When I said this was done for the foreseeable future? Yeah, I forgot I had this written already. But yay, new chapter! Based on a GIF set by sararye on Tumblr. You can see it on my writing tag on my tumblr. I'm what-a-beautiful-mess (with two hyphens in between, otherwise you'll get someone else entirely), then click 'click here' and then the link 'erin writes things'.

One moment, Blaine was standing next to his locker, waiting for Kurt. He probably could have been getting the books he needed for tonight's homework out of it, but that presupposed that he was actually going to do tonight's homework.

Next thing he knew, he was being pushed into the locker, his nose sliding painfully against the rough slits in the metal.

"What the fuck?"

"Anderson," Karofsky said, his fists balled up menacingly, "what's this I hear about you screwing Kurt around?"

"I don't know what you're talking about."

"I heard he pushed you away at lunchtime and ended up crying in the bathroom."

"You idiot," Blaine snarled, his lip curled. "Kurt was crying because he's fucking sick of whatever stunts you keep pulling to stop all your football douchebags from working out that you're gay. He pushed me away because he didn't want me to see him crying, not because I made him cry." Blaine's eyes narrowed. "He wouldn't even let me beat the crap out of you for it. God knows why; he's too good to you."

Karofsky made a deep rough sound that was almost a growl. "You think you're so tough, with your motorcycle and all that shit, but Kurt'll get sick of it soon enough."

"Well, I'm sure he'll give a call if he suddenly decides he wants some ugly-as-fuck guy whose favourite hobby is slamming his face into the lockers," Blaine said with a bitter laugh.

"He belongs with me!" Karofsky yelled, slamming his fist into the lockers.

"Back the fuck off if you like having all your limbs, Karofsky," Blaine said, his eyes glittering dangerously. "Kurt is mine. He chose me, and if you think he's going to go for you if he changes his mind, then you're delusional." Blaine narrowed his eyes even further, staring Karofsky down. Eventually the older boy growled again and pushed Blaine roughly back into the cold metal behind him before storming off down the corridor.