Ok…so let me explain this a little better. I love Ludacris and the Lion King so I combine them in this story. Where I get to meet Ludacris and fall in love with him. Also I get to meet my favorite characters. Hope you all enjoy it and please review. Thank You!

Absurd Love

Chapter 1: Intro

I like him…I don't like him…I love him…I don't love him…he will never…

"What are you doing?"

I look up from my personal letter and saw Kim, a snotty cheerleader whore and b****.

"None of your dam business" I said

Kim smirked and snatched my paper off my desk and started to read it out loud.

"You got to be kidding me. You are ugly Ludacris will never look your way or at lease talk to you"

Tears were building up and I couldn't take it anymore.

"Me on the hand one look at me and he will drool and one look at you he gonna want to jump of a bridge"

Her cheerleader squad and the football jocks started laughing and passing my paper around.

Tears were flowing out now like Niagara Falls. I couldn't take this no more. I grabbed my black bookbag, my books and ran out of class. I heard them laughing their hearts out. But I didn't care. I ran to my locker and was fighting with my lock but I eventually got it open. I threw my books in and slammed it shut. I grabbed my keys out of my bag and ran out of the school. I got in my 1994 sable Honda Accord and drove home crying my eyes out. Kim is right I wouldn't have any chance with Ludacris any way.

My name is Sherise Givens and I have an Absurd crush on a rapper/actor Christopher Bridges aka Ludacris.