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Letter for Mr. Mikagami!

Thank you; Tokiya smiled faintly. But the smile totally vanished when he saw where the letter came from, from Tetsuo; his grandfather.

So he's still alive, he thought.

It was a long time since he saw him, on his father's funeral. He never bothered to take care of him or his sister. He was mad at his father and maybe, with them as well. So what does he want now?

The letter answered him.

Dear little Tokiya,

So it has been a long time isn't it? I know I have no right to interfere with your life since most of you and your sisters late sister's life was spent without me. But you know I have reasons, which right now

is not important. I feel my time in this world is swiftly running out, and so im planning to settle everything that I have. One that might interest you is the hokage weapon obaken. Which will make your

ensui an even more powerful weapon. Im planning to give to a grandson who will marries a hokage woman. A tradition your father disobeyed.

So if you happen to be interested in following that tradition, please come see me. My address at the head of this letter you will find me.

But if you are not interested, then disregard my letter. Still, I'm hoping that you're the grandson I can settle my legacy with.



If he hadn't read about the Obaken, Tokiya wouldn't have cared about Tetsuo or his legacy. But he cannot take this for granted. Not when the Obaken, a very powerful weapon , is at stake. For it, he will go

even to the extent of marrying a hokage woman, even if he didn't love her. All he needed to do is to find the right woman. And only one woman fit that qualification.



Kagero has just finished teaching calligraphy to the town kids when suddenly, Tokiya appeared on her doorway.

"Good morning!" She greeted. "Recca's not here"

"It's not Recca I'm looking for, it's you I need to talk to." He answered coolly.

Kagero's eyebrow raised. "Sure. But just wait here while I prepare some tea."

Kagero turned her back and prepared the beverage. This was when Tokiya started appraising her. She was very different from the Kagero months back; he thought, staring at her figure and pretty curves

visibly seen on her tight kimono. Kagero had long hair now, which made her look her age: twenty. Anyone would have sunk down on the floor if they knew that she is Recca's mother. A beautiful, and yet

dangerous bride she will be.

Finally, when the tea was served, Kagero asked him. "What is it then?"

Tokiya smoothly and calmly told her everything. He was surprised the way she took it, calmly as well. She might have been surprised, but she didn't show it.

"So the famous obaken is in your grandfather's hands huh"

"Yes it is. And you know better than I do that it would give my ensui more strength. I can't let this opportunity slip."

Kagero sipped her tea, before saying, "suppose I agree on marrying you; but what would I get from it after?"

Tokiya nearly choked! So she will agree if she gets something. Maybe money? He thought. but otherwise, he answered her.

Together with the weapon, my grandfather would left me his estate, a rather big one. And of course, together with a large sum of money. He paused before adding; yours for the taking.

"You wouldn't want them"? She asked, as if not moved by the offer.

"Right now the obaken is my priority. I must get it at all cost" He answered firmly.

"Hmmm very well then, I agree." Kagero said finally. Lay me the arrangement.

Tokiya smiled triumphantly, then explained; "It would be a civil marriage. Only the two of us or perhaps with some of the judges witnesses. And then we visit Grandfather. We play this game for one or two

years.. after we get what we want.. you call the shots."

"How about Recca, would I let him know?"

"It's up to you" he shrugged his shoulders. "But it's much better if he didn't know. Anyway we will be living at grandfather's until this act is finished.

He was hoping that Kagero would agree. So he was relived when she nodded. "Thank you" he said.

"Don't thank me" she said seriously, it would be more of an advantage to me rather than to you.

"What do you mean?"

"You will find out.. soon.."

Kagero just stood on the door and watched Tokiya go, till he was out of sight. She was presented with a once in a lifetime oppurtunity to end her pain. Her brain was racked with endless possibilities. She

hates using other people, and she is disgusted with herself for using Tokiya for this purpose but she has no choice.

"He could be the one." She said aloud.

The one that would end her journey. . Her rather painful and agonizing immortal life...