This is a new Kol story, thank you ShiloCoulter for the idea. Please let me know what you think.

Chapter 1

Yours and yours alone

England 1754

"Right this way ladies and gentlemen, right this way, get your fresh fish here!"

"Best pies in town! Right this way!"

Kol walked across the street. It was a market day. He loved market days. So many people gathered together. It was all too easy. He was just looking for some nice appetizer when someone touched his hand. Kol turned and saw an old gypsy woman.

"Would you like a reading sir? We can find out what the future holds for you."

Kol was just about to tell her to leave him alone when he suddenly changed his mind. Why not, this could offer him some amusement. He smiled charmingly.

"Yes, I would like that."

The gypsy woman led him to her wagon. It was very crowded inside but the woman asked him to take a seat. Kol saw some cards and a crystal ball on a small table. He couldn't help but smile. She must make a nice living by fooling some silly humans.

"Please give me your hand", the woman said.

"Of course", Kol said smiling. He was anxious to see what would happen next. She would probably promise him riches and fortune and that kind of things. The woman took his hand and closed her eyes. She didn't move or speak. Kol waited few minutes. What was this woman doing? He was just about to yank his hand away when her eyes suddenly opened. But they didn't seem like her eyes at all. They were all white; there were no pupils or anything. Kol couldn't help but startle. When she started to speak her voice sounded really weird.

"Eyes pale blue as ice
Hair black as night, fire burning inside
She is yours and yours alone
She will come into your life in your darkest hour, when she needs you the most."

Kol stared at the woman. What the hell was she talking about? Her eyes closed again and she seemed confused when she opened them.

"Forgive me sir", she mumbled. "Where were we?"

"I was leaving", Kol replied and threw a coin to the table.

"No, wait…" the woman started but Kol was already outside.

He had no idea what had just happened but he didn't like it at all. She is yours and yours alone… That was ridiculous. It must have been some kind of trick. What else could have it been? Kol wanted to laugh for being so foolish. But now he had more important things in his mind. Like catching himself someone to eat.


Mystic Falls present day

Kol was bored. He had just spent over a century in a damn coffin and now his mother forbad him for having any fun. Sure, this ball was better than spending time in a coffin but he wanted more. His siblings seemed to have a good time. Niklaus was dancing with some pretty little blond and Rebekah with some human boy. Finn was talking with their mother and Elijah was just standing there looking as serious as ever.

Kol sighed. There had to be a way to make this ball more fun. Perhaps he could dance with some pretty little thing. Then he wouldn't have to bother to look for dinner, he could just lure her in his room. Now he just needed to find someone who pleased him. He noticed the doppelganger standing with the Salvatore brothers. She would probably be a nice snack but she belonged to Niklaus. Normally Kol wouldn't have care about that but he didn't feel like fighting with his brother at the moment.

He looked around and noticed a girl who was just heading outside. Her back was turned so he only saw her long black hair and a creamy dress but for some reason he decided that she was the one. He reached her before she got to the door.

"Excuse me miss…" he started.

She turned and looked at him with her pale blue eyes. Kol was completely stunned. For some ridiculous reason he couldn't do anything but stare at her. She looked confused.

"Yes?" she asked.

That woke him from his trance.

"May I have this dance?" he asked smiling charmingly.

The girl hesitated.

"Actually I was just leaving…"

"Oh, nonsense, the night is still young. Shall we?" He held out his hand for her.

She hesitated a moment before she took it. Kol led her to the dance floor.

"So, what do you think about this ball?" he asked.

"It's nice, I'm grateful that Rebekah invited me", she replied smiling cautiously.

"Are you a friend of Rebekah's?"

"Not really. I mean we have some same classes and we did one biology project together but I'm afraid I don't know her that well. But she seems nice."

Kol grinned.

"Well, appearance can be deceiving."

The girl looked at him apparently trying to think of some polite response.

"Yes, I suppose you're right", she said tensely.

She raised her hand to wipe some hair off her face. Kol noticed that she had many colorful bracelets. He also saw something else under the bracelets. Scars.

"What happened there?" he asked looking at her wrist.

He could feel her whole body tensing.

"Oh, I have a cat that can be a little naughty sometimes", she said trying to keep her tone light. "Do you have any pets?"

"No", Kol replied without turning his eyes from her hand.

Suddenly she seemed to remember something.

"Do you know what time it is?" she asked quickly.

Kol was surprised.

"I think it's almost midnight. Why?"

"Midnight…" she murmured. "I'm sorry but I have to go."

She almost ran to the door.

"Wait…" Kol started but someone grabbed his shoulder.

"Can I have a word with you?" Klaus asked.

Kol gave him annoyed look.

"Not right now", he replied and headed to the door. He couldn't see the girl anywhere. Dammit! He wasn't finished with her. Well, he could just find out where she lived. The problem was that he didn't even know her name.