Catching a Mate

Chapter 1

Summary: What if Didyme never existed and was never Marcus' mate? After three thousand years of being alone, Marcus has given up on ever finding a mate and has become just a mere shadow of his former self.

Fem! Harry. Ivy Potter is forced to take a vacation with her relatives, the Dursleys to Volterra, Italy. After her relatives disappeared, she is introduced to the ruling vampires. Thinking that she is going to be killed, she flees. And now is on the run from them.

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(Scene Break)

Ivy Potter was sitting on the airplane that was headed to Rome, Italy and then takes a taxi to Volterra, Italy. She had emerald green eyes, long black hair with a red tint that reaches to her mid back, and was way too thin for someone her age. She had just finished her second year at Hogwarts and boy; it was so full of drama. Drama that was unwanted by Ivy. She had fought a basilisk and now, she believes that her bone marrow has its venom and phoenix tears slowly making its way through out her body.

Ivy is very worried about the venom and the tears, but the Headmaster and Madam Pomfrey had assured her that there was nothing to worry about as they could not find any trace of it in her body. But it was the day after Ivy got back to the Dursleys that the phantom pains began in her bones.

Ivy remembered how she had received a letter from her Aunt Petunia by Hedwig airmail, ordering to only come back with 'normal' things and to leave her 'freaky' things with one of her 'freaky' friends as she was coming with them to a free vacation to Volterra, Italy.

So Ivy left her things with Ron in a special bag that can probably fit a whole in it, for safe keeping. But the feeling of dread was settling down in her stomach, but she knew better than to say anything to her aunt and uncle.

But the only good thing about being informed about this a week early, she was able to order a muggle credit card from the goblins that will work in every country in the world.

(Scene Break)

Ivy was exploring the hotel room, while the Dursleys went on the tour of the Volturi Castle. They basically ordered her to stay in the hotel room that she was sharing with Dudley, for the whole trip. Their order was basically a blessing in disguise as the pain was still there and she felt like that she had not slept in about a week.

After a few hours of sleep, Ivy woke up to the door being opened, thinking it was Dudley, she jumped out of the bed. Instead of her cousin coming in, it was a stranger with very pale skin, brown hair, and what stood out the most was his ruby red eyes.

"Who are you? Where is my cousin?" Ivy demanded loudly.

The beautiful man looked surprised for a moment, before wiping all and any emotions from his face.

"There are some problems that we need your help with, so if you would please follow me. We can clear up the misunderstandings, miss," The man suggested.

"Alright," Ivy agreed. She wanted to disagree instead, but something in her gut told her not to. Besides, the man in front of her did not seem human. Ivy did not know what he was as she only studied about the goblin wars and about giants.

(Scene Break)

Ivy was escorted into what looked to be a throne room, but at the same time, it appeared to be something more. The room was dark, but there was enough light for her to see. The walls, the floor, and the ceilings were made out of ancient stone. It looked to be older than Hogwarts.

"Welcome to the Volturi Castle! May we have your name?" Ivy focused on the three men that were sitting on the said thrones. The one who spoke was sitting in the middle, he had long black hair, his skin looked it could be made out of small pieces of paper, and his ruby red eyes were some what covered with white film. On the man's left was another man with long white hair and was sneering at her. The last man, who was sitting on the right, has shoulder length black hair, but he seemed to be staring at her intently.

"Ivy Potter, sir," Ivy politely replied. She did not want to give them any reason to kill her.

"I was informed that you came with the Dursley family, am I correct?" The man asked in a carefree tone.

"Yes sir. That is correct," Ivy answered. If only Snape was here, he would be to witness that she was capable of being respectful and polite to adults.

He was about to say something else, when the one on the right touched his hand. There was a series of emotions that flickered on the giddy guy's face like confusion, understanding, and then pure happiness. Even though, those emotions flickered by very fast, she was able to catch a glimpse of each one, it was one of the main advantages of being a seeker, and you have the ability to see very fast moving things that a normal person would not see. Then she noticed that his lips were moving, but could not hear anything.

Red eyes, pale hard looking skin, still as a statue, can hear anything…they're vampires as known as cold ones. It was a good thing that she read a book about cold ones in the Hogwarts Library. It was all thanks to all of not showing any emotions or she would get a beating from her relatives, that she did not show any surprise on her face.

Everyone was now staring at her stunned. The obvious leader of the coven spoke up once again, "How rude of me that I did not introduce ourselves. I'm Aro Volturi and these are my brothers, Marcus and Caius."

Aro walked towards her and grabbed her hand. His hands were ice cold and stone hard. With him being so close to her, her fear as well as her pain increased.

Suddenly, Aro let go her hand and stared at her intently. She felt the need to shift from foot to the other foot, but she could not for the pan would make itself known with every movement.

"Interesting," Aro muttered as he made his way back to his throne.

"What is so interesting, Brother? Tell us!" Caius demanded in a cold angry tone.

Aro sat down and said, "She already knows what we are."

Caius looked furious as he shouted, "If she knows what we are, then she must die. As our rules clearing stated that all humans who know of our kind must be killed to keep our secret safe!"

Two things happened after Caius shouted that, first was Marcus flew at Caius in blind rage, intent on doing him serious harm and the second thing that happened was…


Ivy disappeared from the throne room. Leaving everyone will almost everyone, shocked at what they saw.

"How dare you threaten my mate, Caius! Thanks to you, she will now believe that we are going to kill her," Marcus shouted as he tried to get to Caius to rip him to shreds, but was being held back by Aro.

"I'm afraid that Ivy Potter is not totally human herself," Aro interrupted as he struggled with holding back Marcus. But both brothers stopped and looked at Aro in confusion.

Aro did not need to touch them to know what they are thinking. So he explained, "Apparently, your mate, Marcus, is a magical witch and is apart of a world that is very well hidden. Its amazing really, I have only heard rumors of such a world of the supernatural, but I never really found proof that it existed until now. Marcus, why don't you take Demetri, Felix, and Santiago and track your mate down, so you can explain to her what is really going on."

Marcus pulled himself free of Aro and ordered those three to be ready in one hour.

(Scene Break)


Ivy appeared in a dark alley way back in London, England and that was close to the Leaky Cauldron. Saying hi to Tom, the barkeeper and paying for a room. She fell asleep almost right away, but she did make a mental note to visit the goblins tomorrow get some information and get everything in ordered.

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