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Chapter 1 - Caylarium Institution

Oh. My. Fucking. God. I am going to kill her.

Not only was I mad but she'd gone too far, too far this time. I sprinted across the fourth floor corridor, my hair still wet from the shower I'd just had but I couldn't care less. Joanna Selby was going to pay for stealing my stuff, the bloody kleptomaniac. Okay, so she supposedly couldn't help it but that doesn't give her the right to walk into my room while I'm in the bathroom and take stuff.

I slammed into Blaise's room, blatantly ignoring the fact that he was just chilling, reading Quidditch Magazine, in green silk boxers. I risked a moment of raising an eyebrow before throwing myself on the sofa opposite his bed.

"Erm Mira, I'm in my boxers" he said calmly, casually flicking the page over like I hadn't even entered the room.

"You're point is?" I retorted, plucking a hair off the collar of my shirt and chucking it on the floor. He sighed, dropping the magazine on his bedside table before pulling on a Tutshill Tornados t-shirt that had been draped over the back of his chair.

"Right, you've got face on what's wrong?" Blaise asked. I scowled at him, rubbing my socks against the rug beneath my feet.

"Joanna stole my necklace, the little..." I began. Blaise's eyes instantly snapped up to mine and before I could switch into full on rant mode he spoke.

"How are we getting it back?!" He knew how important the necklace was to me and I knew he would help me get it back no questions asked. The necklace itself was silver and at the end hung a paw print charm. I'd had it for my whole life and even though I knew it reminded me of me of the fact that my Dad was in Azkaban for life and I had no clue who my mum had been, I'd formed an attachment to necklace and it kept me hopeful. Hopeful of what I do not know, I never ever wanted to meet my father. He could stay in Azkaban and live his life sentence. I certainly don't care. With my mother, I was almost 100% sure that my mum was no longer part of this world.

Just a feeling.

"Right now it's in her room. I say we sacrifice a smaller kid get them to get Selby downstairs" I began, a plan forming and seeping across my mind like some sort of disease "Then we find my necklace, mess with her head a little, then leave." I grinned. Blaise smirked and grabbed a pair of trousers pulling them on before hurrying over to the door.

"Callum" he called, "Oi over here".

Ah Callum Brown, my favourite little seven year old. He had Capgras' Syndrome. For some reason about six months ago he got it in his head that his sister was an imposter and that his real sister had been taken away from him so naturally he tried to kill her.

Of course, that coupled with a hyperactivity disorder landed him a one way ticket here. He'd had no real assessment; not really, they were clearly not interested in helping him whatsoever. That didn't happen here.

Help didn't happen here.

We soon figured out that Callum's sister had received her Hogwarts letter on her birthday and grown apart from her hyperactive brother. She'd changed so Callum's mind had gone mad and worse came to worst and he'd started to plot against her. It was sad.

"Hi Blaise! Hi Mira!" Callum appeared in the doorway, waving animatedly over to me.

"Hey Cal!" I smiled, "We need your help..."

We spent the next ten minutes going over the plan. Cal would be going into Joanna's room to distract her - apparently he already had something in mind. Blaise didn't ask why so I think it was safe to assume that it would be much more exciting to wait and see what happened. After Callum had done the fun bit, Blaise and I would go and have our fun, of course, we'd hunt the necklace down first. The only problem was making sure that we moved fast or if Joanna still had my necklace on her person. If she still had it then things could get more violent than I wanted.

Not that that would be an abnormal thing here. I guess this goes without saying but Caylarium Institution was for mental kids: orphans or kids with rich pureblood families who were afraid or ashamed of their child's problems. From the outside and inside, it looked quite swish and when you arrived here Ella-Louise made it sound fantastic and everything a mental home should. We knew what it was really like. People get worse here, not better. You got hurt or drugged or punished if you didn't keep your head down.

Ten minutes later Blaise and I were crouched around the corner next to Joanna's room waiting for Callum to appear to create his distraction. Sure enough, the seven-year-old appeared with something small and dark purple in his hand.

"Is that?" Blaise began.

"Uh-huh, Peruvian Instant Darkness Powder" I grinned at him.

"Where the hell did he get that?" he whispered.

