The Dawn Chronicles
by tenshinrtaiga
Disclaimer: I don't own Buffy, Angel or Supernatural.
Pairing/Characters: Dawn Summers, Connor Angel-Reilly, Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester. Mild Dean/Dawn.
Warnings: Spoilers for Buffy S7, Angel S5 and Supernatural S1.
Summary: When Buffy dies and Dawn inherits her sister's Slayer powers, Dawn doesn't know what to do. She only knows one thing: she can't stay at the International Watchers Council anymore. An unlikely friend in the shape of Angel's son Connor comes to the rescue, training her and teaching her how to handle her powers and just when she thinks she has everything under control, a new Slayer is murdered. Now Dawn's left trying to figure out what happened and how exactly the Winchester boys fit in.

A/N - Special thanks to my artist Jadaryl and my beta theendermen.

May 17, 2004

Tears dripped down Dawn's face as she buried her sister… again. She would have thought that given the sheer amount of times Buffy had died that she would be used to it, but she wasn't. This time was different from all of the other times, however. For one, Buffy wasn't coming back.

After Buffy's last death and her subsequent stint in heaven, the Scoobies mutually decided against any sort of attempts to bring the Slayer back. They missed their friend but with all of the Slayers called, they no longer needed her and they knew that Buffy was at peace.

The funeral took place in Rome where Buffy and Dawn had been living for the past year. All the Slayers in Europe were in attendance as well as the Scoobies; Xander from Africa, Willow from South America and Giles from England. It was not the reunion they wanted, but it was the one they got. None of them had been all together like this since Sunnydale, Slayers and real life having gotten in the way.

Willow hung onto Kennedy as her very legs threatened to give out. Xander stood quietly, but it was easy to see that he was contemplating all of the people he loved who had died. Giles couldn't stop wiping his glasses, his eyes sad, but with an angry scowl on his lips. Faith hung back, unsure of what to say. She had spent years hating Buffy and then a few more trying to make it up to the blonde. She didn't know how she felt about things now. And even Andrew, the constant blabber-mouth, was silent.

Dawn hadn't said a word since it happened.

It wasn't that she couldn't believe that her sister was gone. She could. She knew that slaying was dangerous even with hundreds of Slayers. She wasn't the same fourteen year old girl who couldn't understand that her sister was dead even after seeing Buffy's broken body splayed out on concrete.

What got to Dawn was how Buffy died.

It wasn't in a blaze of glory fighting some demon horde. It wasn't in a fight where Buffy could hit back. It wasn't even in some sort of accident where Dawn could blame fate. The truth of the matter was that Buffy was murdered; cut down before she even knew what was happening. And it wasn't a vampire and it wasn't a demon. It was a Slayer; one of Buffy's own.

Dawn knew that Dana was unstable. It had taken Spike and Angel both to subdue the psychotic Slayer in Los Angeles. But Buffy was certain that Dana simply needed to be with her sister Slayers in a safe environment as she worked through her trauma. But Dana had killed a lot of people and she had no problem killing more, including Buffy as it turned out.

"Dawn?" Willow asked hesitantly behind the brunette, "Are you ready?"

Dawn looked over her shoulder into the bloodshot eyes of the redhead before allowing her gaze to travel over to the others, all seemingly waiting on the young girl. Dawn looked back down at the fresh grave and dropped the rose she had hung onto. "Yeah," she said softly, her voice hoarse from lack of use. "Let's go."

The group moved together like a unit, but no one took the lead. They were all used to following Buffy and didn't know how not to move like she was still in front of them. They made their way back to the apartment that Buffy shared with Dawn and Andrew.

It took a moment for Dawn to fish the keys out of her purse. She gripped the doorknob to insert the key, but blinked in surprise when it broke off in her hand. She and the others looked at it queerly but she put the oddness aside and opened the now broken door.

The others all took seats around the cozy living room of the apartment as Dawn headed toward the kitchen muttering something about a cup of coffee. She started the pot and as it began to brew, reached up for a cup. She cursed when it shattered in her hands. "What is going on?" Dawn asked angrily as she dumped the broken pieces into the trash. This wasn't the first time she'd broken things on accident. In fact, it had been happening a lot recently.

Scowling, Dawn moved into the living room, ignoring the coffee she had been intent on having not a minute earlier. After a few seconds of tense silence, Dawn grabbed the remote off the coffee table, unable to stand the quiet. She pressed the on button with force only to have the remote crack in two at her touch.

"Did you just…?" Xander tailed off questioningly.

Dawn's scowl deepened. "Yeah. I've been breaking stuff all week. I guess I'm too angry to notice my own strength."

