"He's not here right now…he's planning a funeral."

He moved the phone away from his ear and crushed it easily with his hand letting what remained of the phone fall to the floor. It was true then. She was dead. It was Jacob's voice on the other end of the line. There was no need to say anything and what was there to say? There was definitely no love lost between the two of them. Jacob no doubt would blame him and he would be right. This was all on him. He had asked her to be careful, to not be reckless not for his sake but for Charlie's. But no that was another lie; it was for his as well. What was left of his silent heart shattered into a million pieces.

His throat ached with the need to scream his anguish and he wished he had the ability to cry. To feel the wet tears streaming down his face. It didn't matter, what he felt inside was enough to bring him to his knees. "Bella…." The one thing that mattered to him, the one reason he existed was gone. All his hopes of returning to her, all his hopes of feeling her warmth in his arms again and brushing his lips against hers ended in the moment Jacob said the words.

The contingency plan he thought he would need when James had nearly ended her life was now put into motion. There had been no one there to save her this time. He had not been there to stop her from jumping off the cliff. He had left her. How could he have walked away from the only thing that made him feel alive in nearly 100 years? "I was protecting her…" He thought to himself. But he had failed. The very thing he feared had come to fruition. He was responsible; he drove to her as if he himself had pushed her over that cliff.

There was only one way to achieve his goal and his first step was to get to Volterra. He looked around the shabby room he had rented picking up the few things he had taken with him when he had left all those months ago. The black journal his only companion, the only thing he bared his thoughts to, filled with all the moments since he met her. Filled with all the sorrow he had felt after leaving her. Filled with the renewed sense of joy when he realized he couldn't stay away. Now that black journal would have an ending. In the small black bag he placed the journal and the few things he had and zipped it closed. He was in slow motion as he made his way out of the room and downstairs to the lobby. The room had been paid through the end of the month and his plans had been to leave, to return to Forks. Now that was all a dream and he was living the nightmare he had made.

"Where are we going today?" The ticket agent asked in her native tongue.

"Rome, Italy." Edward answered in fluent Portuguese

With his first class ticket in hand he made his way to the gate. He passed through the crowd of people without glancing at anyone or anything. He set his course steady and straight ahead. His flight was not leaving for a several hours, he had wanted a direct flight and its planned departure was early evening. He passed through security without an issue. He never had an issue. Why would he? He followed the rules and made sure he had everything in order. Nothing would stand in his way; he would get to Volterra and request an audience with the council.

The flight attendants continued to offer him food and drink. Edward declined politely. Simply saying he had eaten while waiting for the flight. He was anxious for the flight to take off. Anxious to arrive in Rome then take the long ride to Volterra. It a matter of hours he would end his misery. If Carlisle was right, if Bella was right then he would be with her again. He would find her on the other side. It was the one thing that brought a smile to his lips.

"Ladies and gentleman, this is your captain speaking. We will be taking off in just a short few minutes. Flight attendants please make your final check."

Finally, he thought.