Amber Tate: Guess who's baaccckkk?

Fred: Wow, tough one. Is Harry and Ginny back from flying?

Amber: *Facepalm* No. ME!

Percy: Really? When did you leave? I mean, you sent us on vacation. We didn't get back till last night.

Amber: *Facepalms again* Anywho, Welcome to MAGIC PAINS! Just a fiar warning: There is no "Hinny" in this story.


Travis: Nu-uh! You just didn't break the most important Canon Pairing in HP!

Amber: *Scowls* It's just this series! I promise in the future I'll write Hinny one shots. Maybe a full story. Anywho, Harry ends with...someone. I AIN'T TELLING!

Muses: Grrrrr...

Amber: But there will be some Romione in it! It's my favorite HP pairing! For those who don't know what Romione is: It's Ron/Hermione. Okay!

Harry: *Walks in with Ginny* Hey what's up.

Muses: ...

Amber: Awkward. Harry the discalimer?

Harry: She doesn't own me.


"Hello?" I said, picking up my phone.

"Bella?" Chiron's voice said.

"Chiron! What's up?" I said excitingly. I had no word from camp for a week.

"First of all," Chiron said sounding stern. "Why do you have a cell phone?"

"Umm...Emergency purposes?"

"Fair enough," He said.

"Phew," I sighed, wiping my forehead.

"What was that?"

"Nothing," I said a little to quickly.

"well...I have an offer."

"What do you mean?"

"I mean, that I have an invitation to send you to a and five of your friends."

"Chiron? Only five? I can't leave my friends here! I have seven other friends here!" There's nine of us total!

"I know," Chiron said sadly. "But they're only allowing six students."

"Chiron, we already had plans to got to Mitchell next week. What is this school anyways?"

"...I'll tell you at camp. I've sent a friend to come and collect you. Everyone."

"Chiron, please tell me!"

"I'll tell you at camp! Now get all nine of you here!"

I sighed, and ran a hand through my hair frustareted. "Fine." I said.

"Very good," He answered, and I heard him hang up.

I tucked my phone in my pocket, and gazed around my room. Just a few days ago, I had been sucked into a cartoon. I had been hoping for something calm after. I wanted to start my softmore year. But noooo! I was going on a mission.

3 hours later, driving in Argus's car, speeding with the help of some magic, arriving at Camp Half Blood.

"This better be good," Hannah grumbled.

All nine of us strolled to the camp entrance, dodging a bunch of running campers.

"I was watching Dr. Who, this better be good, or he dies!" Miranda snarled.

We all stared at her.

"What?" She asked innocently.

Sam rolled her eyes. "C'mon."

The moment we saw Chiron sitting on his wheel chair, we all left that angry feeling behind. I mean sure, we travled across the country anoyyed, but the guy was like a second Dad.

"PONY!" Emily squealed, and she ran and tackled Chiron in a hug.

He rollled his eyes; annoyed by the fact that he had been called "Pony." But netherless he seemed happy to see us.

"Hi Chiron," Victotria said smiling.

"Hello Victoria, girls. Please, come inside."

We all exchanged looks and followed him in the Big House. He lead us into a the reck room, which had a ping pong table included. The smell of Hot Chocolate made my mouth drool.

He gestured us to sit down, and we did. Rather nervously though. I hoped this wasn't about the time Emily had punched an Ares camper on the rock climbing wall. I'm sure he would have hit the lava anyways.

"First things," Chiron said. He snapped his fingers under our noses, and I looked at him puzzled. Then I got this blank feeling, like I had forgotten something. There was a buzzing sound in my ears.

I saw my friends had a dazed expression on their faces.

"Five of you have been acepted to a school called Hogwarts."

I looked at him, puzzled.

"But," Isabelle said. "What is Hogwarts?"

The sounded fimilliar, but I couldn't recall a memory.

"It," Chiron said. "Is a school for Witchcraft and Wizardry."

We all stared at him.

"Please," Miranda said, putting her feet on the table. "There isn't such a thing as magic."

"Miranda," Erin said rolling her eyes. "You're a demigod."

Miranda opened and closed her mouth several times.

"Hold on, magic?" As in spells, and flying broom stciks, potions-"

"You got it," Chiron said, his eyes twinkling.

"YESSS!" Emily said fist pumping.

"But," Chiron said, his tone sadder. "Only six of you will be able to go."

My friends stared ar him.

"They invitations have been sent." He reached in his pocket, and pulled out five envolopes, with green ink on them.

He looked at us, and held the invites tightly.

"Alexa," He said. She looked at him, her green eyes wide. "You are going to Hogwarts," Chiron said. Alexa bit her lip, and took the invite.

"Erin, you are also going," Chiron said.

Erin looked at Victoria; her best friend in the world. Then she reached out and took the invite.

