"Cj" Charlie called, I ran over to them and we helped up Amy who was human again, Charlie and Amy hugged before pulling me into it making it a group hug, but the thing is even though Jerry and Cole were dead I didn't feel any better, I felt okay but nothing major as I'd hoped "Wait what about Evil?' Charlie asked nervously, I glanced at Peter who sighed "Evil's dead Charlie, he died a while ago" I replied, he faced me and gave me a sympathetic look "Cj I'm sorry" he said pulling me into a hug, I nodded and hugged back.

3 Years Later...

"Alright Charles, what really happened?" the psychiatrist, Dr Harrison, asked "Jerry Dandridge was a serial murderer, cult worshipper, kidnapper, he abducted my girlfriend Amy and my friend Ed Thompson and this trigerred a defence mechanism in my brain which caused me to imagine he was a vampire"

Charlie replied shrugging "And was Jerry Dandridge a vampire?" Dr Harrison asked "No there's no such thing" Charlie said "How do you know?" Dr Harrison asked "Because Vampires don't exist" Charlie replied "And did your sister Charlotte see Mr Thompson walking around?"

Dr Harrison asked, Charlie sighed and shook his head "My little sister Charlotte was so distraught over Ed's death that she started to hallucinate and become insane" he said, Dr Harrison nodded "She's going to be let out of the Hospital tomorrow" he said, Charlie smiled "Yeah, I'm gonna go pick her up" he replied, Dr Harrison nodded and ended the session.

Next Day - State Hospital...

Charlotte shoved everything she had brought to the hopsital with her into the small bag, she had spend 3 years in the hospital having 2 therapy sessions a day to help her "Charlotte, it's time" her nurse, Lisa, said "I know I can't wait to get home" Charlotte replied excitedly, she stood up and grabbed her bagpack "Follow me" Lisa said, Charlotte nodded and walked through the room with Lisa,

she was going to miss some of the people she met here but she really wanted to go home, they reached the exit and Charlotte saw her brother Charlie waiting "Goodbye Charlotte" Lisa said giving her a brief hug, Charlotte smiled "Bye" she said walking through doors

"Hey sis" Charlie said walking forward, Charlotte ran towards him and pulled him into a tight hug "I missed you" she exclaimed, he nodded and let her down "I missed you too, c'mon let's get you home mom's going crazy" he said,

she chuckled and got into the passenger side of his car "When did you hair go blonde?" he asked, she rolled her eyes "I decided to go blonde before I went in" she replied, he nodded and they travelled the rest of the way in silence.

Charlotte's POV...

We finally arrived home and I sighed, it had been 3 years since I was last here and I never knew realised how much I missed it "Finally home" I sighed exiting the car, Charlie stood next to me and nodded "Memories" he said shaking his head, I nodded and we headed towards the house,

we hadn't even reached the door when mom came running out and hugged us both "Oh my babies are home" she squeeled, I smiled and hugged back "Not for long though mom I gotta get back to my dorm soon" Charlie said holding mom at arms length,

she nodded in understanding and sighed while glancing at us both "Your both growing so fast" she said sadly, I sighed and she suddenly smiled "He's still here Charlotte" she said, my eyes widened and I became very excited "Really? I thought he would've died or you'd of sold him"

I exclaimed, she glared slightly "I would never do that to you, you love him very much. He's in your room now actually" she said, I smiled "I missed him"

I whined, she nodded and took my bagpack from me "Everythings how it was in your room I didn't want to mess anything up" she said, I nodded and we entered the house.

I ran upstairs to my room and practically fell in, everything was the same but I didn't care about that, I smiled at the grey dog on my bed and his head shot up "Hi boy"

I exclaimed, I jumped onto the bed and he started licking me "Oh I missed you so much" I said in a baby voice while scratching him behind the ear,

he whined and I sat up "I know" I sighed hugging him, his head rested on my shoulder and I smiled, I was home and nothing could go wrong now.