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Something for the Pain

By FictionCannibal

Chapter One

It was out of necessity that Hermione Granger found herself kneeling before Severus Snape, her hands at the button of his trousers and her heart pounding loudly in her chest.

She had been Snatched by rogue Death Eaters who had recognized her for who she was, and instead of letting them get to Harry and Ron, Hermione had led them away and let them take her instead, giving her friends ample time to get away.

The three Snatchers, who were obviously outer circle Death Eaters, were not very resourceful. It had taken all three of them to bind her arms and legs and silence her. Hermione knew she could take them on in a heartbeat, but when they had suddenly apparated her directly to the Dark Lords throne room, Hermione knew her chances of survival were slim to none.

"My faithful servants," Voldemort had hissed to the Snatchers as she was pushed onto the floor, her knees scraping against the stone underfoot. "What is this that you have brought to me?"

"That's 'Ermione Granger that is my Lord." The lanky dark hair Snatcher said with a toothy grin on his face. "Found 'er alone in the forest, we did."

Voldemort's red eyes brighten at the recognition of her name and he stood up, his black cloak floating menacingly behind him. "Hermione Granger... Harry Potter's brains are you not?"

Hermione glared at the Dark Lord who radiated pure evil but said nothing - she couldn't, after all, with the silencing spell still in place. Voldemort seemed to realize this, and with a wave of his hand, he undid the silencing and bounding charms.

"Is that not better?" He hissed when Hermione did not move from her position. "Am I not a fair Lord? One who gives twice as much as he takes away?"

Behind her, Hermione could hear shouts and cries of 'Here, here!' and 'The Dark Lord reigns supreme!'

She did not turn around to see exactly how many Death Eaters were currently present - she did not want to know. If death would come to her this night, she did not want to know how many Death Eaters she would fail at fighting off. So, with her head held high and her mouth set in a grim line, Hermione tore her gaze away from Voldemort to stare at a single spot over his shoulder.

Voldemort laugh, a harsh sound that seemed almost painful to accomplish. "Do you here that Mudblood? The Dark Lord reigns supreme!" His hand shot out suddenly, grasping her face in a hard grip as he hissed, "I will make you scream those words before this night ends. You will die with those exact words on your lips."

Hermione struggled against his grip, and the Dark Lord smirked as he let her go, his fingers leaving red impressions on her cheeks. "Would you like to say it now, Mudblood? I promise if you do, your death will be quick, even quite possibly painless. I am, after all, a fair Lord."

Everyone in the room seemed to be holding their breaths. Hermione knew they were surprised to hear their leader giving her such a selfless opportunity, but like her, they also knew what her answer would be. The words were on her lips - words telling the Dark Lord where he could shove his painless death. But before she could voice her distaste, a deep and silky voice sounded behind her. A voice she'd recognize anywhere.

"If I may interrupt, my Lord," Severus Snape said, stepping forward from his position. "This Mudblood was once a student of mine as you know. One, who unknowingly to anyone except for myself and her, obtained her high grades through a rather - intimate - course of action involving myself many times throughout the course of her sixth year at Hogwarts."

Hermione's jaw nearly dropped. What did that murdering traitor think he was doing? Never in her life had she ever had sex for grades! Much less with the bat of the dungeons! What she couldn't understand, however, was why he was lying.

"Severusss..." Voldemort hissed. "You dare speak out of turn? And admit withheld information for nearly a year? Step forward!"

His footsteps sounded unusually loud as he walked forward and stop when he was standing next to where Hermione still stayed on the ground.

"My Lord, the girl fancies herself in love with me. It has been through this source that I have been able to obtain the accurate detailed information on the moves and whereabouts of the Order and Harry Potter. She will do and tell me anything."

"Is that so?" Voldemort asked rhetorically before he turned around to sit back down at his throne. He said nothing for a solid two minutes. His eyes were observing the scene in front of him as if he wasn't quite sure of what he was seeing. His hands clasped together on his lap, his wand hanging seemingly harmless between his fingers. "Is this true, Mudblood? Is it true that you fucked you're teacher for grades and then proceeded to fall in love him, giving him all the information his heart desired?"

For the first time since her capture, Hermione didn't know what to say. In the course of only a few seconds, her mind spun wildly. What was Snape up to? Why did he lie about having a relationship with her? She certainly held no feelings for him other than hatred. So was he trying to... save her? She knew that looking up at him to study his expression was out of the question. She couldn't voice her questions to him, and regardless if she did, he would not answer her considering that they were before the most evil being of wizard kind.

And it was with a leap of faith that Hermione let a single word pass her lips – a single word that would, ultimately, save her life.


All around them, laughter rang out from the Death Eaters and Voldemort himself. Hermione felt a flush rise in her cheeks, but gave no other outward reaction.

"This is simply wonderful!" Voldemort said in a loud voice above the laughter. With a single rise of his hand, everyone quieted down to mere chuckles and snorts. "Please, you must demonstrate what my most loyal Death Eater and murderer of Albus Dumbledore found so appealing when he was thrusting his cock into you."

