupped his angel's face in her hands and softly kissed him. It was not the kiss that caught his attention however.

It was the scars on his angel's face. They were gone. "How is that possible?" Keiichi asked Belldandy in a stunned voice.

"Because I love you." She replied "This is one of the miracles that true, unconditional love is capable of my dear Keiichi. Time may heal all wounds, but love can erase all scars. Every life lived is a love story in one way or another. New life is made from the love that two people feel for one another, from the moment we are brought into this world we are surrounded by love. The love of our parents nurtures and protects us as we grow; the love we feel as children teaches us how we should treat others and how to make our feelings known. As we grow older and begin to move out into the world we search for that love. We seek it out in an attempt to find that love and make it a permanent part of our lives and the cycle begins anew. As we grow older still we teach our children this love and affection and watch as they begin search for this love in their own lives and watch as they begin their own families. As we watch our children's children grow and search for that love for themselves the years pass by and our own love grows ever stronger, bound not only by the love we shared in the beginning but also by all the many years of experiences we have shared. Each moment of we spend with our loved ones only makes this love grow stronger. Each year that passes binds us tighter to one another. Even in the end when death is near our family is gathered around us with the last thing we feel as we slip away is their love. There may be tears and much sorrow on that day but love is present overall. Even once we step into the other side there is still love all around us of the loved ones that have gone before and who wait patiently on the other side for us. All of our lives are a love story, we are surrounded by it from our birth and long after our death. Time may be infinite but love is eternal. Love makes time worth spending. Every challenge we face in this life is made easier by having one who loves us beside us. We draw strength from each other and while our trials will only grow more difficult as we grow older as long as our loved ones are by our side we will be able to overcome them."

As Holy Bell gently ended the kiss and gently wrapped her arms around his angel Keiichi looked on in awe as he saw his angel's unscarred face for the first time. Without the scars marring his face Keiichi could only describe his angel as fit for a god. It was his eyes however that truly caught his attention. While still dark in color they no longer held the same dark feelings of hopelessness and pain as before. As his angel looked at Holy Bell Keiichi saw a small spark of warmth enter his angel's eyes. 'He loves her.' Keiichi realized 'She loves him in spite of his scars and all the darkness surrounding him. She is able to see past all of that and loves him still and he loves her for that. Having no other reason than she sees him for who he truly is and he loves her for it. If this is how Holy Bell feels about my angel then is this how Belldandy feels about me?' Keiichi wondered to himself as he unconsciously wrapped his arms around Belldandy.

Belldandy simply wrapped her arms around him, rested her head on his shoulder and waited patiently as he thought through this revelation. 'If Holy Bell is a reflection of Belldandy's heart and soul and she loves my angel than Belldandy must….' Smiling softly to himself as he came to the only answer that he could.

"Belldandy…I'm ready to make my wish now." Belldandy smiled at him as she replied "Alright my dear hold on to me and we'll return to your room." "What about Holy Bell?" Keiichi asked as he watched Holy Bell and his angel as they looked deep into the others eyes completely lost to the rest of existence.

"I am certain that she is right where she wishes to be. I will not part her from one that makes her so happy and that she loves so much. "Belldandy replied with a smile as she pulled them out of Keiichi's heart. "She will still come if I call for her and…" as they returned to Keiichi's dorm room once again in front of the mirror Belldandy looked into Keiichi's eyes "besides if I am with the one my heart belongs to than why shouldn't she be with the one her heart belongs to." As Belldandy reluctantly separated herself from Keiichi she looked at him and asked "Now what is your wish my dear Keiichi?" As Keiichi looked into her eyes and saw the pure, unconditional love she held for him Keiichi gave voice to his heart's greatest desire.

"I wish….I wish that the deepest desire of the goddess Belldandy's heart will be granted"

Before Belldandy could voice her surprise at Keiichi's wish the mark on her forehead began to glow with a bright blue light. As the light grew brighter it rose quickly into the heavens drawing Belldandy off of her feet and into the air with the power it possessed. As quickly as the light had appeared it was gone. Keiichi had only a moment to realize that the absence of the light had caused Belldandy to fall unconscious. Barely managing to reach her before she hit the floor he did the only thing he could and used his body to protect her. As he held her in his arms he marveled at how it felt to hold her. 'She's so light….and she feels so good in my arms….so very right…like she was made for me.'

Before Keiichi could ponder this thought further Belldandy awoke with a small moan. "Are you alright?" Keiichi asked with concern plain in his voice. "You're not hurt are you?" Belldandy smiled softly at his concern as she slowly became aware of the fact that she was in Keiichi's arms. "Yes I'm perfectly alright. I just needed a moment for my body to recover from the drain on my powers the wish required." "Good. Now don't ever do that again or at least warn me first so I can be there to help you. I nearly didn't reach you in time."

"That is one of the things I love most about you." At Keiichi's look of confusion she continued "You always looking out for everyone around you." Keiichi blushed lightly at her praise as he mumbled a reply. "If I have the ability to help then I am obligated to do so or at least do what I can. I won't just turn away from someone in need…."