"Probably the same way I get stuff" I looked to him, "Milo" we chorused. We finally directed our attention back to Callum who had pushed Joanna's door open. A confused yet sharp voice told him to go away but he chucked the powder down. There was a strangled cry and a figure hurtled out from the room, sprinting in the direction of Callum's quickly retreating form. Blaise and I hurried form our hiding place and into the darkness that Callum had left. I grabbed Blaise's hand and just pressed forward through the darkness. Usually it'd be near impossible to navigate through Peruvian Instant Darkness Powder but because it was such a small piece and was already starting to fade it wasn't particularly hard. As it cleared I instantly spotted my necklace on her bedside table and I quickly reached out to grab it.

"Wait" Blaise stopped me picking it up, "What if she's warded it or something?" he reminded me. I looked back to the necklace. It's not warded; she's simply not that clever. I pulled my arm from Blaise's grasp and picked up the necklace. He rolled his eyes, muttering something I vaguely recognised to be some sort of dig at my outright stupidness. I wouldn't call it that though – more like daring.

I don't call him on it anyway, never do. I know he doesn't mean it.

We set to work on turning Joanna's into chaos rather than the organised chaos she currently had left her room in. Both Blaise and I knew the smallest things would piss her off; she was that observant that it would only take a matter of about ten to twenty seconds for her to click on and start screaming blue murder.

All of a sudden there was a crash downstairs and silently I hoped that Callum was alright. The kid was really fast but Joanna was going to be so mad. I suddenly wondered whether it was morally okay to use willing kids in our ploys and I looked warily over to Blaise, who grimaced at me. Clearly he was thinking the same thing so we finished up pretty quick and left the room in silence. My ears strained for any shouting, screaming or crashing from downstairs but no noise came. Blaise led me to my door which stupidly I've left open. Again. You'd think I'd be more careful but usually the kids here were more trustworthy. A surprise, I know, from a house full of kids who all deal with different issues. It was the adults – not including Milo and Kiera – that you had to look out for. Particularly Jake and Ella-Louise. I shuddered momentarily as Blaise and I ducked inside my room just in time for Joanna who was stomping back down the corridor, not to spot us.

Once the door slammed, Blaise and I peered out into the corridor. We waited for a long moment.

"Three, two, one" he breathed.

A scream ripped through the building despite its huge size, as Joanna Selby finally discovered that her room had been viciously upturned by us. If it wasn't already obvious the girl had issues with people touching the stuff she claimed as hers, especially when it rightly belonged to someone else. I guess she was one of the dangers of living in a place like this. Even though everyone here knew that she had issue's many people came out from their rooms to see whatever was about to unfold, unfold. I'd like to say nosy buggers but I knew I would have done the same. We almost fell out into the corridor from my room; the noise she was making was just too funny.

Blaise and I were clutching our sides in laughter and I could barely breathe as the scream quickly turned to despair and then swiftly into a strangled cry as she decided who she could blame for the attack and reclaiming of their items. She hurtled out into the corridor, her eyes crazy as they rested on me. It didn't matter though because now I really thought hard about it I knew she'd react like this. Subconsciously I wonder where Callum was again.

I was barely concentrating due to the hilarity of the situation therefore when Joanna had spotted me; she hurtled towards me knocking me off my feet and, of course, things turned nasty. It's a little strange really, Joanna was much older than me, by five years actually, but she was short. She'd been here longer than me but I was still happy to fight with a 16 year old. Clearly she thought the same but with an eleven year old otherwise we wouldn't be in this situation. Joanna Selby, in case I haven't already mentioned - ignoring the kleptomania and touches of OCD - had a serious anger issue as you can see. She clearly knows the workings of what you can do here but Blaise and I know the system better now. If she wanted to steal stuff, particularly stuff that's important to me, then I was totally going screw with her head by fucking up her room until she went round the twist.

Blaise jumped a few feet backwards knowing that to get involved would be dangerous plus it was kind of a moral thing not to 'round here. You fought your own battles and if you got hurt, you got hurt; you sucked it up and dealt with it.

Joanna let out a scream of triumph - to be totally honest it sounded more like a war cry - as my back collided with the carpeted floor. I'd usually be happy that we weren't downstairs where the carpet was non-existent but bloody hell would I have carpet burn later. I couldn't give her chance to pin me to the floor; that would be stupid. I lashed out, catching her jaw and leaving her dazed so I could push Joanna off of me and scramble to my feet. Trying to ignore the little voice that told me to run as I don't run, I never run, I watched Joanna carefully.

"You took my shit Black! Give it back" she screamed at me. Typical, she's lost the plot.

