Royal Ganymedes

Thor gritted his teeth as he stood behind his 'Master'. How this situation enraged him. Him, a Prince of Asgard, the Heir Apparent, being force to serve a Warrior in such a degrading manner. True, the Valiant Tyr was a good and kind master, but it irked Thor fiercely to be delegated to cleaning his armor and weapons instead of accompanying him on battles. No, battles were for the blooded warriors, they told him. He was to remain in the camp and tend to the animals like a lowly servant, and in return he got only useless praise and a pat on the head as if he was a dog.

Thor knew this was a right of passage. That this was what every growing boy wanting to be a warrior had to go through. But he hated that it implied that Thor was just like the rest of them. That Thor, already known as Valiant and Brave, had to be forced to serve as ganymede even despite his heritage and station. To no longer be Prince Thor, but just Ganymede-Thor, to be used like a slave then discarded till they had need of him again was infuriating. How dare they treat their Prince, their future King like this? Thor was meant for much greater things than mucking after horses.

Loki smiled softly as Master Hoenir praised his performance and patted him on the head. The other warriors joined in, telling him they had never seen swords polished this well. Loki made sure they could see themselves in the blades, so that even the most vain of the lot was happy with him.

Serving as a Ganymede was an honored tradition and one that Loki found himself reveling in. All he had to do was follow orders to his best ability. If he failed, none of the warriors laughed, just pointed out what was wrong and told him to do it again. 'Worry not, boy, you will learn' they told him often. And when Loki succeeded, he got a pat on the head. Battles were reserved for the blooded warriors, so Loki contented himself with taking care of the animals and reading up on what Master Hoenir wanted him to know. And after all his duties were taken care of, Master Hoenir and the other warriors told him great tales of battles and magic.

They didn't ignore him, didn't belittle him and even praised him. Loki found himself grinning happily at the older men, gratefully taking the offered bowl of stew. He rather liked this tradition.




Written for a Kink Meme prompt:

When young men in training reach the Aesir equivalent age of 16/17, they are send to battle with the warriors to serve as pages. They have to tend to the camp and the weapons and serve as pleasure boys to the blooded warriors. The princes of Asgard are no exception, because it wouldn't be fair if they get to use the next generation without having gone through it themselves. Of course only the most noble warriors may use a prince in such a way.

How do they react? Maybe Loki thinks it's degrading, while Thor relishes it as the next step on the way to becoming a warrior. Or maybe Thor resents not being able to skip this step while Loki secretly likes the attention and how gentle the men are with him.