"Your heart won't let you." Keiichi simply nodded as Belldandy finished his sentence. She blushed softly as she took advantage of the fact that Keiichi still held her to wrap her arms around his neck and snuggle her face into his shoulder. Keiichi blushed as he realized what she was doing and to his surprise that he instinctively held her tighter. 'This just feels so right. If any other girl I had just met for the first time had done this I would have dropped them without a thought and yet with her…..I don't want to let go. '

With each lost in the feel of the other's arms it took a moment for Belldandy to realize the phone was ringing. "Oh! That's probably about the wish you made Keiichi dear." As Keiichi held her still she tried again to capture his attention. "Keiichi dear…you need to put me down so I can answer the phone." As Belldandy's voice slowly filtered through his distracted mind a single thought came to the front of his mind. 'I don't want to let her go.'

So he acted on the first reasonable solution to come to mind. He carried Belldandy over to the phone and carefully sat down with her still cradled in his arms. Belldandy blushed lightly as she realized that rather than let go of her Keiichi would rather find a way to get done what needed to be and still hold her even if it was difficult for him. The ringing of the phone once again brought her back to the present as she moved to answer it.

"Morisato residence, Belldandy speaking….this is about the wish that was just received…it was approved….Yes I understand…Thank you very much, goodbye.' As Belldandy hung up the phone and turned to face him her conversation finally brought him back to the present.

"So your wish was granted?" Keiichi asked as Belldandy once again snuggled into his arms with a contented smile on her face. "Yes my dear Keiichi. Now we'll be able to-"


Belldandy and Keiichi jumped as the booming voice of Ootaki made them aware that they were no longer alone as the entirety of his dorm was now standing in his doorway "HOW DARE YOU BRING A WOMAN INTO OUR SANCTURARY OF MANLINESS! YOU KNOW WHAT HAPPENS TO THOSE THAT BREAK THE RULES!"

Before Keiichi could even open his mouth to explain he found himself and Belldandy along with a few of his more important possessions outside of his now former dorm. "We'll send you the rest of your stuff once you find a new place, and we fixed your bike for you." Ootaki said as he lowered a few small boxes to him and threw him the keys to his motorcycle. 'Oops, guess I was so distracted I forgot about the dorms no women rule. Oh well nothing to be done for it now. At least I have an idea of where we can sleep tonight. I'm sure he won't mind if we stay just one night.'

"I'm sorry" Keiichi turned to Belldandy and saw the worried look on her face. "For what?" "If it wasn't for me you wouldn't have been kicked out of your dorm. Now you have no place to stay and it's all my fault." She answered as she lowered her eyes to the ground not wanting to see the disappointment in his eyes.

"Belldandy" She looked and was surprised to find not disappointment in his eyes but concern and understanding. "It's not your fault. If it's anyone's fault it's mine. I should have remembered the rule about women in our dorm and told you earlier." "But now you have nowhere to stay tonight."

"Oh don't worry about that." Keiichi waved off her concerns with a smile. "I already know exactly where we'll stay tonight. I have an old teacher that lives fairly close by. He won't mind if we stay tonight." "An old teacher?" "Mmm and more importantly a very good friend. He's helped me a great deal since we met when I was young."

As Keiichi tied the few small boxes to his motorcycle he remembered something important about the place he would be going too. 'That's right his place isn't in the best part of town. I'll have to be careful, if it was just me it would be alright but with Belldandy there we'll be a big target.'

"Belldandy" she looked up from her place in his Beemer's sidecar "The part of town we'll be going too isn't far from here but it isn't the best part of town to be in this late at night. Keep your eyes open and whatever happens don't leave my side alright?" Belldandy nodded as Keiichi climbed on his bike and they started on their way.

As they made their way towards their destination each was lost in their own thoughts. 'I hope nothing happens on our way there. If it does though.' As he snuck a quick glance towards Belldandy he was surprised by the feeling of protectiveness that welled up inside of him at the thought of her getting hurt. 'I'll just have to make sure nothing happens to her.'

As Belldandy looked around at their surrounding she noticed the buildings they passed by were slowly becoming more and more decrepit. Keiichi's dorm while old was well cared for and due to the students being required to maintain the building it was still in very good shape. The buildings here however were in a state of terrible disrepair and only looked worse the farther they went along.

'I wonder why the buildings here are in such a state' she thought as she passed a small home with broken windows and a door that was nearly falling off it's hinges. 'I'll have to ask Keiichi later about it.' As she finished this thought she noticed a pair of lights following them. "Keiichi dear" she began as she tugged on the sleeve of his jacket to get his attention.

"I see them Bell." He answered. She was surprised at the change in his voice as well as the shortening of her name. Before when they had been alone it had been quiet and calm, now it was a low growl almost threatening. Keiichi smiled as he reassured her, his voice once again that same calm, quiet tone. "Don't worry I won't let anything happen to you. Still better try to lose them just to be safe."

He quickly turned off the lights on his bike, cut the engine, and used the remaining momentum to turn into the first available side street he found himself facing a dead end. 'Ah…just my luck….not the situation I wanted to be in tonight. Ah well nothing for it now but to deal with it.'

