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He reeled back going for another punch but something stopped him.

At that very moment quite a few things happened all at the same time.

'Click, Slam, boom, gag, ackhh'

And then Harry lost all vision and his world turned slowly into black as the small blotches began to spread.

Next day

The first day of school had finally arrived and Harry was in the worst place possible…in the middle of a hospital with a black eye, a sprained wrist, a broken ankle, and under a lot of stress.

Yeah Harry wasn't the most devoted student (that would be Hermione), but he definitely did care about school. It was the only place where he could be himself…the only place he had friends.

If anything out of the ordinary happened around uncle Vernon and aunt Petunia, he was blamed. At school he often got in trouble because he always seemed to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, but at least Hermione understood and it happened to her quite a lot too.

They could go through the weirdness and the teasing…together.

"Dear" said a nurse "There's someone who's come to see you…says she knows you"

Harry turned his face to look at , oh well it was a visitor with flowers anyway…the only visitor with flowers. "Hi" said Harry meekly.

"Dear me, you look worse that he last time I saw you, probably the bandages. My cats would have a fright if they saw you now…" said rambling of to the subject of cats.

Harry sighed under his breath, it was going to be a long day.

"Well I don't expect you remember anything of the day anyway" Harry caught say as she sat down beside his bed.

"No I don't…what happened?" Harry asked eagerly trying to sit up, but he moaned and stopped trying soon enough, everything still hurt.

"Well, I was just feeding my cats you know, planning to have an early night…"

"What happened to me?" Harry hurriedly interrupted her.

"Oh dear, well…I heard a shout outside actually, scared my cats quite a bit. I went out to see who the naughty child was who made the commotion, I saw you with quite a look on your face. You had just punched the poor chubby boy…"

"I remember that bit…what happened after"

"Oh…don't rush me, I have to try remember…"

Harry sighed again.

"Ah yes…well you were standing on the Granger's doorstep and Mrs. Granger opened the fussy door and walked out…"

'the click' Harry thought

"Got hit in the face with a whole load of garbage, because the trash bin exploded…must have been something they put in there…"

'the boom' Harry thought

"I slammed my door in fright, my goodness it made me jump"

'the slam' Harry followed

"Oh right…Mrs. Granger gagged on a piece of chicken she was eating…"

'gag' Harry thought

"and you lost your breath when the boy you punched earlier…punched you in the stomach…"

'ackhh' Harry thought

"all happened really fast… you tripped over Hermione who was standing there the whole time looking really angry, I brought you here…of course the Dursleys don't know a thing…they think you're with me, being punished for being cruel to the boy"

Harry sighed again, punishment…of course, how cruel could the Dursleys get?