Mrs. Badminton

A/N This is written for a friend in order for her to recover from Badminton. I would say it's not the best fic I've wrote but maybe that's because it's nor Kurt/Blaine so much.

Disclaimer: I do not own glee however secretly I own Darren Criss, in my imagination but own none the less. Anyway enjoy!

Darren POV

Why? Why do we need to come to Badminton? It's a wasted sport, nothing like American football. Badminton is a girly sport! However I'm coming along because it's a whole cast thing and everyone else seemed enthusiastic, even Mark! So here I am in this VIP room awaiting the Badminton coach who is going to 'teach' us how to play. How hard is it? You hit the feather thing over the net, big deal!

It's 3:05, the coach is 5 minutes late, if he's not here soon i might just- Oh shit. The coach just arrived and fuck me, she's fit. Maybe Badminton isn't a wasted sport.

Chris POV

I don't understand why Darren is against Badminton, it's FUN! Anyway, I don't think he's gonna pay much attention now, look at her. She's beautiful and Darren will be all over her after recently breaking up with Mia (A/N: twitter rumour eeeeppp!), why can't an absolutely gorgeous guy love me?


They were 10 minutes into the lesson when Darren made his first move on the coach, not that it'll take much considering she's a total D.C fan, he decided to use his non-badminton skills to his advantage. (Tennis pun not intended)

"Miss Snape, could you help me with my serve please?" Yes, Darren pulled out his Blaine dapperness.

"Sure, so watch how I hold the shuttlecock and just hit it!" The shuttlecock flew straight over the net perfectly. "You wanna try?"

"Err ok" And Darren hit over the net because seriously it wasn't that hard and Darren could play, really well.

"Perfect!" And she walked away, over to help Cory who was struggling with his backhand hit.


Chris POV

Half an hour later and Badminton was finishing up, by now Chris' blood was bubbling in anger. How dare he flirt with her? Can he not see I'm in love with him? I want him, does he not want me? None of that matters anymore because he's swept her of her feet, literally and is carrying her back to his car. OK, maybe not but he might as well be. The eye sex that is occurring, the stare at each other constantly, we used to do that. What has changed?

It's safe to say that I'm depressed, meanwhile Darren says goodbye to Mrs Snape.

"Sooo I'll see you around?" Darren said oh so charmingly

"Err will I?"

"Of course" And he leaned in and pressed a gentle kiss to her lips.

That's it! That is my man, she will not take him from me.

General POV

Chris stormed across the room in just under 10 seconds and pulled Darren away from the man stealer. He turned back to her and said "Back the fuck off, yeah?"

"Chris! I can do whatever I want!" Darren stood up for himself and his girlfriend? Who knows?

"What? You actually want her?"

"Yes Chris, you have a problem?"

Chris was becoming watery eyed "No, of course not." And the flood gates were broken, tear drop after drop poured down Chris cheeks like an everlasting waterfall. "It's not like I love you or anything." Chris' voice was slightly shaky. He turned and walked away, back to his car. All Darren could think was, what have I done?

A/N ok that was rubbish and nothing like it was supposed to go but i can't be bothered to change it and NELLY NORA I hope your happy :P