Dear Devi,

I sit here under the moon thinking of you. Iam sorry that I ruined our love and friendship. I wanted to immortalize our love in death, but I should have thought of if you would like the idea of dieing with me.

I still have scars from when you smashed me into a mirror that night to escape from me. I know that you'll probably never want to see, or hear me again ... especially since I got that restraining order from you. I miss you and our days together on the hill. I hope maybe one day you'll forgive me.

I really am sorry Devi. I still stal- ... "observe" you from afar when you leave your apartment every blue moon. I don't know if you'll read my letter or just burn it as soon as you see my name. I have no other way to tell you why I tried to immortalize us in death, besides that I was afraid.

ive never had anything go good in my life before. when I finally had you, I felt the pain of depression when I thought of you leaving me. now that you have I don't know what else to do in my life. the screams in my basement don't give me comfort like they used to. the voices in my head are no better.

write back to me. I feel so alone.

Johnny. c aka Nny.

MAN, i just re-read my ancient fanfic and realize just how butchered it was. i had NO IDEA what the hell happened to it.

words were cut off. things wernt flowing properly. like, GEEZE. i think i was half asleep when making these chaps, or something didint translate right.

ANYWAY, ive fixed them a bit. easyer to read now.