Giles' eyes were glued to the remote. "May I?" he asked as he reached over and examined the pieces. "This is solid plastic," he commented thoughtfully, a worried note in his tone. "Faith? Hold out your hand," Giles instructed. "Dawn, hit it."

"What?" the two brunettes asked in unison.

The Brit rubbed the bridge of his nose delicately as he closed his eyes for a moment in weariness. "Humor me for a moment, will you?"

Reluctantly, the two did as asked. Faith's eyes widened in surprise as she caught on to what the Watcher was already thinking. "Ow," she muttered in a delayed reaction to the hit.

Dawn rolled her eyes. "Yeah, I'm sure that hurt."

"It did," Faith breathed in shock before turning to Giles. "G, how is this possible?"

"I'm uncertain," he admitted, his eyes impossibly tired. He had just buried his Slayer and now to find out this?

"What's going on?" Kennedy asked, sick of being left in the dark.

Faith and Giles exchanged meaningful looks before Giles turned to face the others, keeping his eyes on Dawn as he spoke, "Dawn appears to be a Slayer."

There was a silent pause before Dawn gave a dull bark of a laugh. "You're kidding, right?" she asked. Seeing Giles' and Faith's solemn expressions, her own face turned angry. "What are you talking about?" she snarled.

"That punch… it hurt," Faith explained. "You've been breaking things, right? You said it's been happening all week?"

"Yeah, since…" Dawn trailed off as tears threatened to slip once more.

"Buffy died," Giles filled in the blanks aloud.

Xander butt in, "How is that possible? She wasn't a Potential and she didn't get Called when Willow did the spell."

"It is my belief that Dawn did not inherit Slayer powers so much as she inherited Buffy's power," Giles replied thoughtfully. "She didn't get the power until Buffy's death after all. Maybe it's because Dawn was essentially made from Buffy. So, now that Buffy is gone, the power has gone to her."

"But what about last time with Glory?" Willow asked in confusion. "Why didn't Dawn become the Slayer then?"

Faith answered this time. "D was probably too young. She was only, what? Thirteen, fourteen? Slayers are usually called between fifteen and nineteen. Before anyway," she added in knowing that because of Willow's spell they now had Slayers of all ages.

"It might explain why a third Slayer was never Called," Giles mused aloud. "I had always wondered about that," he admitted freely. "After Buffy drowned, Kendra was called and yet after Glory, no other Slayer appeared. Perhaps it was because the Power was somehow waiting for Dawn to reach the right age. Only, instead, Buffy returned to life so the Power returned to her."

The Scoobies continued to argue and theorize the semantics, but Dawn couldn't process what was being said around her. Buffy was dead. Buffy's power was now Dawn's. Dawn was the Slayer.

As she stood up, she dimly recognized that the others had quieted, now anxiously looking at her for her reaction. Her face was made of stone as she blatantly ignored all of them in favor of returning to her room.

She locked the door behind her and collapsed onto her bed, ignoring the fact that she was still wearing her black dress from the funeral. Dawn buried her face into her pillow as silent tears made their way down her face. It seemed like that was all Dawn did now-a-days. She either cried or she felt completely numb.

For several days, despite how much the Scoobies tried, Dawn refused to say a word. She hadn't spoken once since the day Buffy died, the only exception being on the day of the funeral. It had seemed like she was getting better, but then the Slayer revelation hit and Dawn was once more holed up in her room, not speaking and only barely eating.

Faith had returned to Cleveland after several days in Rome. Despite there being many Slayers now, the new Hellmouth required Faith on site. Xander stayed for a little longer, but because of how dangerous and temperamental Africa could be, he had to return to his Slayers. Giles stayed behind to help take care of Dawn, as did Willow, however Kennedy returned to South America to continue hunting for new sister Slayers.

It was only after accidentally overhearing a conversation between Willow and Giles in the middle of the night that Dawn finally spoke.

"I don't see what else we can do," Giles admitted softly, a drink in his hand. After burying Buffy, he was now often seen with a drink.

Willow looked troubled, but nodded. "It just doesn't seem… right," she replied, equally soft. "If Dawn has to learn, it feels like Buffy should be the one to…" She trailed off forlornly.

"I know," he sighed, "but the fact of the matter is: Buffy is gone. And Dawn must learn. Dawn will attend the Slayer school."

Dawn let out a small shocked gasp from behind them, causing the duo to turn around in surprise. Dawn's eyes were wide in surprise. She honestly hadn't thought about having to learn how to slay. She had been too caught up in the fact that she had inherited her dead sister's powers to think about what actually having said powers would mean.

"I can't," she spoke hoarsely, her throat dry from disuse.

