No Hard Feelings

A tribute to How to Rock a Love Song (this takes place after the dog food scene)

He was still trying to wipe the liquid dog food from his ear when he saw Kacey and Stevie walking up to him. He instantly flinches and covers his face.

"Please, no more," he begged.

"Don't worry Zander, we ran out awhile ago," Kacey assures him. Stevie nodded her head in agreement. He relaxes a bit and attempts to get the last bit of dog food from his ear.

"I can't believe you guys did that to me," he complains.

"You deserved it," Kacey says, still laughing at the successful joke.

"Whatever," Zander responds not wanting to admit she was right.

"Well I gotta get going. I have homework and stuff. See ya," Kacey groans, leaving Stevie and Zander in the band room alone. Also leaving them in an awkward silence, both unsure what to say to the other after the day's events.

"You haven't really said much since you sprayed me and left me to fend off the dogs," Zander finally said.

"Yeah, sorry about that. But Kacey's right, you deserved it," Stevie claimed.

"Hey! What I did wasn't that bad, but see what you did left me with scratches all over my body," Zander protests walking closer to Stevie. "Some in places that should never be scratched."

"Well I guess we might have been a little too hard on you," she murmurs.

"Thank you," he says.

"So, no hard feelings?" Stevie asks looking into his eyes, still unsure what they meant to her.

"No hard feelings," he agrees. They give each other a smile and Zander adds, "I can't believe you thought the song was for you."

"What's that supposed to mean?" Stevie asks, a little offended.

"Nothing, it's just you and me? I guess I never really thought about it," he responds.

"Well, I don't think it's that far-fetched. Do you?" Her stomach suddenly dropping each second it takes for him to respond.

"No, not really. I mean I care about you," he admits.

"Same," Stevie agrees.

"And we do have a lot in common now that I think about it. Plus, you're definitely not an ugly sight to see," he confesses making Stevie blush. She feels the blood quickly rushing to her cheeks as moves closer to her.

"Thanks," Zander gives her a small smirk and she adds, "but you're right, nothing could happen. Why would we want to mess up the friendship we have?" It was Zander's turn to feel his stomach drop.

"Right," he whispers.

"Well, I should probably go," Stevie sighs.

"Oh," was all he could say. Stevie gives him a small hug, both wanting to stay there forever. He contemplates not letting go, but decides against it. Before she can get out the door Zander calls out, "Stevie?"

"Yeah?" She responds turning around.

"I'm sorry," he stated.

"About what?" she laughs.

"About letting you down," Zander answers referring back to the song.

"Don't worry about it," She simply reassures and leaves without another word in protest.


So this is kind of my way of communicating my conflicting feelings over the episode. On one hand I loved all the Zevie moments and Kevin and Nelson were just hilarious but on the other hand I hated that Zander and Kacey got closure but not Zander and Stevie. So I guess I felt the need to write it in.

I know, it's very short but I thought it didn't need to be any longer, just a simple closure scene.

So tell me your thoughts along with your review! I would love to hear! :)

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