A one-shot? That isn't Pokémon or Marvel?

LE GASP. Well, this is a one-shot idea after playing Bully again and rumours of what happens to Gary after you defeat him. Enjoy!

I sit up here. Every day. Reminding myself, in this soul-prison of a bell tower.

"I'm a genius, and geniuses don't need medication."

I rarely leave this bell tower, the centre of the rotting hellhole what is known as a school to the ridiculous wrenches that live here. It's more of a prison, I should know; a prison where everyone is out to get you, against you, and plotting.

Plotting against me, which is what ol' Jimmy boy did. A traitorous leech, even after taking him under my wing and making him who he is today! A king of this school.

King of Bullworth Academy.

He's only that because he ruined my marvellous conquest I so carefully planned out, he took what would've been my little empire with my own servants of undying loyalty because of their small brain cells and incapability to make their own decisions. Yet Jimmy had to take that from me, like I said; He's a scummy, traitorous, vile, low-life leech with his whore of a cocksucking girlfriend!

It also seems the school staff is aware of my presence ever since they finally decided to reconstruct the destroyed bell tower – reminding me of my defeat, the unfair fall of a genius head boy who almost became the emperor of the school, a true king – and sometimes, I am brought before Crabblesnitch (ugly fuck, god knows what his secretary sees in him; she stinks of desperation in her old age) in his office to discuss my 'unwanted attendance' before removing me from the premises.

Lies, all of them.

I think Jimmy would miss dear old me, even if he claims to hate me. Trent and Kirby had a little fun, including the other fags of the school that aided my little quest at the time. Oh, and Petey! That little femme boy has no friends whatsoever so he has to enjoy my reoccurring surprise visits, especially when he climbs up to the bell tower to bring me food (and sometimes medication which I refuse obviously because I don't need pills!) so it's not like my presence is totally unwanted... I hope.

It doesn't matter anyway! I don't want to be at that academy, it ruined my life. It ruined me. No... I don't want to be there at all – who would?

Not a genius like me.

Yeah, that was the true plan; a grand escape from the shit-stained school that doesn't even deserve recognition from a genius such as myself.

Yeah... I'm a genius.

I just have to keep reminding myself that.