AN: ... and here's the epilogue!

Something for the Pain

By FictionCannibal


Fourteen years later

"MUM! Caleb took my last Chocolate Frog!"

"Only because Charlotte took my last grass flavored Bertie Bott's Bean!"

From their spot in front of the fireplace, Hermione and Severus Snape looked at each other and then to their two beautiful children who were sitting on the floor in front of the Christmas tree.

"Caleb, please give your sister half of the Chocolate Frog." Hermione said to the fourteen-year-old boy.

"Half?" Eleven-year-old Charlotte whined.

"You did eat his Bean, didn't you?" Severus raised a brow.

Glaring at her brother, Charlotte reluctantly took the half Caleb was offering her while he smirked smugly.

"Slytherin," Charlotte grumbled accusingly.

"Gryffindor," Caleb retorted.

"Start cleaning up you two. It's almost time for dinner."

At their mother's words, Caleb and Charlotte stood up and began clearing away the wrapping papers that were littering the floor while their parents went into the kitchen.

Their home was a beautiful two floor Victorian house with many high windows which opened up the house and let the sunshine in from outside.

Severus and Hermione had bought it just before they'd gotten married after finding out they were expecting their second child when Caleb had turned three.

After nearly losing Charlotte while in Hermione's third trimester, the couple had decided against having more children. It was too risky, especially since Hermione still experienced the Dark Lord's curse once a year on the same day it was cast on her. Luckily, Hermione would only suffer one or two bouts of intense pain instead of the curses original forty-eight hours.

When Caleb turned eleven and received his Hogwarts letter, Severus had decided to retire from his position as the schools Potions Master, and instead opened up his own apothecary in Diagon Alley. Hermione was very proud of her husband and gave him plenty of work when she recommended his shop to her boss at St. Mungo's where she was a first class Healer.

In the kitchen, Hermione pulled out the roast-goose from the oven while Severus waved his wand over the table, sending plates and cups from the cupboard onto the table in a neat manner.

"Slytherin," Hermione chided playfully.

Severus smirked at her as she put down the goose. She went over to him, wrapping her arms around neck as she smiled up at him. He leaned down, kissing her gently before murmuring against her lips, "Gryffindor,"

"EWWW! Mum! Dad! Stop!" Charlotte shrieked from behind them.

Pulling away from her husband, Hermione smiled at her daughter. "Would you get the pumpkin juice from the refrigerator, sweetie?"

"Yes, Mum." Charlotte muttered as she continued to eye her parents. Caleb came into the kitchen, immediately going to the draw to set the utensils on the table.

Charlotte's eyes began to sparkle mischievously. "Mummy, I saw Caleb doing that at Hogwarts just before Christmas break."

"Doing what, Charlotte?" Hermione inquired.

"What are you accusing me of now, Char?" Caleb groaned.

Charlotte went over to Severus, hiding behind his back as if to protect herself from her older brother. "I saw him kissing a girl."

"Is that right?" Hermione asked crossing her arms as she looked sharply at her blushing son.

Severus smirked at his son. "I'd expect you to be a bit more subtle having been sorted into Slytherin."

"I was!" Caleb blushed harder. "Charlotte keeps following me around at school!"

"Only because you're my brother and it shows support for House Unity!"

"Too spy on me?" Caleb asked incredulously.

"No fighting," Hermione sighed. "What's her name, Caleb? Is she a nice girl?"

"She's nice," Caleb murmured.

"She's in Gryffindor like me!" Charlotte said, still behind her father.

"That's wonderful, Caleb." Hermione smiled at him.

"And her name?" Severus asked.

"Magenta. But everyone calls her Maggie." Caleb supplied.

"She's a Weasley, daddy! Like Auntie Ginny." Charlotte added.

"Shut it, Charlotte!" Caleb shouted.

If possible, Severus' eyebrows rose further as Hermione gapped at Caleb. "I've never heard of a Weasley named Magenta... do you know who her father is?"

Caleb nodded his head slowly, as if dreading to tell his mother what he knew. "Ron Weasley... Maggie told me he used to be your best friend."

"Merlin..." Severus groaned. His son was in love with his wife's ex-boyfriends daughter.

With a sigh, Hermione turned back to the goose on the counter as she quickly changed the subject. If her son wanted to be with Magenta Weasley, who was she to say no? After all, it wasn't the girls fault as to who her father was...

With a forced smile and a shared glance with her husband, Hermione turned to her children and asked, "So, who's hungry?"

The End