The Most Interesting Breakfast Ever

The day before Flo's payday was always...interesting, to say the least.

When they first moved in together, they had agreed to alternate on who would pay for monthly expenses (which would mostly consist of one girl paying the rent, and the other paying for everything else). Most of what Flo earned, she put right back into the diner, be it stocking up on ingredients or advertising or fixing something that her grandmother had inevitably broken. And most of what was left over usually went into some sort of gift for another friend trying to start their own business. So, groceries for home were never the first thing on her mind. And when they started to run out, things got very interesting.

It was a Sunday. It was Quinn's turn to pay the rent.

Flo had her head stuck in the fridge, with four other cabinets open wide. From the back, she pulled out what looked like a carton of buttermilk, untucked the spout, and brought it to her nose. The twitches of the bottom of her mouth told Quinn it was at least four months. Flo chucked it in the trash without a word.

"How about..." she hummed as she desperately searched for ingredients, "baked scrambled eggs...with hot dog bits...and..." She pulled a small spice jar from a top cabinet and sniffed it carefully. "Nutmeg?"

"How can you bake scrambled eggs?"

"I dunno, but I can't cook them on the stove because we're out of cooking spray. And olive oil. And butter. And shortening. And leftover bacon grease."

Quinn scratched at her brow in a mix of awe and contemplation.

"How about just coffee? It'll be less fattening that way."

"Can't," Flo winced. "We're out of coffee."

"We're out of coffee?" Quinn echoed. "How can we be out of coffee? We never run out of coffee."

"I think most of it went into planning that wedding for the couple with, what, sixteen allergies?"

"It was twelve, and you've made your point," Quinn articulated, not wanting to remember how sleep deprived she had been when she had gone to Yum Yum Bakery the next day and literally had fallen asleep into a cake. Her hair never quite forgave her. She sighed. "Flo, you're your own boss. Can't you just take your paycheck a day or two early?"

"No," Flo answered without having to think, "because that would be unfair to Cookie."

Quinn just slumped into her palm and kept her tongue in her mouth, because she knew that she couldn't argue with that.

"Let's try this..." Flo covered a baking tray in aluminum foil and cracked three eggs onto the center. They went straight into the oven. Midway during their cooking, Flo pulled the rack forward so she could work, and broke up the egg slurp with a spatula. It ended up being a bit hard to pull off, but heartily cooked. Flo sliced an entire cold hot dog into the slightly burned egg, and sprinkled nutmeg over the top.

"Interesting flavor," Quinn mused when she cautiously slid a bite into her mouth.

Flo scooped up a forkful and tasted for herself.

"Very interesting..." She stared off into space as she chewed. "I wonder-"

"No, Flo, you are not putting this on the menu at the diner."