"No Joanna, this - " I spoke as patronisingly as possible, grabbing the necklace that was now safely back around my neck, "This is mine, not yours!" my eyes shifted momentarily to Blaise before I threw myself to the floor as a spell shot over my head. Now it's time to run, I may be stubborn but I'm not suicidal.

You don't take on a crazy kid with a wand particularly without a wand of your own.

I quickly got to my feet and sprinted down the corridor away from Joanna. I passed Callum who grinned widely at me knowing that not even he could distract Joanna now. Another spell shot over my head before I rounded the corner, flattening myself into the alcove next to the stairs where she wouldn't see me and then I waited. Joanna shot round the corner carelessly, wand out and looking incredibly menacing – well, as menacing as a 4ft 11" girl could. I stuck my leg out and her wand clattered to the floor before I heard a series of loud bangs where I assumed she hit pretty much every stair.

That was handy.

I shot out from hiding fast, snatching up her wand and sliding down the banister so that I was the one that stayed in control of the situation. Pointing the wand at her, I waited for her to make her move. After a few moments of silence, she sat up, her eyes narrowed at the wand in my hand pointed directly at her.

"That's mine!" she hissed, blood dripping down from her hairline as she stood up. Now she looked even crazier than she probably was and THAT is saying something.

"Now how does it feel!" I spat, "How does it feel to have something stolen from you Selby?!" I grabbed her shirt with my other hand jabbing her wand into her neck, holding her in such a place that would see her topple down the next set of stairs if I let go. Joanna's hands flew up to mine, her eyes almost pleading as she gripped onto the hand holding her shirt, nails digging into my arm with me balancing her precariously on the top step. I wouldn't really push her, of course, I wasn't so malicious that I would let her fall down a second set of stairs, would I?

Life and death situations. Just another normal day at Caylarium Institution.


Well, I wondered when they would turn up. Fights were horrendously common here but I was holding another inmate over the edge of a staircase so it was only a matter of minutes before the staff here came to quell the situation. And, of course, I would get the blame because Miss I'm-Pretending-To-Be-Oh-So-Innocent Selby was the one being held over the staircase and the one bleeding.

In jest - and because it was fun - I pushed her slighter further and she screamed out falsely before leaning further towards me to whisper to me so no one else would hear.

"I dare you Black"

That's ridiculous. I had clicked on she was a little attention seeking twit but she was purposely being manipulative too just to get me in trouble.


Oh lookie here, it's the new guy. I don't actually know his name so I'd been referring to him as the new guy for about two weeks now. To be fair I didn't feel any need to find out his name, new guys came and went like broom models. They just didn't realise how bad we are, how bad this place is. It's made out to be so bloody brilliant and fantastic. That's only because pureblood parents pay horrendous amounts of money into this place. Only really the kids that lived here and the staff knew that every kid's problems just got worse. This place wasn't safe even on a good day.

The New Guy loitered at the bottom of the stairs, I could feel a plethora of people watching me at this point and I shifted uncomfortably. Because I shifted, Mr New Guy took this as me getting ready to push Selby.

A jet of blue light hit me I froze as I felt the effects of being doped cascade down my back.

Idiot. Now we're both going to fall, she'll pull me down. My grip loosened and my knees trembled.

Next thing I knew I was at the bottom of the stairs in a pile. Selby had fallen unconscious, good thing to because I had been craving to kick her into the exact state she was in now. Slowly I raised my fingers to my eyebrow which was sticky with blood.

"Are you joking?" I hissed, "Are you joking?" I repeated, my head going fuzzy from the sedative he'd shot at me, "You bloody idiot!" I can't believe he did that, the absolute moron. Leaving Selby lying at the bottom on the stairs the New Guy fisted my shirt in one of his hands and pulled me away.

I'd learnt not to resist in these situations. It was stupid and I'd been in them too many times to count. The spell inside of me was spreading much further, my limbs no longer responding so I was barely taking a step before stumbling and being dragged a few metres until I managed to get up again.

It was a vicious circle.

Today was a bad day for wearing shorts, carpet burns were nasty. I physically couldn't lift my body anymore and I couldn't care less how he got me downstairs my mind was more bothered about how I could measure the amount of what felt like nargles inside my brain right now. All I knew is I would have bruises later.

I sighed knowing that this spell would have effects on me that it shouldn't.

Cue insanity in three, two, one.