"Belldandy" she turned to him as he outlined his plan. "I'm sorry about this. We don't have long before they find us back here if they are who I think they are. Stay behind me and make sure to keep your back to the wall. Let me see if I can talk our way out of this." As he finished speaking and they arranged themselves so their backs were to the wall with Belldandy behind him. Not a moment later the car that had been following them turned into the street flooding the area with light from the headlights as three large men stepped out.

Belldandy instinctively stepped back as she felt the malice and killing intent emanating from the three men as they moved towards them. 'These men…their aura's are completely black. They…this isn't the first time they've done this.' The icy feeling of fear began to wrap itself around her heart as the men came level with them.

"Is there something I can help you with?" At the sound of Keiichi's voice Belldandy felt the fear surrounding her heart fall away and be replaced with a warm feeling of certainty. 'That's right Keiichi asked me to trust him. He said he wouldn't let anything happen to me and I trust him.' Keiichi's voice had once again changed from the calm one he used with her to the low threatening tone from before.

"Hehe yeah I think you can help us out." The largest man in the middle began as he leered at Belldandy who shivered under his gaze. "See we were hoping to find some female company tonight but we haven't had much luck. You however have this pretty girl all to yourself. We were hoping you might be in the mood to share."

Keiichi fought to keep his voice controlled as anger flooded through his veins at just what they were insinuating "Help you…hmmm perhaps but it's all up to my friend here." He turned his head slightly towards Belldandy as he asked her "Do you want to go with them or would you rather stay with me?" As Belldandy shook her head no and stepped closer to Keiichi he turned back to the three men and gave them his answer.

"Well sorry but it looks like your still out of luck. My friend here would rather stay with me so why don't you get back in your car and go back where you came from. You won't be getting any help from me tonight."

"Hmph I don't think you understand boy. We weren't making a request." The largest man growled as he stepped toward Keiichi so the two were mere inches apart. "Hand over the girl and we'll let you go." Keiichi took one step back as he caught the heavy odor of alcohol on the man's breath. He readied himself as he answered.

"No. If you want her then come see if you can take her. You won't get close enough to touch her."

"I'll kill you and then we'll see how much fun we can have with that girl of yours before we kill her too." The man yelled as he pulled a knife and swung at Keiichi's throat or rather where his throat had been. The next moment he was screaming in pain as he held his now broken arm. The fractured bones glistened in the light from the car as the other two men looked on.

Keiichi took advantage of the pain the man was in to hit him with a solid right hook and knock him unconscious. "If you don't want to end up like your friend here I suggest you leave." He growled the threat evident in his voice.

The man on the right backed up slightly as his partner on the left rushed towards Keiichi. "I'll teach you a lesson punk for hurting one of ours. I'll tear you apart!" The men yelled as he charged forward his hands aiming for Keiichi's throat. The man was surprised when instead of backing down or trying to dodge Keiichi simply stood there. He was more surprised when Keiichi stopped his charge and met his hands with his own.

"Idiot. Weren't you listening when I said that you wouldn't get close enough to touch her?" 'What is this kid made of? He shrugged off my charge like it was nothing and didn't even flinch when faced with an armed opponent. Plus charging into him felt like I ran into a steel wall.' However he didn't have time to ponder on his thoughts before Keiichi brought him back to painful reality. As he collapsed to the ground with his left knee shattered his last thought before he faded into unconsciousness was wondering how the kid had managed to shatter his knee without him even being able to see his movements.

"So do you want to try your luck or are you going to be smart and take your friends and leave?" Keiichi asked as he directed his attention to the final man. The man shook his head in fear and quickly gathered his unconscious friends and left.

Keiichi turned to Belldandy to see her back against the wall shaking slightly "Are you alright Bell?" At the sound of his voice she rushed forward and wrapped her arms tightly around him and buried her face in his neck. Keiichi frowned as he felt her shaking and gently wrapped his arms around her as he comforted her. "Easy Bell, everything is fine. They're gone and you're alright so everything is fine."

After a few minutes Belldandy finally found her voice again. "Keiichi it's not me I was worried about. You said you wouldn't let anything happen to me and you didn't. But you didn't say anything about yourself. I was so worried when those men attacked you. I...I didn't want anything to happen to you and…I don't want you to lose you now that I've finally gotten my wish." She said as she held tighter to him, her fear of losing him evident in her voice and actions.

"What was your wish Bell?" Keiichi asked her as he gently brought her eyes up to meet his own. Belldandy blushed softly as she answered with a beautiful smile "You wished for the deepest desire of my heart to be granted and it was. I'm going to stay beside you forever my dear Keiichi. Wherever you are I will be there beside you for as long as you want me to be." Keiichi smiled softly at her as he replied. "Well spending forever with you sounds just about perfect. Besides not every guy has a goddess like you wanting to stay with him forever. I just hope I can make you happy Bell."

"You already have my dear Keiichi." As they stood for a few more minutes in the dark street Keiichi began to realize just how lucky he was. This girl, no this goddess Belldandy for some reason had decided that he and he alone was worthy of her heart. At that moment he resolved to do everything he could to pass the test and become a god so that they could truly be together forever. 'Besides being able to see her smile like that is worth whatever I have to do to make it happen.'


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