"Wakasa, you know you can't keep her hidden from him. He'll find out sooner or later, and then what will you do?" The concerned blonde looked on her friend with pleading eyes.

"You can't expect me to keep her with me? With Shiva's betrayal, we're on the rise of a war. I won't place her in the middle of it."

Wakasa tenderly looked down at her daughter, sleeping peacefully in the blanket in her arms. She had her hair. She would definitely look like her when she was grown. Shame, she wouldn't be there to see that.

"You already have. You're entrusting her with the key. That seals her fate." Yumi said.

"It's for the best. You and I are the only ones who know of her existence and her secret. And it must remain that way." Wakasa stared intently at her long time best friend.

She would always be grateful to her. This little one owed her very existence to Yumi. Again she stared down at her little girl, one last time.

"There's no other way", Wakasa said, giving the child to Yumi. "Take her to the Kozuki family on the other side of town. I've already informed them of the situation. They'll take good care of her there."

Yumi gave one last look at her friend. She had turned her back on them, deciding to look out of the window at all the commotion around the estate.

"GO!" she yelled.

Yumi quickly ran out of the room, passing by her son's room to assure him she'd be right back.

Long after she had left, Wakasa remained at the window, unseeingly gazing out at the distraught clan.

"Shiva", she murmured.