25th November 1985 - The Logan's House

"London's burning, London's burning. Fetch the engines, fetch the engines. Fire fire, fire fire! Pour no water, pour no water" I sing, standing on my tippy toes to reach the wand on the table.

No one's home, they always leave me at home and Mrs Batty Natty never fed me before they left. I'm hungry, I've not eaten since yesterday. Mr Matthew says they keep me for the money. I don't know what that means. He says it's so he and Mrs Natty can have nice things. Mr Matthew's nasty. Mr Matthew hurts me.

Mr Matthew and Mrs Natty are going lose their nice things. I'm going to put fire on their stuff so they hurt inside like me. I hurt all the time. Mr Matthew burnt me so I'm going to burn his nice things.

The wand falls to the floor with a crash and I pick it up with a smile.

"London's burning, London's burning. Fetch the engines, fetch the engines. Fire fire, fire fire! Pour no water, pour no water" I sing again going into the room where I wasn't allowed to go, "House is burning, Housing is burning" I point the wand at the comfy seat.

"Make the house burn, I want Mr Matthew and Mrs Natty to hurt like me" I whisper, there was no hesitation between my final word and the sofa setting on fire.

Now I've got to leave or I'm going to get hurt.

"House is burning, pour no water, stop me hurting, house is burning"

I remember that. The Ministry found me sat in the front garden watching the fire engulf the house. My face had been pink with the heat and the wand was still gripped in my hand but I was memorised by the flames. I'd just sat there, flames dancing bare metres away but I remained captivated – the occasion hum of a nursery rhyme passed my lips.

Okay, that makes me sound crazy. I'm not crazy. I didn't know any better as a just-turned six year old who could only remember being mistreated by Matthew and Natalie Logan. I wasn't going to lie though; I did have an unhealthy obsession with fire now.

I felt the spell stir, here we go again.


2nd February 1986 - Caylarium Institution

That creepy woman is scaring Tom. Tom sits there every day. He waits for his family to come back but she's trying to get him to move.

"Thomas, you will move this instant!" she tells him. Tom's moving from side to side trying to see past Ella-Louise but she's standing in his way to make him angry at her. I thought she might leave him alone. Thomas is getting upset still not moving and suddenly she hits him. That is horrible.

"Stop!" I shout at Ella-Louise getting myself in between her and Thomas. People are starting to watch what was going on now.

"Mira, run along" she says, giving me a warning look.

"No! You hit him! Leave him alone!" I snap at her, "He's not doing anything wrong!" I look around, there are loads of them gathering in nearby doorways and a boy, whose name is Alan, gives me a nod.

"Mira Black, you will move this instant" she sneers and I smile up at her.

"I will not" I say firmly before I push her as hard as any 6 year old can and she stumbles back but doesn't fall. She watches me for a moment as I scowl at her and pulls out an orb thingy which she shakes hard. There's an audible gasp from someone and I don't understand what's going on but it goes almost deathly silent.

"How dare you do that?" Ella-Louise tells me. Her voice is calm and that's confuses me, why is everyone so quiet?

"How dare you hit Thomas!?" I shout at her. The main door opens and a man who I've only seen once before arrives at the door. He glares at a nearby kid and she takes several steps away from him.

"One last time Mira, you will move away from him" she demands, I take a small step backwards.

"I will NOT! You won't hurt him!" I scream. Ella-Louise's eyes narrow and she calls the man, Jake, forward. He looks like bit a gorilla, huge and ugly, with crazy hair. Jake grabs my arm and I yelp, grabbing hold of the banister trying to stop him.

"Come on Mira, let's go, it's time to give you your medicine" Ella-Louise says, her voice is dangerous to me so I hold onto the banister tighter.

"No! I'm not ill!" I shout, "I don't want anything" I try to kick Jake away but Ella-Louise prises my fingers from the banisters and my head hits a stair. I cry out but still squirm under both their grips despite me being half the size of both of them. Kids scatter in all directions as the two staff half carry me away as I try to twist away.

"You are ill Mira Black, you will have your medicine" she tells me. They take me downstairs and I've got a bad feeling that downstairs is bad.

"Am not! Am not! I don't want it, I DON'T WANT IT" I scream. Jake pins me down firmly on a table and suddenly I'm more terrified than before. I try and move but I can barely lift any part of my body because of Jake. I listen for a moment as Ella-Louise moves around and as I see her move back in front of me I panic.

"This won't hurt" she says.

I start wriggling madly, "Let go. Let go. Let go" I repeat over and over again. I thought I was away from the nasty people.

