Name: Xóchitl Chávez
Alias/Nickname(s): Xól

Age: 22 (Physically) (Real age unknown)
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Ethnic Group: Spanish (True country origin unknown, most likely Spain or possibly Latin American)

Rank: Immortal
Job/Occupation: Hiker, Explorer, Guide-For-Hire
Birthday: Unknown
Birthplace: Unknown

Written Appearance: Upper-back length dark brown hair, usually worn as a ponytail with one large bang hanging down her face. Tan skin from long outdoor exposure, brown eyes, muscular build, thin and short frame, cup size C.

Dress: She wears a white tank top, with (slightly) oversized dark brown cargo shorts, with a special belt that holsters her flashlight and a flare gun/ regular gun (different clip on holsters for each) she has a silver crescent moon necklace, she wears tan and red hiking sneakers, and she usually has a compact, light, waterproof backpack with her.

In her pockets are: a pack of gum, a waterproof lighter, a switchblade and a highly-durable, waterproof phone with long lasting batteries.

Height: 5'1 (5'9 in werewolf form)
Weight: 132 (156 in werewolf form)

Personality: She is very bold and courageous, not afraid to speak her mind no matter what the situation. She is cunning, always looking for the upper hand whether it be in battle or in a normal friendly conversation. She is slightly insecure about her own abilities so she hides it up with an array of innuendos and perverse comments and jokes. She is usually a care-free kind of person but when the situation becomes serious, so does she, taking in and weighing every risk before taking an action. She takes some getting used to, be after a few hours with her she is a great friend and a greater ally.

Likes: Hiking, Hunting, Climbing, Adventuring, Hot Chocolate
dislikes: Hypocrites, Snooty people, kiwis.
Hobbies: Hunting, Hiking, Archery
Talents: Cooking, Fighting, tracking
Favorite Food: Trail mix, Pie, apples.
Favorite Music: Hip hop, pop, Hard Rock
Forte in Sports: Archery, Cross-Country