"Emily, you are going."

"HAHAHA!" Emily sqeauled. "TAKE THAT SUCKERS!" Then she skipped over to Chiron, brushed Sherman (The Lint Roller) against his shoulder, and kissed the invite.

"What is this? The Bacholor?" Hannah said incrediuosly.

"Miranda, you are going."

"WHAT?" Miranda said. "No way am I-"

"Did I mention the school is in England?" Chiron smirked.

Miranda stared at him. "No way am I going, without packing first!" She said. She took the invite, and her right eye started twitching.

Chiron chuckled, and turned to Isabelle. He held out the invite, and she took it cautiously.

Then he finally turned

"Here you go," He said.

I took the invite with shaking hands, and looked at the back.

To Miss I. Litle

Long Island, New York

Camp Half-Blood

The Athena Cabin

The Bunk closest to the bathroom.

"Geez, stalkers much?" Isabelle siad, reading the one adressed to her.

"But..." Sam started to say. They would not be coming.

"If you want," Chiron said gently. "You can stay at Camp full year, instead of going to school."

Sam sighed. Victoria looked at Chiron, glaring daggers. "That still doesn't fix that we're going to be seperated for a year."

"Yeah," Hannah said agreeing.

"The school will allow you to visit throughout the year. Besides, I have plans for you girls."

"Really?" Hannah said squinting at him.

Chiron smiled. "I swear on the River Styx."

Thunder boomed outside, and shook the Big House.

"Don't do that again!" Alexa gasped.

I chuckled, and tugged my braid nervosuly. "Chiron...this school is in England. Why would they want us there?"

Chiron, looked at us nervosuly. "The headmaster; a dear friend of mine, wants you to protect somone."

"Who?" Erin asked.

"A boy about your age. Sixteen?" He asked us.

I shook my head. I'll be sixteen next week on September first. Miranda will be in November. The rest of us are sixteen."

Chiron shrugged. "Carrying on, you all be in sixth year."

Alexa gaped at him. "We're repeating sixth grade?"

Chiron burst out laughing. "No," He said wiping a tear. "Wizards don't start school till age eleven. Well, at Hogwarts anyways. No, sixth year will be full of kids your age, most definatly."

I couldn't help but sigh in relief.

"So..." Isabelle spoke up. "Who is this guy they want us to bodyguard?"

Chiron looked at us nervously...again. "A boy named Harry Potter."

I tried to remember if I knew the name. I was completely blank.

"Who?" Alexa asked.

"Oh Sherman," Emily chuckled. "This is going to be good."

Miranda shivered. "STOP, being so creepy!"

Emily's eye twitched. "STOP BEING A KILL JOY!"

"LINT ROLLER OBSSED!" Miranda yelled.


Miranda looked at her. "Oh no you just didn't!" Miranda lept at her, and the two girls began to fight. Tooth, nail, and Lint Roller.

Hannah face palmed herself. "Why?" She muttured. "This is just what happened in Argus's car!"


I called home, and told them I was spending the night at Camp. I also asked permission if I could attend. My parents said yes, but they sounded sad. Gil had decided to stay at Camp Jupiter (The secret Roman camp. I promised to not tell anyone at Camp.) year long. I promised I would write to them everyweek.

They also told me that they would send my luggae to me, so I could leave without having to make a stop.

Ever since Percy had made the gods promise to claim their children, more campers had shown up. Year long stays, weren't so empty anymore. Plus all ths minor gods had gotten their own cabins. Victoria, and her second in command Butch ran the Iris cabin.

"Watcha looking at?" Nick (A new Athena camper) asked me.

"Nothing, just a school list of supplies."

"Really? What school?"

"Some place called Hogwarts."

"Why does that sound so fimiliar?"

"Beats me," I said shrugging.

The list was pretty confusing. Robes, a wand, cauldrons, and a bunch of other stuff. Whatever Hogwarts was probably going to be a whole new expierience.

I heard a knock on the door, and saw Miranda waving through the window. I nodded, and she came in holding a...wand.

"Chiron gave us sticks," She said digusted.

I looked ta her annoyed. "No, they look like wands."

She rolled her eyes. "Well, we all tested ours, so the one remaining belongs to you."

I blinked. "When did you test which one was yours?"

"Like you need to know."

I grinned, and took the wand she was holding out to me. It was smooth and wooden. The moment I touched it I felt a warmth in my hands. Blue and silver sparks flew out, as soon as I touched it.

"Wow," The Athena campers said, drooling at the wand.

Miranda scolwed. "My colors were green and blue. But anyways, Chiron said your was...Birch wood, Unicorn hair, excelent for Transfiguration, and ten inches. Something like that. Anyways, 'night."


And that night, I dreamt of castles.

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