Giles sighed wearily. "I know that this isn't something you want to think about, but-"

Dawn shook her head furiously, large curls flying. "I can't," she emphasized. "Not the Slayer school. Not Buffy's school." Both Giles and Willow looked down. They had already thought of that, but there didn't seem to be another option. But something else suddenly occurred to Dawn. "Oh, god," she muttered. "Is Dana… is Dana still there?" she asked looking nauseous at the thought.

Giles hesitated before answering. "Yes," he finally spoke. "She is in a separate area from the rest of the students and has been completely restricted, but yes. She is still at the Slayer school," he admitted, looking more than slightly nauseous as well. This was the girl that killed his Slayer. If he could, he would kill her himself. But he couldn't. Slayers don't kill humans. What kind of message would it send if he had Dana killed? The old Council had been about fear. The new one was not.

Willow looked shocked, not having thought about the fact that Dana could still be at the school where Buffy had died. "Dawn can't go there," she decided, retracting her earlier statement. "We'll think of something else. Another way Dawn can learn. She won't go back there."

"If I could, I would teach her myself," Giles admitted easily. It would have been an honor to teach Buffy's sister – her legacy – the way he had taught Buffy, but the fact of the matter was that he was no longer a simple Watcher. He was now head of the International Watchers Council and as such did not have time to teach a Slayer, even when that Slayer was Dawn.

In the end, it was Dawn who came up with a solution. "Faith," she offered after a moment's thought. "I can learn under Faith. She can teach me."

The other two hesitated, but both visibly seemed to like that idea better than their earlier one. "Are you sure?" Giles asked, but his eyes said he had already finished going through the idea and approved of it.

Dawn nodded. "I know she and Buffy didn't always get along-" she paused as Willow gave a snort of derision at the understatement, "but they respected each other. Faith'll take care of me," she smiled slightly. "And I'll be far away from the Slayer school and Rome and Sunnydale. So no bad memories."

In the end, all three agreed. Even Andrew liked the idea when he found out about it the next morning. Giles put in a call to Faith and the Slayer easily agreed to help take in Buffy's little sister.

Meanwhile, Dawn was in her room, staring down at a letter in her hands. She had been planning on telling Buffy and the others before, but Buffy's death put a stop to her plans. And now, it looked like it wouldn't matter because she was bound for America anyway.

Picking up the phone, she dialed the number on the letter. "Hello? Dean Nicholson? My name is Dawn Summers. I was accepted into the Linguistics program at Oxford University, but I'm calling to inform you of my decision to defer my acceptance for a year. My sister has just died and I am needed in America for a while…"

Three days later, Dawn stepped foot on American soil for the first time since leaving Sunnydale. Her eyes hurt in the hot sun and as she looked around at the unfamiliar airport she wondered if she had made the right decision.

She felt bad for having deceived the others, but she couldn't go to Cleveland. She liked Faith, but the Slayer was just another reminder of Buffy. So Dawn boarded the flight at Fiumicino to Heathrow and then continued on to O'Hare in Chicago. Instead of continuing the last leg to Hopkins International, however, she instead bought a new plane ticket which led her to here: McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas.

She had dropped her cell phone in the garbage in Chicago knowing that Willow could easily hack it. She put on a hat and changed her clothes before boarding the flight to Vegas, feeling paranoid, but knowing that with Buffy gone, the Scoobies would do anything to track Dawn down. She wasn't planning on staying in Vegas long so she didn't mind that her name was on her plane ticket. By the time anyone got to the city, Dawn would already be long gone.

Dawn left the airport and headed toward a used car store. She bought up a beat up, old Chevy that, despite its appearances, ran well. It wasn't until Dawn was on the road through Las Vegas that she realized she had no idea where she was going. She pulled over to the side of the road to think. She hadn't really planned ahead beyond getting to Vegas and getting a car.

One thing was for certain, Dawn still needed training.

She couldn't be some helpless little girl anymore. Buffy wasn't around to rescue her anymore and there were a lot of demons and vampires out there itching to kill a slayer.

After a moment's hesitation, Dawn slipped out of the car and walked to a payphone. She honestly couldn't remember the last time she used one of these, but it would have to do until she bought a new cell.

"Yes, I need Wolfram & Hart. LA branch," Dawn spoke to the operator. After a minute of ringing, someone picked up on the other end.

"Wolfram & Hart," a male voice answered. "How may I direct your call?"

"I need to speak with-" Dawn got cut off before she could finish her sentence.

"One moment, please, as I transfer your call."

The brunette bit her lip in confusion. She hadn't even gotten the name out, how did they expect to transfer her call? That being said, it was a demon law firm. So maybe they had ways of knowing…

"'Ello?" a voice asked on the other end of the line.

"Spike?" Dawn whispered, her heart aching at the familiarity of his voice. "There's some stuff I need to tell you. I need your help."