Title: Raigeki

Author: Caelestis

Rating: R

Fandom: Gundam Wing

Warnings: Stupid people do stupid things; Duo and Heero make with the smoochies. Later.

Disclaimer: *raises her eyebrow* If you think I own Gundam Wing, you must be even loopier than me. I congratulate you!

* * * * * * *


"Heero!" Duo screamed as he saw the man he loved dive before him to take the brunt of the blast. Damn him and his senseless morals! Why did he have to try to save him? Tears sprang to his fey-like purple eyes before he had to close them from the bright light as the blast exploded. He threw a hand in front of his face as a shield from the debris that was flung in the wake of the explosion. No! Damn it! Damn Solo, damn the fucking job of Shinigami, damn.

Duo's eyes widened, tears still falling fresh on his cheeks, as in the fading light he made out a dark silhouette hunched over in front on him. The body was tattered, weight unevenly distributed on his legs, clothing little more than rags, but he still stood defiant even after the onslaught. Messy brown hair whipped in the wind as determined cobalt eyes stared into the demon's own, a message in their depths: Heero Yuy was not going anywhere, and it was damn stupid to fuck with him. He straightened his shoulders, tightening his hands to form fists, one coming up to wipe a trickle of blood from his cheek.

"I will not allow you to cause any harm to Duo." It was a statement. The boy before the demon showed no fear, or surprise, but a deadly air hung over the surroundings lending credence to his words. His words were true.

"Heero!" Duo's shout was joyful now as a happy smile lit his face. He was still alive! Praise to all the gods, he was alive! He sprinted, closing the distance between them, only to have Heero shove him back behind him as he stared down his un-natural opponent. "Heero? What are you doing? Let me-"

"Duo." Prussian depths spoke to his soul as no words could as the perfect soldier turned away from the enemy to reassure the demonic boy he cared for. Duo was left speechless, words dying before they had a chance to be spoken; the weight of the emotion behind Heero's gaze told the pilot of Deathscythe perhaps he had been wrong about the other's feelings towards him.

"But." Duo's voice trailed off before he could launch even one protest as Heero turned back to face the demon, grim fortitude displayed upon his face. The demon was not behaving as a regular opponent should have in a similar combat situation, but it made no difference to her opponent: the Perfect Soldier. She had harmed something of his and she would pay.

Vashtai was choking. For the first time in her eternal life, she beheld a mortal that had stood up to her power. and remained alive. Nothing was going right: first her former lord and master shows up, one that she thought was dead, and then this handsome mortal boy had prevented her from carrying out her orders. by standing in front of an energy blast powerful enough to destroy even the vaunted Shinigami.

Cold dignity surrounded the small figure standing on the beaten turf in front of her. His presence was an anomaly in her Master's perfect plan, and she was unable to deal with it. Perhaps a change of scenery would prove to benefit her.


A power was wakening in between the void of life, a power that had remained untapped since its creation. A power that would make the mightiest of the weapons created by the humans obsolete before it.


The school's grounds were completely torn up, as if a battle between Gundams had been fought there, gouges in the soil radiating from the one focal point where the blast had connected with Heero. Equipment that had been left out was bent and twisted; the two goals on the soccer field a twisted mass of metal girders. Bricks in the school's walls were cracked. Even from the distance the power had managed to damage the building.

On the field the three figures stood still, muscles tensed and ready to spring, reminding Duo of an old western showdown and he but a grim spectator. Vashtai made the first move, her hand closing as she let loose a barrage of ancient spells, the spells themselves falling like a rain of green hail that Heero nimbly dodged. The pace increased as the two came together, Heero's fist connecting with the demon's face breaking her concentration and leaving an imprint. Heero's strength had increased again, Duo mused to himself as he tracked their movements. Physical attacks followed soon after as demon and mortal leapt at each other, snarling.

Two spots of light appeared behind Heero's shoulder blades as his anger grew, elongating to form graceful wings of white energy that swept down his back, as sleek as a hawk. Nothing else changed in his physical appearance but his body took on a preternatural glow as he charged at his enemy one last time. Duo was left standing to the side as he beheld in awe the radical change sweeping through Heero's body as the soldier strove to protect him.

Frantically, Vashtai tried to counter with a spell but was unsuccessful as Heero's glowing fist crushed her skull, severing her ties to that of the physical realm permanently as his power, unchecked, flowed into her, reducing her body to a pile of dust. Heero stood panting, dripping with sweat and blood as he fought to stand up.

Duo rushed to his side, wrapping his arms around his torso to support him. The wings of light of his back flickered slowly before disappearing. Duo made a note to ask him later if he had known about this power. He had to have had some sort of angelic blood in him to be able to form those heavenly wings. "Heero. god. are you okay?"

"Aa. Daijobu." Heero allowed Duo to help him as they walked back to the school. "What the hell was that?"

"That was a demon." Duo stated tiredly. "Why didn't you let me handle it? I had everything under control."

"I." Heero uncharacteristically trailed off without answering. It was obvious that he was uncomfortable with the subject, making Duo even more curious.

"And what was that?" Might as well get it out of the way. 'Sooner was better than later' as they always say. "You were glowing, man."

Heero sighed, leaning more heavily on Duo, breaking out of his mask of the perfect soldier. "Perhaps I haven't been totally honest with you."

"Heh. Don't think that you're the only one." Duo sighed, hanging his head in shame. He suddenly turned a grin on his silent companion. "Maybe we should sit down and talk about this, ne?"

"Aa." Heero smiled slightly back at the energetic American.

The two Gundam pilots entered the school building: everyone inside was still asleep from the demon's spell so it was easy for the two to gather their things and leave, heading for the safe house they had been assigned. Thank any of the gods who were listening that they didn't have a dorm room this time. That would have been really uncomfortable explaining the mishap to the school's headmaster. Well, demon attack wasn't exactly on any insurance policy, Duo consoled himself. They arrived at the safe house around ten minutes from the school.


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