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Shivers of anticipation and want ran through her body as she sat on the cold wooden chair, her hands tied behind her back. Her unruly curly black hair was sticking to her face and neck and her naked creamy legs were opened in invitation to her Lord.

Bellatrix only saw red.

Her Lord's red eyes were full of lust for her. Only for her and no one else.

This was just one reason why she was his second in command. No one could fulfil his lust like she could.

Her blood-stained breasts heaved whenever she took a deep breath and her breathing was now painfully rapid as he neared her naked body. Her black insane eyes looked around her Master's chambers. It smelled of blood, lust and sex and it was glorious. Bella moaned as his cold fingers touched her inner thighs as he knelt between her legs.

His thin lips touched her lower lips and her head went back as a thrilling shiver overcame her.

"Don't move," he hissed, his face between her legs. The position was almost submissive, that of a slave beneath its master. But both knew who was the slave and who was the master, who was in control here.

Bitting her lower lip she willed herself to not move, not even to breathe as hard as she was used to whenever her dear Lord was near her. But it was a hard task to do.

"You're already wet, Bella. How nice." His voice sounded like it came from a snake, a beautiful taunting snake that she would enjoy having inside her.

Too bad that Nagini wasn't here.

A cold and wet tongue probed her making Bella turn her head to the side, her black curls covering her face. Her Lord played with her clit in an agonizing manner. Bella wanted him to go faster and harder but he kept prolonging her agony. Whenever she was near the end he would take his mouth away and frown as if she were a piece of dragon dung and then continue with his ministrations.


She was interrupted by her own scream and moan of pain and want as his teeth bit down hard on her clit and his tongue plunged inside her. His cold tongue hit a sensitive spot and finally Bella was able to surrender her body completely. The tingling overcame her body and she felt weightless and distantly she heard her Master lapping her juices.

At that moment she was covered in red passion and full of hot want and fulfilment.

Looking down, she was met with disapproving ruby eyes.

"I told you not to move," he said coldly and stood up with a sneer on his face. He wiped his mouth and headed for the door.

Slamming it, he left a shocked, hurt and naked Bellatrix tied to the chair.

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