The cord was indeed wrapped around her neck, and her skin was a corpse grey. Her miniature head was dented from the forceps and her limbs hung limply through the fingers of the nurses hands who was holding her.

She was the little girl he'd always wanted, but she looked lifeless.

"What?! What is it?" Jennifer screeched, trying to sit up. But Nick and another nurse stepped in, keeping her lying down. Nick stood defiantly by her side, squeezing her hand and not letting her look at anything or anyone else but him. "Nick! What's wrong?" she cried, her eyes frantic.

"It's okay Jen, just let them work on her," he said.

"It's not okay! Why isn't she crying!" Jennifer sobbed loudly. "Nick why can't I hear her?"

He looked back down at her, tearing his eyes away from where they were working on the infant. He'd never seen her look so scared and knew he had the same look in his own eyes. And he had no answer for her. He just held her hand and kissed her fingers over and over.

Several minutes later, after they had reintroduced colour to the infant's skin, Nick was ushered from the room, assured that everything was okay and that Jennifer would be fine and she would be up to recovery soon. He didn't want to leave, and unhappily parted hands with Jennifer, and then left a longing stare towards the baby on the other side of the room, as they rubbed her body into life. The nurse had difficulty leading him away, but once he was out of the room and into the hallway again he turned Nick over to Duncan, who got up immediately from the bench where he was sitting with Liam and Noah, feeding them well earned lollies after their hard day.

Nick yanked off his mask and cap as he walked in shock towards his friend.

"What happened mate?" Duncan asked, just out of ear shot of the boys.

Nick's face remained serious and shattered. "They're still working on her," he warbled. "She had the cord wrapped around her neck."

"Oh Nick." Duncan put a hand to the man's shoulder and gave it a squeeze.

Nick let out a long breath and ran a hand over his face before he spoke again. "We just find Noah and now this…" he muttered. "Jesus Christ, I think I'm going to have a fucking heart attack soon." He collapsed onto a nearby chair.

Not a moment later a nurse stuck her head out into the hallway and looked up at where Duncan stood worriedly over Nick. "Mr Buchanan?" she called.

Both men looked up, their faces filled with trepidation. But the nurse was smiling. She stepped out into the hallway fully. "Did you want to come back in quickly before we take your wife up to the ward?"

Suddenly Nick got his energy back. Duncan smiled knowingly as he sprung up out of the chair he'd fallen into and almost ran over to where the nurse was standing. She led him back into the delivery room.

"Is she okay?" he asked as they walked through a second set of doors before the room where Jennifer lay.

"Your daughter?"

Nick nodded.

"Yes, she's fine."

Nick almost cried, relief flooding his veins. He entered and walked over to his long suffering wife, never loving her more than he did at that moment. He bent over her and placed a kiss on her parched lips. She kept him close to her for a moment by wrapping her arms tightly around his neck, just like she had when they'd said farewell before she'd been bundled away into the chopper. She clung to him desperately and cried happy tears, relieved everything was all over.

"Don't worry about anything," he whispered into her shoulder. "Noah's fine…." They pulled apart and together looked up and over at the nurse coming towards them with their daughter in her arms. "…and she's fine too." He could hear Jennifer loudly exhale, finally reassured. She wouldn't have believed it from anyone else but Nick.

On the other side of them another nurse helped to raise Jennifer's bed so that she was sitting up more and she shuffled painfully over a little to make room for Nick. The nurse placed the tiny infant in her mother's arms and Nick sat gently on the edge of the bed beside them. The proud parents both looked down at the baby, now a healthy shade of pink. She was just the right tonic to calm the both of them down and bring them down off the involuntary high they'd been on for the last 48 hours.

She was beautiful. Tears streamed silently down Jennifer's cheeks. She looked up at Nick and knew he too was lost for words.

Along comes a baby girl

And suddenly my little world

Just got a whole lot bigger

Yes it did

"I knew we could do this Jen," Nick whispered as they watched their daughter sleep. "I knew you could do this." He leaned over to kiss her again, leaving a warm, affectionate smudge on her forehead as she continued to look down at the baby in her arms. "You're so much stronger and better at everything than you realise."

She smiled tiredly at him, content at last. Their family was together, it was complete, and they loved each other more than they could have ever imagined. Days like these were pretty damn good, Jen thought.

Songs used, by chapter

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8 – You Make Me Happy, Clare Bowditch

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12 – The Prayer, Andrea Boccelli

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