Mr Matthew would never touch me again after what I did, why were these people hurting me?

"I don't want anything. I'm not ill" I shout. Jake pushes me down harder against the table, grabbing hold of my arm.

"Stay still" he hisses.

"NO, I DON'T WANT IT!" I scream. I try so hard to fight but I lose because Ella-Louise stabs something into my arm. Jake let go of me and both of them move away. I throw myself off the table but my body stops working properly and I collapse in a heap. I want to call for help from the nasty people but I know no one will help.

I'm almost scared but being brave is what helps me stop hurting. Being brave keeps me happy.


That was the day that I realised that Caylarium was not somewhere I wanted to be. The day I was first doped and locked in solitary for three days without any food. That was not something you did to a 16 year old let alone a six year old.

I was somewhat lucky that Blaise and I had become friends before that incident because if I had to deal what this drug/spell does to me every time on my own, I really think I would have gone crazy.

Quite possibly one of the worse things that ever happened here was when I was nine. Something I never wanted to think about and yet every time I was put here into solitary I was forced to witness the events once more. It was this event that made me who I am, this event that showed me what really goes on behind closed doors and out there. Real life.



24th August 1989 - Caylarium Institution

Blaise is probably still in a lesson. I had Fabian as a teacher today and he'd been lucky to have Milo - they split us up occasionally particularly if Ella-Louise was the one sending us to class. I kept out of Fabian's way because I just had a bad feeling and every time I had a bad feeling something bad happened. The last thing I need to do is to get in trouble right now.

Someone further down the corridor someone shouts but I know better than to go and investigate besides right now I have to hunt Blaise down. I wander upstairs although as it gets quieter and quieter I pick up the pace because it's never this quiet at Caylarium. The fourth floor is abandoned, that's weird, normally around now people would have their doors opens and all sorts of noise and voices would be heard.

I notice that the attic door is open, no one's allowed up there, well, so we assume. Not once in almost four years here had I ever seen that door open. I walk past but I only get say a few feet past when I hear a sob.

I freeze, most here would ignore a sob but it peaks my curiosity. Of course coupled with having a bad feeling I guess someone might be in trouble. I take two steps back and peer through the open door, slowly I push it open a little. It creaks loudly and I flinch at the sound. A moment of silence follows before there's another crash and a muffled scream. My heart stops when I hear the sound of flesh meeting flesh. I take a step backwards down the stairs looking down at the wooden staircase beneath me.

Hell. There's blood on the floor.

I sense someone watching me and my head snaps up to see Giles Pendal stood at the top of the stairs. He's got a glint in his eye I have never seen before. There is a moment where we stare at each other and suddenly I'm so afraid because never in my life have I seen anyone look like that. I whip around and make a dash back down the stairs. As I run, for a millisecond, I wonder why I'm running. Giles isn't scary. Never has been. I almost consider stopping but I barely take two steps from the door when he grabs my hair and yanks me backwards. With a yelp, I stumble back barely staying on my feet and Giles drags me back up the stairs, kicking the attic door shut as he goes. I scream out, he tries to cover my mouth but I bite down on his hand. He howls in pain and throws me down onto the attic floor. Accidently breathing in a gulp of dusty air, I cough and splutter for what seems like an eternity before I shakily lift my shoulders from the ground.

Oh god.

Ami James, Giles' best friend lies just a few feet away, barely recognisable through the damage, through the torture he has inflicted on her and I want to throw up. Her body shakes and it's almost like she's been put on mute because she's silently sobbing like she's terrified that if she makes any noise Giles will get worse. I barely manage to get up before Giles shoves me backwards into the wall of the attic.

It suddenly hits me. They had their Hogwarts assessments today.

"They rejected you didn't they?" I manage to hiss, no one knew what Giles issue was, why he was here, but I guess I may find out. His nostrils flare and his eyes narrow. I have to resist the temptation to smirk. I take a moment to gaze around the dusty attic while he contemplates his response. It's much bigger than I expect yet full of old junk and unused furniture – not the place I want to die.

"I'm not crazy I deserve a place at Hogwarts! She doesn't!" he growls, his arms either side of me cornering me in. His dark eyes are level with mine, they dare me to respond in the manner I started with. I accept his challenge – half because I don't think he will hurt me, half because my stupidity gets the better of me in situations that it shouldn't.

