Sorry isn't Enough.

Chapter 1 - Unwanted Visitor

Footsteps heavily hitting the stairs, each step heavy and rough - slow and deep. The clanks alarmed Michael as he peacefully read through many files regarding; Anson Fullerton. Trying to study and discover more about the parasite that boiled his veins, hurt every inch of his body. There sheer mention of his name would send shivers down his entire body, creating Goosebumps on his exposed skin. The itch beneath his skin would irritate further, the more he thought about how smart and devious, sick and twisted Anson was. How easily he outsmarted everyone, each and every one of them.

Slowly placing the files down, Michael moved cautiously and quietly throughout the Loft. Listening carefully, he had already noticed it was two people heading towards the loft's door. The first person was steady, carefully. Trying to be quiet. The second person, loosely following the person before them, restless and trying to avoid having to be at the scene - forced against their will. As Michael observed the footing on the metal stairs. Michael listened closely, taking out his pistol from his back, he slowly moved over and stood behind the door. His weapon in guard, he awaited their entry...


As the small cry is heard through the Loft's door. Michael let out a small sigh, followed by the roll of his eyes. Tilting his head up, he dropped his shoulders and guard. Judging by her irritated tone, Michael knew he was about to be scolded for something. Swinging his hand down to his side, releasing the tight grip of his weapon. Michael licked his lips and opened the door, irritated. Obviously it was his mother with someone who needed his help...

"Ma, I-"

Cut off in mid sentence, His eyes focused intensely at the muzzle of a gun. staring tight at his nose. Michael swallowed hard, his eyes slowly looked to see beyond the muzzle. Staring down the barrel of a loaded gun was never fun...It didn't matter how many times he had experienced it, every time was a new chill, a new dreadful event none the less, he would walk away unharmed however; when they were handcuffed to your mother. Their face red with rage, their hands shook as they tried to control the very rage that only started to rise the moment their eyes sat upon you... You begin to rule out the circumstances of a happy ending, no matter how good you are.

As their eyes took a glimpse of Michael's weapon, the instantly reacted. Turning the weapon on Madeline, Michael clenched his jaw and lightly dropped his weaponry, kicking it out of the door, it slowly slid pass their feet, stopping at the frame of the loft's door. Stepping back, Michael let them inside, he let them pull his mother with them. His hands were soon in a tight fist, clenching tightly. Michael clenched his jaw and kept his eyes upon his mother, making sure she was unharmed and ok...Then again, it was highly doubtful that she was in fact, Ok. The poor woman was handcuffed to what seemed like a madman right now, We all know Madeline can handle herself... however; not this time as the maniac was her present boyfriend, Benny...

Authors Note:

Was originally going to be a one-shot. then i realised. Too much was involved to be a one-shot. Aren't they meant to be short? lol. I've written two more pages of this fic, i'm not too sure exactly where it's headed to be honest. Not entirely sure it's interesting enough to be continued. So please, let me know if you're interested and i'll see what i can do ;). Thank you all. Will continue with "Promise Me" once i get my muse back, may do some one shots in between, we'll see.