Catching a Mate

Chapter 5

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(Scene Break)

Last Time…

As they settled down after the poor depressed Headmaster agree to their rules, the doors suddenly open and before Ivy could turn around, she felt cold hard arms around her waist and someone nuzzling her neck as they breathed in her scent. Ivy did not even have to guess who it was that was holding. But she did enjoy everyone's shocked expressions.

(Scene Break)

Present Time…

If anyone told Ivy that she was going to find her soul mate or that her soul mate was one of the most powerful cold one a.k.a. vampire and one of the three ruling kings, when she first entered the magical community, she would have that the person who told her that was crazier than most people that she had met. But here she is, in the Great Hall with a cold one's arms wrapped around her waist and nuzzling the base of her neck as he breathed in her scent for the first time.

Finally, Sirius had enough of the display as he said in a furious tone, "Do you mind taking your arms off of my goddaughter? Mate or not, that will not stop me from cursing you into the next century!"

Marcus finally stopped nuzzling Ivy's neck as he stood up to his full height, which was pretty impressive and stalked his way towards Sirius. He growled, "I have waited almost three thousand years to find my mate. Now that I have found her, I am not letting anyone, especially you, tell me what I can or can not do."

Marcus looked ready to kill Sirius, when Ivy decided it was the best time to step in before anything else happened that someone would regret doing in the future. So she spoke up, "Marcus, if you hurt Sirius in any way, you will be on the couch for the next century or two. Sirius, if I ever catch you trying to pull a prank on Marcus or anything, I will be turning you into a woman permanently."

One could hear quite clearly the Weasley twins and most of the vampires snickering in the background as both Marcus and Sirius gave Ivy a look that she had just killed their puppy and then some.

Suddenly, Albus cleared his throat, drawing everyone's attention to himself. With his eyes sparkling full blast, he welcomed them in an extremely cheerful voice, "Welcome to Hogwarts, School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. I am Albus Dumbledore, the Headmaster of Hogwarts. And I hope that you two can give me, great grandkids to spoil really soon."

A lot of reactions happened; most of the adults were yelling at him and throwing curses at poor Albus, who merely put up a powerful shield to absorb all of them. While looking as calm as one in a library would look when they were reading their favorite book. The younger generation was laughing until they were holding their sides and have trouble breathing, while making sure that they were not caught in the chaos. Ivy's face was extremely red at the mere thought of her and Marcus doing something like that and Marcus, himself, was standing so still, he looked like a statue that his kind was so famous for doing.

While this was going on, Caius made his way over to where Ivy was sitting and quietly said, "I apologize for what I have said that as I really did not understand what had happened."

Ivy smiled and replied, "I forgive you as you were merely trying to make sure that your secret stays a secret."

Caius returned her smile and said, "Thank you and welcome to the family, sister."

"Thank you!" Ivy replied happily. That meant a lot to her for Caius to welcome her into the family as she was told that he was not the happy type.

While everyone was basically distracted because of Albus, Ivy quietly asked, knowing that a vampire could hear a whisper in this chaos, Marcus if he would be willing to take a walk her outside. So they were able to sneak outside without anyone, other than the vampires, noticing. Ivy believed that the Headmaster had it planned out to allow her and Marcus to sneak out to spend some time by themselves and get to know each other without anyone breathing down their necks and watching their every move.

As they made their way across the lawn and towards the lake, it was then that Marcus brushed her hand with his own as he was silently asking for permission to hold her hand, while they walked together. This caused her to grab his hand and give it a slight squeeze. She suddenly felt complete and whole, which was surprising since she had never felt incomplete before.

Marcus could not remember the last time that he had felt this happy and alive. But he did feel great amounts of relief to finally have his little mate safe and sound and by his side, where she belonged, so he could protect her at all costs. Finally, after three years of trying to catch her, he had finally caught her.

"You know, I got to thank Alice, when she gets here," Ivy spoke up, breaking the comfortable silence between them.

"May I ask why?" Marcus asked out of curiosity.

Ivy looked up at Marcus and smiled at him as she answered his question, "Alice was the one to tell me why you keep chasing me around the world for so long. That is why I am glad that I have met her."

Marcus felt like he had seen an angel when he saw her smile at him and he commented, "Then I, too, will have to thank Ms. Cullen as well."

Ivy sighed while looking up at the sky as they walked around the shores of the Black Lake in a slow pace. Ivy began speaking, "I want to apologize to you about running away instead of facing you and finding out what was the real reason behind you chasing me. It must be extremely hard for you to know that your mate keep running away from you in fear. For that I am extremely sorry for everything."

"There is nothing to apologize for as you did not understand and Caius did not really help with what he said. He has a tendency to speak before thinking. But I am extremely happy to have you at my side now, where you are safe from harm." Marcus told her. They had stopped walking and were now facing each other.

Marcus decided to do what he wanted to do, since catching her and having her in his arms for the first time, since discovering that she was his mate. He leaned down and captured her lips with his own. As he pulled Ivy as close as possible without hurting her, he deepened the kiss. Marcus felt the sparks fly, he had never experienced this ever in his life. It felt so good and like he belonged on those heavenly lips.

Ivy just forgot about the world around her and Marcus and just focused on the very pleasant sensations that she was feeling right now. And how his lips felt on her own lips. It was like a piece of heaven had just came down from the skies and surrounded them. She never want to stop.

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