Suddenly glad that she had not looked behind her to see how many Death Eaters were around, Hermione instantly knew what the Dark Lord wanted her to do... what he wanted her to do with Snape. She could not decide whether or not performing sexual acts with her former professor was worth her life - much less performing sexual acts in front of the many Death Eaters she was sure were watching!

Taking a deep breath, Hermione finally turned her head to the side and looked up at the man beside her. Severus Snape was looking at her as well and their eyes met. Something tickled her mind, a slightly pressure that Hermione knew instantly to be the sign of a Legilimens entering one's mind.

A flash of memories passed before her eyes...

Albus sitting behind his desk while Snape attempted to save his blackened hand...

Albus patting Snape's shoulder as the dour Potions Master told him of the Unbreakable Vow he'd been forced to take...

Snape shouting at Albus whom had just made him promise to kill him, and end his life in the most merciful way...

Snape standing atop the Astronomy Tower as Albus performed Legilimency on him, telling him to please end the pain flooding through his old and weakened body...

What felt like hours had only been a few seconds, and Hermione wanted nothing more than to gasp loudly at the revelation she had just received. Snape, if the memories were to be believed, was innocence. His faithfulness to Albus Dumbledore had been the drive that had led him to seemingly 'murder' the leader of the Order of the Phoenix. There was only one way to get confirmation of this from him, and that was to live.

With only slight hesitancy, Hermione propped herself up on her knees and moved to kneel before Snape. Eyes still locked with his, her hands reached up to part his heavy black cloak, her fingers finding the button of his trousers.

She had only ever given oral sex once in her life, and that had been with Viktor Krum during her fourth year at Hogwarts. The older boy had pressured Hermione to her breaking point, asking her for sex and touching her whenever he saw the chance. It had not been completely unwelcomed at the time, but after the deeds of fellatio and intercourse were done, Hermione had found herself regretting giving in as easily as she had and ever since, she'd not had any more sexual encounters.

But like riding the proverbial bicycle, the act of fellatio came back to her naturally as she took Snape's semi-hard erection out of his pants and pressed her lips against the mushroom head tip of it. As she took him in her mouth, Hermione closed her eyes, trying to forget the people watching... trying to forget that Voldemort was sitting in a throne right behind her…

Hermione was glad for Snape's thick cloak as her head disappeared into it, hiding her face from view and giving her some sort of privacy during this intimate act.

It was the strange feeling of Snape's cock lengthening and hardening that cause Hermione to open her eyes once again. As she continued to bob her head against him, her gazed flickered up to him to find him watching her every move. His eyes were intense - Hermione wasn't quite sure what that meant.

His hands rose slowly, giving her ample time to see what he was doing until they rested atop her head, encouraging her to keep going. Once again, she felt the tickle of Legilimency in her mind, this time, instead of memories, she heard his voice clear in her mind.

I'm sorry.

It was all he said before he looked away from her and pressed her head to him, forcing her to take him deeper in her mouth. The action barely registered to her as his voice echoed in her head. He was sorry... for this act she was being forced to perform? Or perhaps because, at the end of the night, she could possibly still die? Closing her eyes as tears began to well, Hermione forced her mouth and throat to relax as Snape continued pushing her head to and away from him, roughly and emotionlessly. It wasn't long until Hermione felt her mouth grow overwhelmingly moist as Snape came without warning.

Nearly gagging, Hermione pulled her head away, covering her mouth with her hands to keep from spitting up as she swallowed thickly. The sound of clapping ranging throughout the room.

"Splendid! I must say that was quite the performance I would expect from someone of your blood status, Miss Granger." Voldemort said gleefully.

Snape stepped away from her as Hermione tried to stand. She would not look weak anymore - she needed to be strong and kneeling on the floor in front of the Dark Lord seemed to only give him all the more satisfaction.

Standing on shaky legs, Hermione clenched her fists, waiting for what would come next. She didn't expect to suddenly hear a loud, pained scream coming from the closed doors behind her.

"Ah! It seems Wormtail has arrived with our entertainment!"

For the first time, Hermione turned her head and looked back. There were nearly three dozen Death Eaters either standing or lounging on the blood red couches placed precariously against the back walls. A heavy iron door against the furthest wall suddenly opened, and Wormtail entered, a trail of young Muggle women behind him.

"Tonight, my loyal Death Eaters, I present you with a feast!"

The Death Eaters all moved excitedly towards the women, taking them roughly by the arms and wasting no time starting their revel.

Hermione looked away in horror.

"Severus, it seems your whore would rather not witness your Brothers pleasures... take her to Hogwarts with you and ensure she does not escape. She will be very good leverage against Harry Potter." Voldemort said this in a dismissive tone of voice as his attention seemed to be focused solely on the revel.

"My Lord," Snape bowed. Before he could grab Hermione to apparate, however, the Dark Lord stopped him.

"Just one more thing," He said, his red eyes glinting in pleasure as he lifted his wand and pointed it straight at Hermione. She had no time to reaction as a spell was suddenly cast on her, making her entire body go numb for a second before the feeling went away.

"Just a parting gift for you, Severus... since you won't be joining us in our revel tonight."

And without another word, Snape grabbed Hermione's upper arm, holding on tightly to her as he apparated them away.