"Uh-huh" I roll my eyes, "Because she's clearly the one that's crazy" I spit, nodding my head furiously in the direction of Ami. The poor girl was about to be whisked away by some extended family too because, let's be fair, out of all of us she was the most sane. Look at her now, unrecognisable, her feet and arms bound together and gagged in a dusty attic. When Giles turns his head for the split second I slam a small fist into his face. It had no effect but I attempt to push past him causing as many problems as possible. There's a brief moment where I believe he will let me go but it barely lasts two seconds before he flings me across the floor.

I blink back the prickle behind my eyes and they widen in shock as I see Giles pointing a wand straight at me. Where the hell has that come from?! He whispers a harsh spell and ropes appear from nowhere wrapping tightly around my wrists and ankles.

"Giles" I shout, trying to get hold of the boy whom I used to know, "GILES! Let me go" I continue, I've never been so scared in my life and I end up doing something I wouldn't have done three years ago. It's the bravest thing I've ever done.

I start screaming.

To get someone's attention mainly but there was one other thing I want. I want Ami not to get hurt again and if screaming was the way to do that then I guess I would keep screaming. After all, surely someone will hear. Giles quick approaches me, winding me with a sharp kick to the stomach before he kneels at my side and gags me with little difficulty but that was only because of the fact I could hardly breathe. I pull my knees up breathing deeply though my nose, which consequently itches like hell.

Giles sits back for a moment, wand twirling between his fingers as he debates what to do next and to my absolute horror he moves to Ami once more. I growl and start moving my legs back and forth wildly on the floor, in hopes that I could kick something over. I succeed in knocking a vase to the ground where it smashes just as Giles is mid spell, he turns to me and the diffindo jinx slices across my collar bone. Gasping out in pain, I roll to the side, my back to him as I bite back a sob.

"Diffindo!" Giles shouts, the spell cuts across my lower back but as he shouts the spell a third time, two things happen: A, the spell never hits me and B, I know Blaise is here. I flex my wrists in their ties and dare to peep across my shoulder. I turn just in time to see that the spell has hit Blaise. Everything moves so fast, Blaise barely grunts at the spells affect and he absolutely flips out, something I've never seen before. He knocks the wand away from Giles and punches him as hard as he can.

I want to cry. I shout out Blaise's name but he continues to knock Giles to the floor and suddenly he's shouting, Giles is shouting. I'm trying not to get hysterical. There's more shouting, feet thunder up the attic stairs, someone screams my name and every occupant of the attic remains caught still in whatever there are doing. Ami's name is shouted, then Blaise's. Giles. Mine. Ami's. Then without warning it stops, faster than you can blink.

It's over.

My body jerked upwards into a sitting position and I shake involuntarily, I slammed my hand into the padded wall next to me. That whole memory escalated due to my intervention, Blaise got hurt because of me and I would never forget that. If I hadn't been so stupid Blaise wouldn't have ended up in St Mungo's for three days. Because of the proximity of Giles to Blaise when he cast the spell, it had done much more damage to Blaise than it had for me.

Though it wasn't serious, Blaise was left with an ugly red scar across his chest whilst I simply have to deal with two thin, yet noticeable, white scars.

I didn't really mean to get him involved, subconsciously I'd called out to him and he'd simply stood up in the middle of his lesson and sprinted upstairs. They had to pull him off Giles, it was a complete shock for most people, seeing him so angry. It was a side no one wanted to see.

Ami was taken to St Mungo's, we got told she's unlikely to recover ever again and we assumed she was still there. It was an event that most remembered. Many prefer to ignore it but it continues to haunt me. Giles, on the other hand, was moved to a more secure, more mental home and we learn from Kiera barely six months later that he committed suicide in his room.

That particular event proved Caylarium was completely and utterly crazy. I grew up fast here, everyone did, you had to be somewhat mature to deal with what goes on. Otherwise you really will go crazy.

It's dark in here - solitary that is. It must have been what, three days? Surely they must be thinking that they should let me out. I leant back and scowled into the darkness as my stomach rumbled painfully. I was almost glad that my mind was kept occupied by the flashbacks sometimes because if there was one thing I hated more than anything in the world it was the dark. I pulled my knees up to my chest, running my fingers through my hair in irritation and leaning my forehead forward. The flashbacks are done for now. Thank god.

I hate them so much.

I heard noises outside the door and I've never been so happy to see Ella-Louise open the door. But then something happened, I tried to stand up and suddenly I slipped back into a flashback.